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Monday 29 August 2011

Planters, the ins and outs...

One of the most eagerly awaited items from Trader Bart's wagon has been the planters, quick multitools to allow us to quick plant most crops in the game in groups of 4, 8 or 12 depending on the planter we've bought.

We thought we'd help you decide whether to splash out or save for the next one with some simple facts and figures.

Once you buy a Planter from the market it'll appear in your inventory to be placed on your homestead, from then it works in the same way as the feeder and harvester we currently have that were made in the blacksmiths. Click use and go...

For starters the planters do not plant ALL crops, below are the crops they work with:

There are three kinds of planter...

Normal Planter
Plants: 4 crops in a 2x2 pattern.
Costs: 1'000 Prize Tickets.
Large Planter
Plants: 8 crops in a 2x4 pattern.
Costs: 2'000 Prize Tickets.
X-Large Planter
Plants: 12 crops in a 3x4 pattern.
Costs: 3'000 Prize Tickets.

To get an idea of the difference, this is a representation of the three tools.

Most people, even with the smaller amount of crops available, love their planters, the only question to ask yourself is are you happy with 4 at a time, saving up for other things, or do you want to cut a planting swathe...?

Why am I not getting Chuck Wagon items?

We have had lots of players worried that there is something "wrong" when they are posting to request for some of the new items for the new Chuck Wagon missions. Players are getting 2 items every time they wall request for parts to complete the wagon (direct request remain unchanged). This is the same for all players and not a glitch that we know of.

We can also confirm that it is intentional that we only get 1 Bacon Dripping per request. People that click will be able to get more, but only the first click is coming back to players.

Some people quite like this challenge because many had previously felt that the Homestead missions were too easy. Do you feel this way or do you feel that they have made it too difficult for the casual player?

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Wednesday 24 August 2011

[UPDATED] Removing the Game Ticker or your activity

The new game ticker on the right hand side has divided people, some love it, some hate it.

If you're NOT a fan of the ticker itself, here's a quick guide on how to remove it when using Google Chrome and get yourself an extra-wide Frontierville screen! (Firefox instructions underneath)

PLEASE NOTE: If you find computer slowdown issues, try doing the "List Removal" steps at the bottom.

1) Visit the Web Store.

2) Search for "Adblock" and install Adblock Plus

3) Restart Chrome.

4) There will now be a small icon in your address bar... RIGHT CLICK this and select "Options".

5) In options click the "Add Your Own Filters" and type in - - and click "Add Filter".

6) Reload your page and enjoy the all new wider screen for Frontierville and no ticker!

Please note if you use Firefox and have AdBlock installed you can also use the above code as a filter.

1) Open AdBlock's menu via "Options" in the Add On's Menu or Preferences in the AdBlock icon... and click Add Filter

2) In the box simply type in -

UPDATE - to remove the News Feed Ticker you can also add this Filter separately - 

Type in -

3) Enjoy!

List Removal - Sometimes long blocking lists can slow your computer down, you can sacrifice the adblocking ability for speed.

To simply block the ticker and not any other adverts around the web (giving potentially better performance) go into the same options screen as you entered the Filters and untick anything under "Filter List", there will probably be at least one or two ticked.

In Firefox these will be in a separate section under the filter you have just placed, again, just untick the box.

If you simply want to REMOVE YOUR ACTIVITY...

Chrome: Right click Adblock item in address bar and select "disable", it can then be re-enabled via Spanner Menu - Tools - Extensions.

Firefox: Click the Adblock symbol and select disable, it can then be re-enabled the same way.

Enter a game and in the ticker you should see *insertname* is playing Pioneer Trail. Hover over that with your mouse and a cross will appear. (PLEASE NOTE: The only way to stop "Like" activity showing up is to block it from your profile.)

Click that cross and select the second option...

This will then hide your activity FOR THAT GAME. Please note you need to do that for EACH GAME you play.

Tuesday 23 August 2011

Creating a Favourite/Bookmark for the Pioneer Trail application

We keep being reminded to add a bookmark/ make Pioneer Trail a favourite without any clear way of knowing how - and it hasn't helped that Facebook changed the appearance of the filters at exactly the same time!

So, here is a visual aid to help you to get your Pioneer Trail application icon at the top of your list so you don't have to type the name into the search bar or keep hitting MORE to find it.

Step 1. Hover your cursor over this area until the grey More link appears (If you can't see the application in the list - if you can you can just skip this part) - Notice that I do not have Pioneer Trail under my blue Bejeweled Blitz icon at the moment, but it will be soon!

Step 2. Once you have clicked on More a new page will appear listing ALL of your applications. Find the application you want, in this case Pioneer Trail, of course. Now click on the little pencil icon on the left of the name. Select "Add to Favourites". You may want to chose other Apps that you want in your favourite list now too.

Step 3. You will now see Pioneer Trail (and any other apps you have selected) on the left under your profile picture. If you click on the pencil icon now you will be able to re-arrange the order your applicationss are shown in, sliding them up or down. When you have finished you need to select DONE in order to save your changes.

Hope that helps some of you out! Happy gaming everyone!

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