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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Stately Estate Building Guide

 We know, when it comes to buildings, the bigger they are the more stuff they take to get up, so it's time for another guide to help you plan ahead and make sure you get the building materials you need.

The Stately Estate has four build levels and most of the items are repeated across the board so we can stock up.

So let's find out just how much you need to order to get the latest storage building fully finished, as usual we'll take a look at each stage individually before giving you a full roundup of the final totals at the bottom of the page with final amounts.

Stage 1

3 Clipped Bushes - Wall Request
4 Pristine Gutter - Wall Request
3 Overpriced Wood - Wall Request
8 Expensive Paint - Direct Request
6 Mini Arborvitae - Direct Request
2 Lofty Streetlamp - Crafted

Lofty Streetlamps each use 10 Lofty Lamposts (Chop Pine Trees) and 5 Lofty Luminaires (requested)

PLEASE NOTE: For stage one ONLY craft the Lofty Streetlamps, do not go on to craft Glowing Gates (see stage 4) or it will use the lamposts up and mean you have to craft more now.

In total: 20 Lofty Lamposts (Pine Trees), 10 Lofty Luminaires (Requested)

Stage 2

8 Clipped Bushes - Wall Request
7 Pristine Gutter - Wall Request
8 Overpriced Wood - Wall Request
8 Expensive Paint - Direct Request
12 Mini Arborvitae - Direct Request
3 Courtly Doors - Crafted

Courtly Doors each use 5 Door Stain and 9 Handcarved Doors (both requested)

In total: 15 Door Stain, 27 Handcarved Doors (both requested)

Stage 3

14 Clipped Bushes - Wall Request
15 Pristine Gutter - Wall Request
14 Overpriced Wood - Wall Request
20 Expensive Paint - Direct Request
20 Mini Arborvitae - Direct Request
5 Regal Windows - Crafted

Each Regal Window uses 10 Formal Frames (Oak Trees) and 4 Spotless Panes (Requested) to make an undressed window, two of those are then added to 6 Kingly Curtains (Requested) to make a Regal Window.

In total: 100 Formal Frames (Oak), 40 Spotless Frames (Requested), 30 Kingly Curtains (Requested)

Stage 4

20 Clipped Bushes - Wall Request
20 Pristine Gutter - Wall Request
20 Overpriced Wood - Wall Request
18 Expensive Paint - Direct Request
18 Mini Arborvitae - Direct Request
4 Glowing Gates - Crafted

Each glowing gate uses 10 Lofty Lamposts (Pine) and 5 Lofty Lumieres (Requested) to make a Lofty Streetlamp. 3 of those are then added to 12 Grandiose Gates (Requested) to make a Glowing Gate.

In total: 120 Lofty Lamposts (Pine), 60 Lofty Lumieres (Requested) 48 Grandiose Gates (Requested)

Final Total

45 Clipped Bushes - Wall Request
46 Pristine Gutter - Wall Request
45 Overpriced Wood - Wall Request
54 Expensive Paint - Direct Request
56 Mini Arborvitae - Direct Request

14 Lofty Streetlamps - Crafted
140 Lofty Lamposts (Pine Trees), 70 Lofty Luminaires (Requested)

3 Courtly Doors - Crafted
15 Door Stain, 27 Handcarved Doors (both requested)

5 Regal Windows - Crafted
100 Formal Frames (Oak), 40 Spotless Frames (Requested), 30 Kingly Curtains (Requested)

4 Glowing Gates - Crafted
48 Grandiose Gates (Requested)