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Thursday, 23 May 2013

Frontier Park Building Guide

What do we need for a Birthday? We need a party!

So, let's see what we're going to need to make this birthday party the awesomest birthday party on the Frontier... (which wont be difficult as most of them have been organised by Hank...)

The Frontier Park is another little masterpiece from the art department and requires the usual mix of requests, crafts and homestead drops!

Stage One

10 Balloon Pumpers - Wall Posts
4 Refreshments - Crafted
8 Punch Bowls - Wall Post
9 Picnic Quilts - Direct Request
12 Cotton Candy - Cotton Candy
8 Balloon String - Fancy Cat Tails

Each Refreshments Requires 4 Anniversary Punch (Sugar Cane) and 5 Extra Glasses (Direct Request)

Stage Two

10 Partition Flags - Crafted
9 Park Benches - Crafted
10 Trash Collectors - Wall Post
14 Dog Fencing - Direct Request
12 Pathway Gravel - Rocks
10 Perennials - Frontier Flowers

Each Partition Flag requires 3 Waxy String (Hide Prepping Stations) and 7 Coloured Hankies (Wall Post)

Each Park Bench requires 4 Saddle Wood (Fully Grown Pines) and 8 Ornate Iron (Direct Request)

Stage Three

10 Banners - Crafted
10 Docks - Crafted
12 Floatin' Devices - Wall Post
15 Purdy Fish - Direct Request
12 Beach Balls - Sieve Stations
14 Dry Towels - Mouflon Sheep

Each Banner requires 4 Letter Paint (Chamomile) and 5 Long Tarp (Wall Post)

Each Dock requires 3 Shop Signs (Birches), 9 Oversized Springs (Direct Request) and 5 Thick Lumber (Wall Post)

Stage Four

10 Kiddie Trains - Crafted
10 Bouncin' Houses - Crafted
18 Park Bird Baths - Wall Post
15 Outdoor Toys - Direct Request
18 Bags of Popcorn - Popcorn Kettles
20 Frontier Frisbees - Cows

Each Train requires 4 Mine Cart Wheels (Steel Forges), 8 Barrel Bases (Wall Post) and 6 Kiddie Train Engines (Direct Request)

Each Bouncin' House requires 4 Wool Wads (Sheep), 8 Pillow Cases (Direct Request) and 6 Hay Piles (Wall Post)