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Sunday, 20 October 2013

Halloween Rewards

So, what do you get from "fishing" in the new Halloween Buildings? We give the full lists for each action...

Remember, using an EARLY WORM boost will DOUBLE the drops from the Wardrobe, Table and Hovel but not the Crate.

Dressing in the Witches Wardrobe - Requires Scary Style - Crafted with 3 Deadly Extract (Witch Hazel - Coin Crop) and 2 Ragged Clothing (Wall Post).

One each from Lists A, D and F

Setting the Tainted Table - Requires Rotten Taste - Crafted with 3 Deadly Extract (Witch Hazel - Coin Crop) and 3 Fermented Fruit (Wall Post)

One each from Lists B, D and F

Tidying the Haunted Hovel - Requires Ghastly Motives - Crafted with 4 Deadly Extract (Witch Hazel - Coin Crop) and 3 Sorted Disorder (Wall Post)

One each from Lists C, D and F

Also with the Ghostly Witches Missions came something new, a craftable crate.

The Witchy Crate, available after the wrapper is completed, is crafted with 3 Striped Stalkings (Dressing at the Wardrobe) and 2 Broom Straw (Tidying the Hovel).

One item from List A or B, one from list C or D and one from lists E and F

List A

Werewolf Potion
Vampire Potion
Hybrid Potion
Spooky Pumpkin
Cute Pumpkin Lantern
Pumpkin Topiary
Mooning Pumpkin
Open Lantern
Pumpkin Kitty
Pumpkin Mouse

List B

Halloween Mystery Animal Crate
Shocking Squash
Apple Bobbing Bucket
Black Bat
Black Wolf
Pet Bat
Pink Bat
White Bat
Stone Gargoyle
Giant Spider

List C

The Game (Poker Playing Skeletons)
Skeleton Coffin
Gothic Fence
Haunted Hayride
Mummy Chamber
Spooky Fence
Spooky Tree
Spooky Scarecrow
Ventriloquist Dummy
Gnarled Tree

List D

Spooky Crate
Bubbling Cauldron
Worm Nest
Spirit Flame
Candy Corn
Mini Pumpkin
Script Translator (used to heal Tomes)
Mystical Vow (Used to heal Shady Familiars)
Animated Chant (Used to heal Spirited Skeletons)
Scary Style (Used to Dress in the Wardrobe)
Rotten Taste (Used to Set the Terrible Table)
Ghastly Motive (Used for Tidying the Hovel)

List E

Witch Stew
Spooky Broom (Rideable)
Haunted Outhouse
Witch School
Crashed Witch
Spooky Belfry
Med Kit
Mummy Sheep
Mummy Pig
Ghostly Pioneer Boost (When Monday Wrapper is completed)

List F

Countdown to Halloween Collectibles