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Thursday 28 March 2013

Raised Beds Building Guide

The Raised Beds may be a quality addition to the Homestead but will take some work to get completed.

As it grows, we'll be able to store more crops.

It's a very traditional setup for the builds, 4 steps and a collection of requests, crafting and things that will drop from the homestead.

So, lets see what we need...

Stage One

6 Spring Passion - Passion Flowers
5 Flower Stands - Crafted
8 Red Tulips - Mixed Tulips
4 Raised Bed Stands - Crafted
8 Flower Mulch - Requested
8 Enriched Soil - Adult Chickens

Each Flower Stand requires 3 Metal Piping (Basic Stills) and 5 Pipe Benders (Requested)

Each Stand requires 5 Cherry legs (Cherry Trees) and 6 Square Nails (Requested)

Stage Two

10 Garden Markers - Requested
8 Hand Shovels - Crafted
16 Superb Soil - Cows
8 Tomato Wire - Crafted
15 Gardening Hats - Requested
12 Broccoli Shoots - Broccoli

Each Shovel requires 3 Tin Shanks (Tin Forges) and 6 Small Handles (Requested)

Each Wire requires 3 Straight Wires (Sparkler Crops) and 6 Wire Pliers (Requested)

Stage Three

8 Balancing Soil - Requested
10 Garden Carts - Crafted
15 Pig Pen Slop - Pigs
8 Watering Tins - Crafted
18 Mini Rakes - Requested
18 Fresh Carrots - Baby Carrots

Each Cart requires 2 Cart Handles (Bamboo), 5 Cart Boxes and 7 Wooden Wheels (Both Requested)

Each Watering Tin requires 5 Chewed Tin Cans (Goats) and 5 Tin Cutters (Requested)

Stage Four

18 Weed Mulch - Requested
10 Gardening Belts - Crafted
12 Path Stones - Requested
8 Planting Tools - Crafted
25 Slug-Be-Gone - Requested
20 Spinach Salads - Spinach

Each Belt requires 3 Leather Pockets (Hide Prepping Stations), 5 Needle and Threads and 8 Rope Bolts (Both requested)

Each Tool requires 5 Tin Shanks (Tin Forges) and 5 Basic Grips (Requested)

Monday 25 March 2013

Lumber Yard Building Guide

The Lumber Yard is going to need some work, from the simple stuff like the fence and foundations all the way up to the safety equipment.

That means a four stage standard build and one upgrade stage that's used for each tree.

As usual we'll see a mix of requests, crafting and homestead drops. Some items are repeated later so keep an eye ahead so you migth be able to pick up some extras!

Stage One

4 Log Lifts - Crafted
3 logging Carts - Crafted
5 Axe Sharpeners - Requested
6 Cone Shredders - Requested
6 Lumberjack Snacks - Adult Chickens
10 Log Rolls - Fig Trees

Each Log Lift requires 3 Skip Ropes (Sheep) and 4 Strong Pulleys (Requested)

Each Logging Cart requires 4 Goat Power (Goats) and 4 Supply Wagon Wheels (Requested)

Stage Two

8 New Trees - Crafted
8 Log Pulleys - Crafted
10 Strong Cables - Requested
8 Stump Removers - Requested
12 Rugged Rake - Sugar Cane
15 Twine Binders - Flax

Each New Growth Tree requires 5 Sapling Starts (Cocoa Trees) and 6 Starter Pots (Requested)

Each Log Pulley requires 5 Lumber Straps (Cows) and 5 Hand Cranks (Requested)

Stage Three

8 Yard Signs - Crafted
10 Entry Gates - Crafted
12 Bark Removers - Requested
15 Branch Clippers - Requested
25 Sign Hooks - Bamboo
20 Wood Wash - Mixed Tulips

Each Yard Sign requires 6 Hanging Bolts (Imported Tangerine Trees), 6 Sign Chains and 4 Advertisin' Boards (Both Requested)

Each Entry Gate requires 4 Stone Hinges (Sieve Stations) and 6 Gate Frames (Requested)

Stage Four

8 Yard Offices - Crafted
10 Finished Fences - Crafted
12 Stack Stands - Requested
15 Tracking Paper - Requested
25 Wood Tarps - Requested
20 Steel Barriers - Steel Forges

Each Yard Office requires 4 Soft Seat Pads (Foxtail Ferns), 10 Sanded Logs and 6 Office Walls (Both Requested)

Each Finished Fence requires 2 Birch Boards (Birch Trees) and 4 Exterior Nails (Requested)

Upgrade Stages

Birch Upgrade

2 Lot Shelters - Crafted
2 Yard Offices - Crafted
8 Bark Removers - Requested
8 Stump Removers - Requested
8 Lumber Straps - Cows
8 Tarp Straps - Hide Prepping Stations

Pine Upgrade
Upgrades the Pine and Pole Pine amounts

3 Lot Shelters - Crafted
4 Yard Offices - Crafted
14 Bark Removers - Requested
14 Stump Removers - Requested
14 Lumber Straps - Cows
14 Tarp Straps - Hide Prepping Stations

Hickory Upgrade

2 Lot Shelters - Crafted
3 Yard Offices - Crafted
10 Bark Removers - Requested
10 Stump Removers - Requested
10 Lumber Straps - Cows
10 Tarp Straps - Hide Prepping Stations

Willow Upgrade

3 Lot Shelters - Crafted
3 Yard Offices - Crafted
12 Bark Removers - Requested
12 Stump Removers - Requested
12 Lumber Straps - Cows
12 Tarp Straps - Hide Prepping Stations

Oak Upgrade
Upgrades the Oak, White Oak and Valley Oak amounts

4 Lot Shelters - Crafted
4 Yard Offices - Crafted
16 Bark Removers - Requested
16 Stump Removers - Requested
16 Lumber Straps - Cows
16 Tarp Straps - Hide Prepping Stations

Each Lot Shelter requires 4 Birch Boards (Birch), 4 Tin Roof Sheets and 5 Frame Supports (Both Requested)

Each Yard Office requires 4 Soft Seat Pads (Foxtail Ferns), 10 Sanded Logs and 6 Office Walls (Both Requested)

Thursday 21 March 2013

Jack's Gold Guide

During the missions to retrieve Jack's fortune we're going to have a four stage "build", although like many recent missions it's not a build as much as a four step storyline.

Each section will be a stage of rescuing more of Jack's lost precious stuff, with us needing the standard mix of requests, crafting and, of course, some more of the homestead drops from various things.

Some crafting is repeated so look ahead and see if you can collect some extras in advance!

Stage One

8 Sturdy Rakes - Requested
7 Soft Gloves - Requested
10 Velvet Pouch - Wildflowers
6 Gold Scales - Crafted
8 Empty Chests - Requests
30 Golden Rings - Corn

Each Scale requires 3 Balance Weights (Imported Silver Sheep) and 2 Balance Scales (Requested)

Stage Two

12 Hard Pickaxes - Requested
10 Bow Saws - Requested
15 Beaver Statues - Colorado Pinyon Trees
6 Armoured Transports - Crafted
12 River Skiffs - Requested
20 Varmint Treats - Fig Trees

Each Transport requires 12 Reinforced Springs (Basic Stills), 6 Basic Wagons and 5 Iron Cladding (Both Requested)

Stage Three

10 Gold Scales - Crafted
16 Wide Shovels - Requested
20 Signet Rings - Silver Forges
12 Rinsing Stations - Crafted
18 Loot Bags - Requested
25 Shiny Jewels - Sunflowers

Each Scale requires 3 Balance Weights (Imported Silver Sheep) and 2 Balance Scales (Requested)

Each Rinsing Station requires 9 Metal Screens (Sparkler Crops), 6 Sifting Frames and 7 Well Pumps (Both Requested)

Stage Four

15 Armoured Transports - Crafted
16 Bear Muzzles - Requested
30 Gilded Lotuses - Spring Flowers
10 Bear Sedative - Crafted
20 Heavy Nets - Requested
20 Diamond Tiaras - Adult Persian Cats

Each Transport requires 12 Reinforced Springs (Basic Stills), 6 Basic Wagons and 5 Iron Cladding (Both Requested)

Each Sedative requires 15 Sweet Berries (Wild Strawberry Bushes), 10 Big Honeycomb and 8 Sleepy Herbs (Both requested)

Tuesday 19 March 2013

Decorations With a Bonus

We often get asked about what mission rewards come with added extras, bonuses or special actions... so, we've made a full list separated up into three stages.

The first set are decorations with a SPECIAL action, something that gives out a reward above and beyond the norm. The second set give collectibles, the third is just a list of those items that give (often paltry) amounts of coin and XP.

Each contains a note of what they give and where they came from.

PLEASE NOTE: This list contains bonus drops, for decorations with a fishing mechanic, see HERE.

Set One - These items have a special bonus above and beyond the usual drops.

Bag Of Gifts - Tends for 150XP and 800 coins - Also drops a Merryville gift crate
Comes from: Merryville Missions

Bear Lure - Makes a Bear varmint appear
Comes from: Talent Show Missions

Big Fish Boat - Drops Fishing Supplies
Comes from Fishing Derby

Campaign Yard Sign - tends for 150XP, 150 coins, a Pro Jack Petition and items from the Campaign Collection
Comes from Frontier Politics

Candy Safe - Can drop Marshmallow, Cotton Candy, Candy Corn, Gumdrop, Spearmint or Licorice Crops.

Card Shark - Drops Poker Cards for the Saloon
Comes from Bank Upgrade Five

Cattle Drive Banner - Tended for 500XP and a Cow Ready Boost - Also has a chance to drop a Cow of any kind.
Comes from: Cattle Drive Missions

Chubby Cow - Drops Donuts and Cakes for Energy

City Wardrobe - Provides 25 extra Stuffed Bear Storage.
Comes from Photographer Missions

Clay Ox - Tended for 100 coins - Also has a 50% chance of dropping an Ox Ready Boost
Came from: Git Ready For The Long Haul - This is an expired Timed Mission and no longer available.

Complaints Box - 100XP - 100 coins - During special events can be used to craft VEtoes and Pardons
Comes from Representative Jack

Cornucopia - Drops a random energy meal
Comes from Bank Upgrade One

Crop Generator - Tended for 100XP, 100 coins and 2 Crop Tokens. Contains the Crop Market.
Comes from Frontier Inspection

Crow Kite - One from Accelerate Animal Boost, Accelerate Crops Boost, Crop Whisperer, Frontier Hawk, Woodpecker Crow, Hummingbird
Comes From Kite Flying

Dino Exhibits - SEE HERE
Comes from Dino Excavation

Doc's Contraption - Tended for 50XP and 250 Coins - Also used to craft Cow Allure Boosts
Comes from: Bovine Intervention

Dragon Kite - Drops one Common, one Uncommon and one Rare Collection Item
Comes From Kite Flying

Eagles Nest - Drops 2 Crystal Shards for making Totem Crystals
Comes from Totems

Easter Garden - Drops 150XP, 150 coin and 2 Crop Ready Boosts.
Comes from Three Easters

Easy Bake Oven - Tended for a Snack Meal.

Fancy Burrow - Can drop Valerian Crops, Hibernation Kits, Warm Jammies, Gold Dust or a Dream Boost along with Sweet Dreams Collectibles.
Comes from Hibernation

Fancy Egg - Tended for 100XP and 200 Coins - 10% chance of dropping an Early Bird Boost
Comes from: Incubation Missions

Fancy Gramophone - can drop 5 Energy, 3 Gold Dust , Foxglove, Canola Flower, Scarlet Wisteria, Golden Rod, Cheesemaker, Buddeia
Comes from Free Range

Fiesta Table - Can drop any energy meal item.
Comes from Chupacabra

Floating Frog - Drops Frogs Legs crates and Frog Haven Collectibles
Comes from Frogs

Fortune Frog - Can drop White Water Lillies, Pink Water Lillies, Hosta Flowers, Pond Parcels, Soothing Spots, Slippery Spirit, Frogs Legs, Steel Forges, Recycle Bins, Rubber-Root Dandelions, Seive Stations, Hide Prepping Stations and Frog Haven Collections.
Comes from Frog Jumping

Fortune Teller - Can Drop Peanut Ready Boosts
Comes from Circus

Franklin Kite - Drops Energy
Comes From Kite Flying

Frontier Flag - Drops one of Silk, Steel Forge, Washbin, Brussels Sprout, Gold Dust, Crop Token, 10 Energy.
Comes from Frontier Inspection

Frontier Games Trophies
Bronze Trophy - Tended for 200 Coins and 5XP - 10% chance of dropping a Frontier Flower
Silver Trophy - Tended for 700 coins and 11XP - 20% chance of dropping a Frontier Flower
Gold Trophy - Tended for 1'300 coins and 25XP - 30% chance of dropping a Frontier Flower

Giant Mounted Fish - Drops one of Early Worm Boost, Early Bird Boost, Redeye Boost, Aged Salmon Boost
Comes from Fishing Derby

Goat Kite - One from Goat Ready Boost, Goat Allure Boost, Pygmy Goat, Mountain Goat, Rescue Goat
Comes From Kite Flying

Goat Tower - Drops one of Quinoa/Buckwheat, Goat Ready, Goat Allure, 3 Energy.
Comes from Free Range

Golden Coffee Maker - Drops one of  Espresso Boost, Caffeinated Water, Java Nut Tree, Goldenrod Crops, Gold Forge Crops
Comes from Supply Depot

Golfing Decorations
Cute Castle - 2 Devil's Club
Gator Pond - Lakeweed
Putt-Putt Pyramid - Gold Dust
Links Windmill - Golf Club
Comes from Frontier Golf

Gun Wrangler Super Stunt - Can drop one of Fry Crop, Cotton Candy, Popcorn Kettles.
Comes from Country Fair Competition

Haunted Hovel - Reward information HERE.
Comes from Ghostly Witches

Jack's Deed  - Drops one boost from Saving Grace, Sweet Payoff, Strange Elixier
Comes from Golden Fiddle

Jack's Podium - Drops one of 5 Energy, Brussles Sprouts, Spider Flowers, Barbecue Crop, Cattle Power, Veto, Pardon, Animal Edible.
Comes from Representative Jack

Lawn Seeder - Drops a Grass Debris
Comes from Bank Upgrade Four

Loch Wikiwah Monster - Drops feed for Injured Animals
Comes from Swimming Hole

Melancholy Rose - Drops a Thorns debris
Comes from Bank Upgrade Three

Mineral Spring - Replicates Crops, all info HERE.
Comes from Hot Springs

Mini Golf Course - Drops one of Devil's Club, Golf Club, Club Handle, Gold Dust.
Comes from Frontier Golf

Money Bags - Drops one of 10 Gold Dust, 10'000 coins, Poison Ivy Crop, Goldenrod Crop. Also drops Train Robber Collectibles.
Comes from Ted's Past

National Park Sign - Can drop 5 Energy, Wood Lily, Wild Buttercups, Algae Pool, Bird of Paradise, Sunny Poppy.
Comes from Wildlife Preserve

Scrooge's Shop - can drop Memorable Scent, Brave Butterflies, Festive Cinnamon, Buddlea, Winterberry, Golden Sheep, Future Contraption, Bag of Money, Overflowin Bank Chest.

Singing Stone - Drops a Rocks Debris
Comes from Bank Upgrade Six

Sissy's Stunts:
The Shoot 'n' Wrangler - can drop 10 Energy, Lakeweed, Trigger Plant, Canola Flower, Chickpea, Black Eyed Pea
The Horsie Jump Rope - can drop 10 Energy, Runt Plantain, Triggerplant, Foxglove, Iron Forge, Matilija Poppy
The Stand 'n' Fire - can drop 10 Energy, Coal Pile, Triggerplant, Wild Buttercups, Wild Nettles, Green Beans
All three come from combining Stunts in Sissy's Stunts

Snoozing Granny - Can drop Valerian Crops or Sleepy Tea along with Sweet Dreams Collectibles.
Comes from Hibernation

Solid Gold Dance Floor - Daily Bonus can drop Wood Lathe, Red White and Blueberry, Red Essence Lab, Recycle Bin, Hide Prepping Station, Red Pineapple, Gold Forge, Basket of Gold, Black Eyed Peas, Devil's Claw, Festive Cinnamon, Grog, Rubberroot Dandelion, Sesame.

Spirit Bonfire - Drops crops, some of Spirit Flames, Honeydew Melons, Gold Forges, Freezing Pumps, Sieve Stations, Recycle Bins, Lavender, Blackberry Bushes, Spinach.
Comes from Vision Quest

Tainted Table - Reward information HERE.
Comes from Ghostly Witches

Team Frogs - Can drop Pond Parcels and Frog Haven Collections.
Comes from Frog Jumping

Ted's Treasures: Each can drop a single item
The Spot - Grog Crops
Skull Rock - Vetoes
Cursed Well - Pardons
Ted's Treasure - 5 Gold Dust
Comes from Ted's Trasure

Termite Mound - Drops one of Pitcher Plant Crop, Delicate Net, Bug Habitat, Paper and Glass or Unwither Crops Boost. Also drops Exotic Bug Collectibles.
Comes from Bug Collecting

Tesla Coil - Drops one of 10 Energy, Green Lightning, any colour Essence Lab.
Comes from the Science Fair

Tough Hand Mixer - Crafts Tough Hands Tonic
Comes from: Talent Show Missions

Treasure Trove - Tended for 200 coins and 200 XP - Drops Redemption Collectibles and a possible drop of Rye crops and Boiled Shoes energy meals.
Comes from Redemption Missions

Volcano - Drops one of Lichen, Ash Brush, American Moss, Ultimate Chili, Debris and Me,
Molten Cake. Also switches on and off Falling Ash homestead effect.
Comes from Volcano Missions

Weather Vane - Stolen Harvest Collection and changes the Homestead Season
Comes from Harvest Festival

Witchy Wardrobe - Reward information HERE.
Comes from Ghostly Witches

White Frog Pond - Can Drop Pond Pads for Growing Partner Frogs
Comes from Frogs

Wonderous Spring - Can Drop Cleaning Solutions, Testing Kits or Hot Spring Collectibles.
Comes from Hot Springs

Workout Cow - Drops meals for Energy
Comes from Amy's Crew missions

Wrecked Wagon - Drops one of 25 Energy, Heather, Grog, Valerian, Sunny Poppy or Grass.
Comes from Bess' Niece

Set Two - These items drop Collectibles as well as (usually) XP and/or coins.

Admissions Booth - Tended for 100XP, 100 coins and items from the Good Guy Gratchett Collection.
Comes from Country Fair Competition

Anubis Statue - Tended for 75XP and 400 coins - Drops Souvenir Collectilbles
Comes from Jack's Adventure Missions

Bouncin' House - Tended for 15XP and 1'000 coins - Drops Third Year Anniversary Collectibles.
Comes from Third Year Anniversary

Bunny Den - Tended for 25XP and 150 coins - Drops Bunny Collectibles
Comes from Bunnies

Cat Tree - Tended for 20XP and 100 coins - Drops Cuddly Kitten Collectibles
Comes from the Cuddly Kitten Missions

Champions Manor - Tended for 100XP and 200 coins - Drops Dog Show and Premium Dog Show Collectibles.
Comes from the Dog Show Missions

Chinese Lantern - Tended for 50XP and 300 coins - Drops Souvenir Collectilbles
Comes from Jack's Adventure Missions

Cracked Geode - Tended for 100XP and 100 coins - Drops Volcanic Rock Collectibles
Comes from the Volcano Missions
Crystal Crown - Tended for 25XP and 200 coins - Drops Snowmen Chic Collectibles
Comes from the Winterfest Snowmen Missions

Dancing Dragon - Tended for 200XP and 200 coins - Drops Astral Tools Collectibles.
Comes from the Lunar New Year

Extinguishinator - Tended for 100XP - Drops Inferno Collectibles
Comes from Inferno Missions

Fishtanks and Fish Stacks - Drops Exotic Fish Collectibles
Comes from Aquarium Missions

Flower Barrel - Tended for 200XP and 425 coins. Drops Cowgirl Wedding Collection
Comes from Bess and Ted's Wedding

Fort Courage Banner - tended for 350 coins and 50XP - Drops Caring For Heroes Collectibles
Comes from Pen Pal Packages

Front Deck - Tended for 75XP and 300 coins - Drops Cabin Collectibles
Comes from the 51x51 Expansion Missions

Frontier Monument - tends for 150XP, 150 coins and items from the Campaign Collection
Comes from Frontier Politics
Frozen Fountain - Tended for 75XP and 250 coins - Drops Ice Chipping Collectibles
Comes from the Ice Art Missions

Gem Mine - Tended for 100XP and 100 coins - Drops Volcanic Rock Collectibles
Comes from the Volcano Missions

Golden Fiddle - Tended for 6XP and 1'000 coins - Drops Golden Fiddle Collectibles
Comes from Golden Fiddle

Gummi Bears - Tended for 50 coins and 10XP - Also drops Candy Shop Collectibles
Comes from Candy Shop Missions

Hamster Home - Tended for 25XP and 250 Gold - Also Drops Animal Power Collectibles
Comes from Build-O-Matic

Hank's Moon Tree - Drops Family Secrets Collectibles
Comes from Family Secrets Missions

Hay Bale Bench - Tended for 100XP and 150 coins - Drops Cowgirl Wedding Collection
Comes from Bess and Ted's Wedding

Heroic Sissy - Tended for 150XP, 150 coins and items from all three Masked Lasso Returns Collections.
Comes from Masked Lasso Returns

Huge Leaf Pile - Tended for 10XP and 400 coins - Drops Maize and Maple Collectibles
Comes from Saving Thanksgiving Missions

Inspector's Carriage - Tended for 100XP, 100 coins and items from the Inspection Collection.
Comes from Frontier Inspection

Jack's Monument - tends for 150XP, 150 coins and items from the Campaign Collection
Comes from Frontier Politics
Justice Bear Statue - Tended for 25XP - Also drops Civic Centre Collectibles
Comes from Civic Centre Missions

Log Roll - Tended for 15XP and 1'000 coins - Drops Third Year Anniversary Collectibles.
Comes from Third Year Anniversary

Mailboxes - Each tended for 30XP - Drops PenPal Collectibles
Comes from Newsstand and Wishing Fountain Missions

Min's Egg - Tended for 150XP, 150 coin and all three Easter Egg Collections
Comes from Three Easters

Model Eiffel Tower - Tended for 85XP and 450 Coins - Drops Souvenir Collectilbles
Comes from Jack's Adventure Missions

Outdoor Hottub - Tended for 75XP and 150 coins - Drops Hot Spring Collectibles
Comes from Hot Springs

Replica Sarcophagus - Tended for 300 Gold and 100XP
Comes from the Mummy's Curse Missions

Soldier Bear - Tended for 20XP and 100 coins - Drops Frontier Hero Collectibles
Comes from Penpal Missions

Steamy Geyser - Tended for 50XP and 100 coins - Drops Hot Spring Collectibles
Comes from Hot Springs

Stuffed Bear - Bear Collectibles
Injured Animal Collection

Superlative Jack - tends for 150XP, 150 coins and items from the Campaign Collection
Comes from Frontier Politics

Turkey Cart - Tended for 100XP and 500 coins - Drops Turkey Stampede Collectibles
Comes from Turkey Stampede Missions

Turkey Perch - Tended for 150XP and 750 coins - Drops Turkey Stampede Collectibles
Comes from Turkey Stampede Missions

Twilight Telescope - Tended for 50XP and 250 coins - Also drops Summer Memories Collectibles
Comes from Bonfire Missions

Warm Pools - Tended for 25XP and 75 coins - Drops Hot Spring Collectibles
Comes from Hot Springs

Water Storage Container - Tended for 100XP, 400 coins and Cabin Collectibles
Comes from the 53x53 Expansion Missions

Wedding Cake - Drops Worrisome Wedding Collectibles
Comes from the Worrisome Wedding Missions

Set Three - These items have a bonus of XP and/or coins

Animal Tree - 50XP - 2'000 coins - Tamin The Wild
Babysitter Birdbath - 3XP - 500 coins - Babysitter
Backyard Barbecue - 100XP - 100 coins - Father's Day
Cat Master Statue - 75XP - 250 coins - Cuddly Kittens
Cement Pond - 20XP - 70 coins - Auction
Cider Glass Fountain - 2XP - 200 coins - 2nd Anniversary
Confetti Tree - 2XP - 150 coins - 2nd Anniversary
Crate of Cubs - 60XP - 1'000 coins - Grizzly Taming
Crossroads - 150XP - 150 Coin - Min's Express
Diamond Trophy - 2XP - 150 coins - Carnival Games
Drinking Fountain - 10XP - 100 coins - Jack's Gold
Egg Hatchery - 50XP - 125 coins - Incubation
Fancy Paintin' - 60XP - 600 coins - Jack's Gold
Fair Fireworks Platform - 150XP - 150 coins - Country Fair Games
Festive Balloons - 1XP - 100 coins - 2nd Anniversary
Fixed Toys (Puppies Ponies) - 75XP - 400 coins - Being Santa
Floats (Jack, Hank&Fanny, Bess, Mae) - 3XP - 300 coins - 2nd Anniversary
Frontier Infantry - 200XP - 200 coins - Reenactment
Giant Varmint Wheel - 200XP - 200 coins
Goat Tree - 150xp - 150 coins - Chupacabra
Goat Totem - 150xp - 150 coins - Chupacabra
Goldfinch House - 20XP - 100 coins - Bess' Mom
Gold Sink - 1'000XP - 10'000 coins - Leprechaun King
Gold Spittoon - 10XP - 50 coins - Auction
Golden Igloo - 30XP - 300 coins - Jack's Gold
Greek Bear - 50XP - 300 coins - Frontier Games
Handcar - 500 coins - Get Rich
Heroic Runt - 150XP - 200 coins - Runt's Runts
Hillbilly Hoedown - 25XP - 2'500 coins - Grange
Holiday Rats - 10XP - 100 coins - Holiday Hall
Hot Tub Stagecoach - 50XP - 100 coins - Auction
Jack's Mine - 2XP - 150 coins - Jack's Mine
Kumbaya - 250XP - 250 coins - Vacation
Leaf Fort - 25XP - 100 coins - Make Believe
Lovers Swing - 200XP - 200 coins - BacheloretteMasked Lasso Signal - 75XP - 75 Coins - Masked Lasso
Min's Observsatory - 150XP, 150 coins - Lunar New Year
Pedal Cart - 20XP - 200 coins - Being Santa
Player Piano - 100 coins - Rekindling
Playful Wolves - 75XP - 2500 - Animal Habitat
Porcelain Planter - 15XP - 30 coins - Auction
Rocket Bear - 20XP - 200 coins - Independance Day 2012
Schooner Playground - 75XP - 300 coins - Make Believe
Secret Outhouse - 75XP - 75 Coins - Masked Lasso
Sluice - 100XP - 400 Coins - Make Believe
Smokey Cauldron - 70XP - 500 coins - Halloween Party
Snowboard Bunny - 20XP - 200 coins - First Snow
Soda Sign - 50XP - 1'500 coins - Soda Shop
Sphinx Chair - 100XP - 1000 coins - Jack's Gold
Spooky Cabinet - 50XP - 300 coins - Halloween Party
Spooky Scarecrow - 100XP - 1'000 cold - Pumpkin Carving
Spooky Trees - 60XP - 400 coins - Halloween Party
Stick Horse Stable - 50XP - 200 coins - Make Believe
Wagon Wheel - 500 coins - Get Rich
Yacht - 50XP - 100 coins - Auction