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Monday 30 April 2012

Town Hall Building Guide

It's time to get your town on the map and for that you need a Town Hall.

This is a three stage building with a bit of crafting at each stage. Two missions also have crafting stages so below, we'll crack out one of our famous crafting guides, covering everything you'll need at each step!

So take a read and find out what each step will need, items DON'T cross over so you'll only be collecting for one stage at a time.

Stage 1 - Required for Mission 2, Work And Play

3 Construction Signs - Requested
10 Orange Aroma Jars - Found tending Orange and Frozen Orange trees
4 Building Certificates - Requested
1 Gravel Foundation - Crafted

The Gravel Foundation requires 2 Buckets of Gravel and 4 Frame Boards, Both requested.

Mission Item - Craft a Town Hall Poster

The poster requires 2 Paint Brushes and 3 Poster Paper,both requested.

Stage 2 - Required for Mission 3, Grounds For Fun

5 Iron Plumbing - Requested
5 Trash Pickers - Requested
10 Bison Brushes - Drop from tending any Bison or Buffalo
5 Lobby Walls - Requested
5 Trash Bins - Requested
1 Chandelier - Crafted

Each Chandelier requires 4 Bent Iron and 4 Thin Chains (both requested) to make a Chandelier Base. Two Chandelier bases are then added to 3 Chandelier Candles (requested) to make a Chandelier.

Mission Item - Craft 2 Park Benches

Each Bench needs 10 Sanded Oakwood (chopping Oak Trees) and 3 Support Bars to make a Bench Frame. That frame is then added to 4 Town Plaques to make a Park Bench.

Stage 3 - Required for Mission 4, Play It Safe

8 Stone Steps - Requested
7 Wood Columns - Requested
2 Speech Podiums - Crafted
9 Carved Panels - Requested
8 Red Clover Pigment - Found harvesting Red Clover
2 Bell Towers - Crafted

Each Speech Podium requires 5 Wooden Podiums and 5 Town Emblems, both requested.

Each Bell Tower requires 3 Heavy Hickory Wheels (chopping Hickory Trees) and 5 Bell Pulleys (requested) to make a Bell Mechanism. Three of those are added to 6 Iron Bells (requested) to craft a Bell Tower.

Saturday 28 April 2012

Zynga ToS - The English Version

OK, we all have issues reading legalese, even my sister does sometimes and she's got a post-grad law degree. Lawyers, as we all know, cost a lot of money, and apparently it's not money well spent if most folks don't have their brains trying to escape through their ears while trying to get through it.

So, I'm going to pop corks in my ears to stop my brain escaping and do a task akin to trying to write an essay on a Chaucer book... I'm going to try and give a plain English version of the Terms of Service bits that are currently causing issues.

PLEASE NOTE: I am not a lawyer, I've never said I was... Well, maybe once in a bar to impress a curvy brunette but she pointed out Lawyers don't tend to drive a Suzuki Swift.

This is going from a mix of common sense, information told to me by Zynga and a couple years of soaking up what we should and shouldn't be doing in the game, often by people doing it and then getting told off.

This may be subject to change if Zynga see it and go "well, actually, that means..."




Last updated September 30, 2011


1.1. Governing Agreement

This is a contract between you and Zynga/Facebook (They're the bit about "related services"). By Zynga they mean any company owned by Zynga including some at addresses you've never heard of and various subsidiaries like the Support Callcentres.You know... Zynga.

1.4. Grant of a Limited License to Use the Service

If you agree with the ToS, Zynga let you play the game.

If you buy any Facebook Credits or Horseshoes you don't actually own them, you just own the chance to use them for game items. Those items can't be traded for real money etc.

1.5. Accessing the Service

By playing the game you're agreeing to the ToS and the Security Policy. You have to have a valid Facebook account, be allowed to play a US based game and, if you're between 13 and 17 then your legal guardian has to have reviewed and agreed these terms.

It's up to you to own a computer to play the game on and a broadband connection to play the game over. That's your lookout and Zynga don't have to buy you one or pay for it.

1.6. Use of the Service

You're not allowed to do any of the following:
a. Play the game if you're under 13.
b. Allow the game to be played by under 13s. It's your fault if they play it and suddenly feel a desire to chop oak trees. If they buy Horseshoes or credits then it's not Zynga's fault.
c. You can't have more than one Facebook account, so no alter accounts. No signing up as accounts with a fake name or details.
d. Convicted sex offender? Sod off
e. Previously banned by Zynga? Naughty, naughty, not allowed back..
f. No playing of the game if you're in a country under an embargo of services from the US or if you're a Specially Designated National by the Treasury Department (I bet that's not as fancy as it sounds).
g. Don't use your Zynga game to make money.
h. Don't use the game to spam anyone or advertise anything you do that you get paid for.
i. Don't use the game for anything illegal.
j. Don't sell or give your account to anyone else, including any Horseshoes in it.
k. Don't use any account that's been sold or given to anyone else.
l. Follow Facebook's ToS.

1.9. License Limitations

If you do any of these things? You might get banned or blocked.

If you mess with the game it puts you on Zynga's naughty list and can even be against the law.

By playing the game you promise with hand on revered article of choice not to...

a. Do anything naughty that is messing with the game or makes something happen in the game that you can't normally do using a third party app/site such as ask for stuff, get stuff, collect stuff, make resources appear etc.
b. Don't lie to support to try and get them to say what you want them to say or get stuff you don't deserve. Also don't swear at them.
c. Don't play the game doing anything you know is against the rules.

CHEATY BITS - You promise not to...

d. Use naughty things. Cheating, exploiting the game, using anything that does anything automatically, using any 3rd party Facebook app or website that lets you add, remove, request, gift or collect anything in game.
e. Use the game code to design anything that does the above.
f. Change any of the files or code for the game.
g. Use anything automated that'll pound the server with an unreasonable amount of requests.
h. Spread a virus or attack the game... or do anything that makes it less fun for everyone else.
i. Try to hack into anyone else's account.

OFFENSIVE OR INFRINGING CONTENT - You also promise not to...

j. Say anything of an 'ist' variety, racist, sexist, ageist if it would get you  a slap, don't say it.
k. Post anything involving exposed naughty bits of people, people hitting people (especially in the naughty bits) or anything you'd generally not show your Great Aunt Gertrude.
l. Be rude or an antisocial Arthur to any other player.
m. Post anything that busts anyone's copyright or pretend to be anyone, including Zynga employees. (I know, but I do know someone who pretended to be a Zynga employee to get women... Go figure).

COMMERCIAL ACTIVITY - You'll be naughty if you...
n., o, p - Do anything in or with the game you get paid for. Don't sell in game items and don't get paid to play someone's account. Don't use the game to spam, scam or spread malware.


q. Do anything in the game via a third party app or site that's not actually made by Zynga. You also can't use anything third party that "interferes" with the game.
r. Use any third party app or site that accesses the game or does anything with the info that's sent between the PC and the Zynga servers. You also can't do all manner of technical stuff involving RAM or the network data that flies from your PC.
s. Use any software that reads the chat between the PC and Zynga's servers.
t. Use something that does anything in the game automatically, collecting, gifting, even PLAYING your game (how sad are these people?) or anything that makes a ton of requests in a short time.
u. Use any bits of software that farm through the game automatically like little robots.
v. Use anything that pretends to be the game or connect to the game using any app, site or software Zynga haven't approved.
w. Try to get the actual game code to use any of it or nick any information from it.
x. Copy any Zynga stuff, steal any Zynga copyrights or host the game anywhere Zynga haven't allowed.


y. Use anything game related to get personal info from other players, email addresses etc.
z. Get hold of any personal info from another player and use it or post it in any way, so you can't use screengrabs of homesteads, usernames, user photos etc without their permission.

1.10. Suspension and Termination of Account and Service

Break any of the Terms of Service and Zynga can ban you. They don't have to warn you, don't have to keep backups of your account details, don't have to compensate you for any lost Horseshoes etc you paid real money for.

They can also ban for folks who keep breaking other folks copyrights and will go as far as to deny you the ability to come back with another account, even to the point of legal steps. Basically, if you're banned, you're banned for good.

It's possible, if you were very naughty, they can even get your Facebook account cancelled...

On the other hand, you can also cancel your own account, but again, Zynga don't have to compensate you for anything left.

Thursday 26 April 2012

Hidden Meadow Crafting

If you're going to sort your kids poison ivy problem and give them a good family outing it's going to take some work.

The Hidden Meadow will take four stages of building as it talks you through the story. You'll find the Meadow, fix the bridge to visit it, craft a curing salve for your child's poison ivy and finally leave them to have a good old campout with a big campfire, scary stories and a singalong!

So, time for a crafting guide! It's not too bad this time, so let's get cracking!

Stage 1 - Search for the Hidden Meadow

6 Walking Sticks - Requested
4 Hiking Boots - Requested
3 Jungle Machetes - Crafted
16 Orange Slices - Tend Orange Trees
1 Hidden Meadow Map - Mission reward from Mission 1, Tending To Adventure

Each Jungle Machete requires 3 Machete Handles (Requested) and 3 Raw Metal (Clearing Rocks)

Stage 2 - Repair The Bridge and Cross The River

8 Tough Rope - Requested
16 Marigold Blossoms - Drops tending Marigolds which are a free gift item
4 Goat Glue - Crafted
6 Iron Stakes - Requested
6 Wooden Mallets - Requested
1 Hidden Trail Marker - Reward from Mission 2, Winging It

Each Goat Glue requires 4 Glue Jars (Requested) and 4 Goat Hoof Clippings (drops from feeding Adult Goats)

Stage 3 - Prepare A Healing Salve

8 Itch Away - Requested
8 Bug Repellent - Crafted
6 Healing Salve - Crafted
6 Soothing Cream - Found Tending Cows
6 Cool Spring Water - Requested
1 Repaired Bridge - Reward from Mission 3, A Bridge Over Troubled Waters

Each Bug Repellent requires 3 Protective Pollen (Harvest Mixed Tulips) and 5 Empty Bottles (requested) to make Foul Tonic. One foul tonic is added to 5 Spray Nozzles (requested) to form bug repellent. 

Each Healing Wrap needs 4 Clean Cloths (Requested) and 4 Aloe Vera tips (Tending Aloe Vera crops)

Stage 4 - Build a Bonfire For a Relaxing Night

12 Spooky Stories - Requested
12 Bug Repellent - Crafted
3 Roaring Fires - Crafted
16 Singalong Songs - Requested
20 Combusti-Wool - Tending Adult Sheep
1 Healthy Kid - Reward from Mission 4, The Hidden Meadow

Each Bug Repellent requires 3 Protective Pollen (Harvest Mixed Tulips) and 5 Empty Bottles (requested) to make Foul Tonic. One foul tonic is added to 5 Spray Nozzles (requested) to form bug repellent. 

Each Roaring Fire takes 8 Oak Kindling (chopping Oak Trees) and 8 Bonfire Stones (Requested) to make a Fire Pit. Two Fire Pits are then added to 6 Monstrous Matches (Requested) to make a Roaring Fire

Monday 23 April 2012

Sheriff Office Crafting Guide

Sheriff Mae's on her way to the homestead so it's time to get her new homestead Sheriff's Office built and fully stocked, along with making a few items that are needed by various homesteaders during the five mission quest.

As usual we'll try to help you through the crafting and make sure you know what you'll be needing at each step with another of our crafting guides.

Mission I - Laying Down The Law

Building stage



Craft 3 Building Supplies

Each building Supply requires 6 Surplus Lumber (found chopping Oaks and Pines of two chops plus) and 5 Office Blueprints (Requested.

Mission II - A Hankerin' To Stay Out Of Jail

Building stage

3 Steel Handcuffs - Requested
3 Creaky Floorboards - Requested
1 Leather Holster - Crafted
3 Office Signs - Requested
3 Coffee Mugs - Requested
2 Plain Donuts - Crafted

Each Leather Holster requires 3 Pristine Leather (Found tending Cows) and 5 Metal Buckles (Requested)

Each Plain Donut requires 4 Donut Flour (Found tending Wheat) and 4 Sugar Crystals (Requested)

Mission III - Dressed To Impress

Building stage

5 Creaky Floorboards - Requested
5 Wanted Boards - Requested
3 Leather Holsters - Crafted
4 Coffee Mugs - Requested
4 Folded Newspapers - Requested
3 Chocolate Donuts - Crafted

Each Leather Holster requires 3 Pristine Leather (Found tending Cows) and 5 Metal Buckles (Requested)

Each Plain Donut requires 4 Donut Flour (Found tending Wheat) and 4 Sugar Crystals (Requested)

Each Chocolate Donut requires 2 Plain Donuts and 4 Chocolate Glaze (Requested)


Craft 4 Cotton Blouses

Each Cotton Blouse requires 6 Cotton Cloth (Found tending Cotton) and 4 Pearl Buttons (Requested)

Mission IV - Licence To Care

Building stage

6 Wanted Boards - Requested
6 Porch Chairs - Requested
4 Leather Holsters - Crafted
5 Folded Newspapers - Requested
5 Frontier Flasks - Requested
3 Cinnamon Donuts - Crafted

Each Leather Holster requires 3 Pristine Leather (Found tending Cows) and 5 Metal Buckles (Requested)

Each Plain Donut requires 4 Donut Flour (Found tending Wheat) and 4 Sugar Crystals (Requested)

Each Cinnamon Donut requires 3 Plain Donuts and 5 Cinnamon Sugar (Requested)


Craft 4 Vet Certificates

Each Vet Certificate requires 3 Animal Care Books (Crafted with 3 Binding Glue and 4 Book Pages - Both requested) and 9 Caretaking Lessons (Found tending Adult Goats)

Mission V - Justice Has Arrived

Building stage

12 Porch Chairs - Requested
12 Sheriff Seals - Requested
6 Leather Holsters - Crafted
9 Frontier Flasks - Requested
9 Sheriff Hats - Requested
3 Sprinkled Donuts - Crafted

Each Leather Holster requires 3 Pristine Leather (Found tending Cows) and 5 Metal Buckles (Requested)

Each Plain Donut requires 4 Donut Flour (Found tending Wheat) and 4 Sugar Crystals (Requested)

Sprinkled Donuts require 4 Plain Donuts and 9 Sprinkles (Requested)


Craft 4 Welcome Gift Baskets

Baskets each require 3 Welcome Gifts (Crafted with 5 Fresh Peaches and 3 Bubbly drinks - Found tending Peach Trees and Requesting respectively) added to 9 Wicker Baskets (Requested)

Inventory Limits:
Animal Book - 10
Book Binding - 26
Book Pages - 25
Bubbly Drink - 20
Building Supplies - 10
Can Label - 20
Caretaking Lesson - 20
Chocolate Donut - 10
Chocolate Glaze - 20
Cinnamon Donut - 10
Cinnamon Sugar - 20
Coffee Mug - 10
Cotton Blouse - 10
Cotton Cloth - 25
Creaky Floorboard - 10
Donut Flour - 20
Empty Flask - 15
Flower Petal - 25
Folded Newspaper - 15
Fresh Peach - 25
Leather Holster - 10
Metal Buckle - 15
Office Sign - 10
Office Blueprints - 15
Pearl Button - 20
Plain Donut - 10
Porch Chair - 20
Pristine Leather - 10
Rainbow Sprinkles - 10
Seal - 15
Sheep Treat - 45
Sheriff's Hat - 15
Soy Milk - 30
Sprinkled Donut - 10
Steel Handcuffs - 10
Sugar Crystal - 20
Surplus Lumber - 20
Vet Certification - 10
Wanted Board - 15
Welcome Basket - 10
Welcome Gift - 10
Wicker Basket - 20

Final totals


18 Surplus Lumber - Found chopping Oak or Pine trees
15 Office Blueprints - Requested
24 Cotton Cloth - Found tending Cotton
16 Pearl Buttons - Requested
36 Binding Glue - Requested
48 Book Pages - Requested
36 Caretaking Lessons - Found tending Goats
60 Fresh Peaches - Found tending Peach Trees
36 Bubbly Drinks
36 Wicker Baskets


3 Steel Handcuffs - Requested
8 Creaky Floorboards - Requested
3 Office Signs - Requested
3 Coffee Mugs - Requested
1 Wanted Boards - Requested

4 Coffee Mugs - Requested
9 Folded Newspapers - Requested
18 Porch Chairs - Requested
14 Frontier Flasks - Requested
12 Sheriff Seals - Requested

9 Sheriff Hats - Requested

Leather Holsters

42 Pristine Leather - Found Tending Cows
70 Metal Buckles - Requested


116 Donut Flour - Tending Wheat
116 Sugar Crystals - Requested
12 Chocolate Glaze - Requested
15 Cinnamon Sugar - Requested
36 Sprinkles - Requested

Thursday 19 April 2012

Stately Estate Building Guide

 We know, when it comes to buildings, the bigger they are the more stuff they take to get up, so it's time for another guide to help you plan ahead and make sure you get the building materials you need.

The Stately Estate has four build levels and most of the items are repeated across the board so we can stock up.

So let's find out just how much you need to order to get the latest storage building fully finished, as usual we'll take a look at each stage individually before giving you a full roundup of the final totals at the bottom of the page with final amounts.

Stage 1

3 Clipped Bushes - Wall Request
4 Pristine Gutter - Wall Request
3 Overpriced Wood - Wall Request
8 Expensive Paint - Direct Request
6 Mini Arborvitae - Direct Request
2 Lofty Streetlamp - Crafted

Lofty Streetlamps each use 10 Lofty Lamposts (Chop Pine Trees) and 5 Lofty Luminaires (requested)

PLEASE NOTE: For stage one ONLY craft the Lofty Streetlamps, do not go on to craft Glowing Gates (see stage 4) or it will use the lamposts up and mean you have to craft more now.

In total: 20 Lofty Lamposts (Pine Trees), 10 Lofty Luminaires (Requested)

Stage 2

8 Clipped Bushes - Wall Request
7 Pristine Gutter - Wall Request
8 Overpriced Wood - Wall Request
8 Expensive Paint - Direct Request
12 Mini Arborvitae - Direct Request
3 Courtly Doors - Crafted

Courtly Doors each use 5 Door Stain and 9 Handcarved Doors (both requested)

In total: 15 Door Stain, 27 Handcarved Doors (both requested)

Stage 3

14 Clipped Bushes - Wall Request
15 Pristine Gutter - Wall Request
14 Overpriced Wood - Wall Request
20 Expensive Paint - Direct Request
20 Mini Arborvitae - Direct Request
5 Regal Windows - Crafted

Each Regal Window uses 10 Formal Frames (Oak Trees) and 4 Spotless Panes (Requested) to make an undressed window, two of those are then added to 6 Kingly Curtains (Requested) to make a Regal Window.

In total: 100 Formal Frames (Oak), 40 Spotless Frames (Requested), 30 Kingly Curtains (Requested)

Stage 4

20 Clipped Bushes - Wall Request
20 Pristine Gutter - Wall Request
20 Overpriced Wood - Wall Request
18 Expensive Paint - Direct Request
18 Mini Arborvitae - Direct Request
4 Glowing Gates - Crafted

Each glowing gate uses 10 Lofty Lamposts (Pine) and 5 Lofty Lumieres (Requested) to make a Lofty Streetlamp. 3 of those are then added to 12 Grandiose Gates (Requested) to make a Glowing Gate.

In total: 120 Lofty Lamposts (Pine), 60 Lofty Lumieres (Requested) 48 Grandiose Gates (Requested)

Final Total

45 Clipped Bushes - Wall Request
46 Pristine Gutter - Wall Request
45 Overpriced Wood - Wall Request
54 Expensive Paint - Direct Request
56 Mini Arborvitae - Direct Request

14 Lofty Streetlamps - Crafted
140 Lofty Lamposts (Pine Trees), 70 Lofty Luminaires (Requested)

3 Courtly Doors - Crafted
15 Door Stain, 27 Handcarved Doors (both requested)

5 Regal Windows - Crafted
100 Formal Frames (Oak), 40 Spotless Frames (Requested), 30 Kingly Curtains (Requested)

4 Glowing Gates - Crafted
48 Grandiose Gates (Requested)