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Sunday 8 May 2011

Dog Activities - The Guide

We all know our dogs are going to help out... so lets doggedly chase down a quick guide to everything your canine pal will help you out with!

How to activate your dog

When your dog is either following you or sat at his/her bowl click them and select the "Activate" option and you'll see your deputy star appearing above the dog's head. What you can do now depends on what you've trained them to be able to do! Each activity costs Chunky Chow.

Digging Training
- Clear Debris - Cost: 1 Chunky Chow per clear

Activate your dog, aim him at debris and watch him dig them up effortlessly. This also works as a CARE PACKAGE and will drop needed items for missions.

Hunting Training
- Clobber Varmints - Cost: 1 Chunky Chow per clobber

Once your dog is activated he can save you some energy by clobbering varmints for you. Simply click on the pesky critter and it'll be gone in just one attack, even a bear can be removed in a single hit.

Herding Training
- Tend Animals - Cost: 1 Chunky Chow per tend
- Boost Animals - Cost: 1 Chunky Chow per boost

Using your trained dog on an animal can be done in one of two ways. Using them on a ready animal will tend the animal as usual. However, using the dog on an UNREADY animal will work in much the same way as the animal ready boost. It'll make that animal instantly ready to tend, a very hand thing to have for timed missions and probably what most folks will use their dog for.

Chunky Chow - Where to find it.

Obviously with it being such an important resource, we'll also wan't to get hold of Chunky Chow, but where can we find it... well:

As a neighbour request - From the Kennel and dog interfaces you'll be able to request Chunky Chow
From the Kennel - Every day the Kennel Daily Bonus will give you a Chow.
From the Pet Store - Chow can drop from the Daily Bonus.
With Horseshoes - You can buy 10 Chunky Chow for 50HS
Post rewards - Keep an eye on neighbour's walls, many missions will be giving Chunky Chow out as a reward for clicking the brag post.

At the moment that's all the methods we know but there might be more options such as gifting them coming in advance, we're not sure!

As soon as we know more, we'll post it here.

Until then why not answer out Facebook Question on which dog activity will be the most likely you'll use!

Friday 6 May 2011

Dog Breeds

As we know, all dogs are bred for different things so let's take a look at all the breeds available in Frontierville!

Collie - 100'000 coins

 German Shepherd - 110'000 coins (Black) 120'000 coins (Tan) 30HS (White)

Husky - 100'000 Coins 

Lab - 18HS (Black) 60'000 coins (Brown) 100'000 coins (Yellow)

St Bernard - 45HS