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Tuesday 31 January 2012

The Railroad Building Guide

Fancy yourself a railroad pioneer? Read our full guide on what you'll need to build your very own railroad station and start the trip to Gold Rush!

The Railroad station has five stages that you'll be guided through during the four mission thread that'll build up the area just off the top of your homestead!

The bare land, ready to be worked!

Part I

2 Metal Lunch Pails - Requested
1 Trojan Groundhog - Crafted with Sulpher Crystals (found in Rocks and the Well Daily Bonus)
and Wooden Groundhogs (requested)
2 Safety Pillows - Found tending Geese
2 Wooden Noisemakers - Requested
8 Snake Hooks - Requested

Part II

5 Metal Lunch Pails - Requested
1 Jumpin' Jack - Mission Reward from Mission I
2 Wet Cement - Crafted from Sticky Water (collected from clearing cactus or harvesting melons)
and Limestone Sacks (requested)
5 Rock Bustin' Hammers - Requested
16 Crosscut Saws - Requested

Part III

12 Metal Lunch Pails - Requested
4 Mountain Movers - Crafted with Sulpher Crystals (found in Rocks and the Well Daily Bonus)
and Potbellied Kegs (requested)
20 Wooden Sleepers - (found chopping trees)
10 Large Gravel - Requested
12 Rails - Requested

Part IV

18 Metal Lunch Pails - Requested
1 Train Station Plans - Mission Reward
5 Wet Cement - Crafted from Sticky Water (collected from clearing cactus or harvesting melons)
and Limestone Sacks (requested)
30 Iron Rail Spikes - Requested
10 Tunnel Beams - Requested

Part V

1 Ticket Roll - Mission Reward
10 Lamp Posts - Request
5 Railroad Signs - Collected from Railroad Daily Bonus and Soot Sheep
10 Platform Slats - Requested
40 Telegraph Wires - Requested
6 Train Stations - Crafted with Steel Ingots (Requested) and
Canadian Spruce (requested)

And finally, your Station will be complete!

Thursday 26 January 2012

The Anniversary Date Crafting Guide...

The full guide on what comes from what in the Anniversary Date missions:

Fixing Up The Lake:

4 Lake Flowers - Requested
150'000 coins
3 Flowered Hedges - Requested
8 Row Boat Planks - Chopping Pine Trees
6 Romantic Candles - Requested
Bridge Buildin' Book - Mission Reward

Preparing Fanny

6 Pearl Necklaces - Requested
8 Silver Bangles - Requested
10 Wool Fleece - Collected from Adult Sheep
6 Fancy Skirts - Crafted with 3 Blue Cloth (Request) and 2 Strong Thread (Request)
3 Muslin Pieces - Drops from Tailor Shop Daily Bonus
1 Comfy Shoes - Mission Reward

Gussy Fanny Up

6 Floral Assets - Collected from Lillies
8 Love is in the Air - Crafted from Affection (Cactii and Thorns on neighbours), Happiness (Request) and February Calendar (Request)
3 Dress Bonnets - Crafted from Elegant Ribbon (Request) and Elegant Lace (Request)
6 Classy Makeup - Request
8 Fancy Beads - Request
1 Fancy Glasses - Mission Reward

Finishing Touches

6 Mushroom Cream Sauce - Crafted from Diced Mushroom (Tree Stumps), Bottle of Cream (request) and Saucy Spices (Request)
10 Fillet Mignon - Collected from Adult Cows
12 Love is in the Air - Crafted from Affection  (Cactii and Thorns on neighbours) , Happiness (Request) and February Calendar (Request)
10 Sparkling Cider - Request
Place Settings - Request
Frontier Cookbook - Mission Reward

Sunday 15 January 2012

Finding Frontierville Posts With Timeline

Folks, we know it's hard now to find Frontierville in the Timeline... SO, allow us to explain the two ways you can find JUST Pioneer Trail posts on a NEIGHBOUR'S profile.

Method 1 - Edit the URL

Go to their Profile and simply add /app_pioneertrail to the end of the address, so for example:



Method 2 - Clicking

1 - Go to their profile and look for the black arrow:

2 - Click the arrow to open up a menu of various pages and apps:

3 - Click Pioneer Trail for JUST Pioneer Trail posts!

Friday 13 January 2012

Hank and Fanny's House - The Crafting Guide!

Fanny and Hank's House is going to take quite a lot of work so why not grab a copy of Andy's Guide to DIY and find out what you'll need for each step and how to get it?

We'll take you through all the different steps below and make sure you give the family the house of their dreams.

PLEASE NOTE: Items for crafting will only drop when the mission is ACTIVE.

Step One


2 House Blueprints  - Requested
2 Construction Tools - Requested
2 Wood Stud - Crafted
2 Drafting Pencils - Requested

Oak Lumber comes from Oak Trees

Step Two


5 House Insulation - Collected from Sheep
5 Hardwood Flooring - Requested
4 Construction Tools - Requested
2 House Framing - Crafted
2 Steel Ruler - Blacksmith Daily Bonus
6 Drafting Pencils - Requested

Oak Lumber comes from Oak Trees

Step Three


3 Eggshell Paint - Crafted
 Garden Rakes - Requested
8 Construction Tools - Requested
2 Hung Windows - Crafted
2 Gardening Kit - Flower Shop Daily Bonus
12 Draft Pencils - Requested

Skim Milk comes from Cows
Eggshell Pigment comes from Ducks

Pine Lumber comes from Pine Trees

Step Four


2 Floral Arrangements - Crafted
10 Charming Shrubbery - Requested
10 Construction Tools - Requested
2 Mailboxes - Crafted
4 Cobblestones - Collect from the Potting Shed
10 Wood Shingles - Requested

Red Rose Clusters come from Red Roses

Little Red Flags come from the Pony Express Daily Bonus

Step Five
(This step is NOT required, but you can pay to have extra graphical items)


Shady Tree - 100'000 coins
Friendly Puppy - 150'000 coins
White Picket Fence - 50'000 coins

The final house in its glory: