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Thursday 23 May 2013

Frontier Park Building Guide

What do we need for a Birthday? We need a party!

So, let's see what we're going to need to make this birthday party the awesomest birthday party on the Frontier... (which wont be difficult as most of them have been organised by Hank...)

The Frontier Park is another little masterpiece from the art department and requires the usual mix of requests, crafts and homestead drops!

Stage One

10 Balloon Pumpers - Wall Posts
4 Refreshments - Crafted
8 Punch Bowls - Wall Post
9 Picnic Quilts - Direct Request
12 Cotton Candy - Cotton Candy
8 Balloon String - Fancy Cat Tails

Each Refreshments Requires 4 Anniversary Punch (Sugar Cane) and 5 Extra Glasses (Direct Request)

Stage Two

10 Partition Flags - Crafted
9 Park Benches - Crafted
10 Trash Collectors - Wall Post
14 Dog Fencing - Direct Request
12 Pathway Gravel - Rocks
10 Perennials - Frontier Flowers

Each Partition Flag requires 3 Waxy String (Hide Prepping Stations) and 7 Coloured Hankies (Wall Post)

Each Park Bench requires 4 Saddle Wood (Fully Grown Pines) and 8 Ornate Iron (Direct Request)

Stage Three

10 Banners - Crafted
10 Docks - Crafted
12 Floatin' Devices - Wall Post
15 Purdy Fish - Direct Request
12 Beach Balls - Sieve Stations
14 Dry Towels - Mouflon Sheep

Each Banner requires 4 Letter Paint (Chamomile) and 5 Long Tarp (Wall Post)

Each Dock requires 3 Shop Signs (Birches), 9 Oversized Springs (Direct Request) and 5 Thick Lumber (Wall Post)

Stage Four

10 Kiddie Trains - Crafted
10 Bouncin' Houses - Crafted
18 Park Bird Baths - Wall Post
15 Outdoor Toys - Direct Request
18 Bags of Popcorn - Popcorn Kettles
20 Frontier Frisbees - Cows

Each Train requires 4 Mine Cart Wheels (Steel Forges), 8 Barrel Bases (Wall Post) and 6 Kiddie Train Engines (Direct Request)

Each Bouncin' House requires 4 Wool Wads (Sheep), 8 Pillow Cases (Direct Request) and 6 Hay Piles (Wall Post)

Wednesday 22 May 2013

Paid Favours

Did you know the homesteaders are sometimes willing to pay Horseshoes for favours?

Well, many don't, so we've decided to do this quick Favours guide to show you how to be rolling in the gold with the Favour system when there's stuff for you to watch.

One confusion folks have is that you have to DO the Favour mission to get the Horseshoes, you don't. Once you've watched the video you can cancel the mission (one a day is free) or leave it to time out.

So, lets get going, but first up there is a couple little caveats and warnings to pop up to make sure it all works ok.

Warning 1: There's not ALWAYS a video available for you to watch, although there does seem to be more lately. Just keep trying if there's not one, they can appear in an already open Favour.

Warning 2: VERY IMPORTANT... If you've taken our previous advice and have an adblocker on to get full screen gaming (details HERE) then you need to switch the adblocker OFF before attempting to do favours, as the videos are ads... so are blocked.... does what it says on the tin.

BEFORE you load the game, click the Adblock Icon in your address bar (Chrome) or a button in your navbar at the top (Firefox), it'll have a warning sign with ABP inside in big white letters. From there, click to disable Adblock for now, just while we collect Favours, you can reactivate it after by repeating the steps.

So, Favours for Horseshoes, how do they work?

First up we need to find a Homesteader who wants a favour doing. They will show up with an exclamation mark over their head.

This means they have something they want to foist off on you, so click them and select the View Favour option.

That will open up their favour and if you're lucky, there will be a blue third option to watch a video for Horseshoes.

Simply click the button to watch the video and let it run. It'd be NICE to watch it, but there's also the option to make a cup of tea, stick on a Youtube video of a kitten falling asleep in it's dinner or have an intimate moment with your other half (what? some last over 2 minutes!).

At the end you should get a message saying you've been a good boy or girl and (sometimes with a bit of a gap) your Horseshoes will ding into your account.

You can watch three movies a day, so 9 horseshoes a day, and they soon add up...

Basically Zynga is pimping our eyeballs, but hey, we get paid!

Monday 20 May 2013

Bunny Breeding Guide

The full guide on Bunny Breeding!

Step One

Click Breed on a Bunny that you have grown, they must be FULLY GROWN (34 feeds) but do NOT need to be award winning.

Step Two

Pick a neighbour's bunny to breed with, or buy one from Bess.

Step Three

Each Bunny requires 8 Hare Tonic which drops from Brown, White and Pink Rabbits, those have been a mission reward and come from one of the older of the Mystery Animal Crates, so check your inventory and Animal Hospital.

Step Four

Click the Pregnant Bunny to give birth. That Bunny will now "retire" and store.

That's it!

Bunny Breeding Variations



Blushed Bunny (all types) - Partnered Animal, comes from the Market

Furry Bunnies A and B - Partnered Animal, comes from the market (for HS) and a free gift.


Furry Bunnies C and D - Partnered Animal, comes from the market (for HS) and a free gift.

Giant Bunny (All Types) - Partnered Animal, comes from the market (for HS).


Bred Bunnies - Comes from breeding other Bunnies EXCEPT breeding Common with Common.


Pygmy Striped, Chocolate Lopper, Special Pink & Special Giant - Comes from breeding with at least one Rare parent.

Thursday 16 May 2013

Rabbit Ranch Building Guide

Apparently breeding Bunnies takes a complex building with lots of tools (I don't know how the rabbits build it themselves in the wild...) which means a four step build to us.

There's the usual mix of requests, crafts and drops, and some things are repeated so make sure to check ahead as you can stock up on some stuff in advance if you're sensible which will make the later stages a whole lot quicker to get through.

Stage One

10 Metal Bowls - Rocks
25 Heavy Carrots - Carrots
8 Cotton Collars - Wall Post
10 Roomy Logs - Direct Request
8 Copious Bunnies - Direct Request
5 Giant Pens - Crafted

Each Pen requires 3 Pen Walls (Fully Grown Pines) and 2 Pen Posts (Wall Post)

Stage Two

16 Metal Bowls - Rocks
40 Heavy Carrots - Carrots
12 Berry Blush - Wall Post
12 Bunny Lip Balm - Wall Post
14 Tiny Toothbrushes - Direct Request
5 Bunny Scales - Crafted

Each Scale requires 6 Pointing Needles (Imported Silver Sheep), 9 Scale Parts (Direct Request) and 5 Comfy Seats (Wall Post)

Stage Three

20 Hare Clips - Fully Grown Oak
40 Nesting Straw - Fully Grown Birch
12 Hare Conditioner - Wall Post
15 Simple Soap - Direct Request
8 Bunny Scales - Crafted
9 Dental Sticks - Crafted

Each Scale requires 6 Pointing Needles (Imported Silver Sheep), 9 Scale Parts (Direct Request) and 5 Comfy Seats (Wall Post)

Each Stick requires 3 Healthy Seeds (Direct Request) and 4 Bruised Veggies (Wall Post)

Stage Four

30 Hare Clips - Fully Grown Oak
50 Nesting Straw - Fully Grown Birches
12 Lavish Leafage - Wall Post
15 Iced Carrot Juice - Direct Request
5 Grooming Tables - Crafted
9 Ever Full Fonts - Crafted

Each Table requires 9 Tin Edging (Tin Forges), 6 Flat Boards (Wall Post) and 6 Rubber Wrap (Direct Request)

Each Font requires 6 Garden Basins (Gardener Sheep), 8 Fountain Cranks (Direct Request) and 5 Big Bottles (Wall Post)

Thursday 9 May 2013

Grange Building Guide

If we're going to store away all those Partner Buildings and have a place to show off what we've done so far it's going to take some work, c'mon, you knew it would.

The Grange is a four step build with the usual mix of wall posts, DRs, crafting and Homestead drops!

So, sit back and take a read of just what we're going to need...

Stage One

4 Display Cases - Crafted
4 Stage Sections - Crafted
8 Historic Items - Wall Post
6 Frontier Pictures - Direct Request
8 Veggie Seeds - Carrots
8 Garden Soil - Compost Piles

Each Case requires 4 Shelf Wood (Pine Trees) and 3 Glass Doors (Wall Post)

Each Section requires 4 Nice Trim (Apple Trees) and 4 Stage Planks (Direct Request)

Stage Two

8 Crafting Tables - Crafted
8 Podiums - Crafted
12 Town Maps - Wall Post
16 Craft Supplies - Direct Request
15 Floor Boards - Oak Trees
16 Gooey Glue - Horses

Each Table requires 4 Scrap Paper (Birch Trees) and 6 Fixin' Glue (Wall Post)

Each Podium requires 4 Veggie Crates (Cherry Tomatoes) and 6 Note Pads (Direct Request)

Stage Three

10 Training Pen - Crafted
10 Grooming Stations - Crafted
20 Wash Bins - Wall Post
12 Window Shutters - Direct Request
16 Sturdy Combs - White Roses
18 Corn Nut Feed - Corn

Each Pen requires 4 Frontier Treats (Catnip) and 5 Pet Gates (Wall Post)

Each Grooming Station requires 6 Wet Scrubbers (Sugar Cane), 9 Stretchy Hose (Wall Post) and 5 Pet Tables (Direct Request)

Stage Four

10 Grange Signs - Crafted
12 Meeting Chairs - Crafted
16 Bright Lanterns - Wall Post
25 Garden Lattices - Direct Request
16 Vine Ties - Silk
18 Drinking Troughs - Wall Post

Each Sign requires 4 Sanded Planks (Bamboo) and 6 Stencils (Wall Post)

Each Chair requires 6 Bum Springs (Goats), 9 Fanny Pads (Direct Request) and 6 Chair Frames (Wall Post)