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Thursday 31 January 2013

Climber Rescue Guide

To get the mountain climbers safely down and out of the Avalanche we're going to need to put some work in.

We're going to need to train up our F.A.R.M. team and get them all the equipment they need for each rescue.

That will all come down to a four step story-driven build with the usual mix of items.

Stage One

8 Dry Clothes - Direct Request
12 Avalanche Probes - Sugar Cane
8 Tracking Guides - Wall Post
10 Pig Provisions - Eggplant Crops
4 Small Fires - Crafted
4 Rescue Packs - Crafted

Each fire requires 4 Pine Tinders (Fully Grown Pine) and 5 Dry Matches (Direct Request)

Each Rescue Pack requires 5 Potato Sacks (Potatoes) and 6 Thick Thread (Wall Post)

Stage Two

8 Marker Balloons - Direct Request
20 Marking Paint - Beets
10 Hawk Food - Wall Post
12 Citrus Firewood - Lemon Trees
6 Pocket Telescopes - Crafted
6 Hawk Gauntlets - Crafted

Each Telescope requires 4 Rolled Brass (Brass Forges) and 6 Curved Lenses (Direct Request)

Each Gauntlet requires 4 Thick Leather (Cows) and 8 Heavy Needles (Wall Post)

Stage Three

10 Warm Blankets - Direct Request
20 Goat Ropes - Flax
12 Mountain Goat Manuals - Wall Post
12 Goat Grub - White Roses
5 Warm Tea - Crafted
5 Climbing Harnesses - Crafted

Each Tea requires 6 Tea Leaves (Tea Crop), 10 Drying Pans (Direct Request) and 8 Filter Cloths (Wall)

Each Harness requires 6 Harness Straps (Oxen), 10 Strap Rings (Wall Post) and 8 Secure Clasps (Direct Request)

Stage Four

12 Uplifting Notes - Direct Request
15 Winter Cream - Golden Sheep (unlocked at Sheep Mastery Level 2)
10 Hot Soup - Wall Post
20 Fire Logs - Fully Grown Oaks
8 Jump Signs - Crafted
6 Rescue Nets - Crafted

Each Sign requires 4 Sign Handles (Apricot Trees), 10 Sign Faces (Direct Request) and 7 Letter Stencils (Wall Post)

Each Net requires 4 Rescue Frames (Steel Forges), 10 Mini Springs (Wall Post) and 7 Canvas Mats (Direct Request)

Thursday 24 January 2013

Candy Shop Boosts Guide

The Candy Shop rings with it some new items to craft, one craftable crate and four brand new boosts with some awesome actions...

Each item is unlocked as we work through the various Candy Shop missions (all details HERE).

They're all crafted from inside the Candy Shop using one item that will drop from your homestead and one or two items from either type of Request.

So get your dentist on Speed Dial, and let's dig in!

B&B Mystery Box
Unlocked after completing Mission One

Result: Opens for Collectibles or Gummi Bears

Requires: 3 Candy Bits (Sugar Beets/Spearmint) and 3 Gold Paper Boxes (Wall Post)

Big Drop Lollipop
Unlocks after completing Mission One

Result: 10 Energy

Requires: 4 Lemon Candy (Lemon Trees) and 3 Lollipop Sticks (Wall Post)

Minty Mocha
Unlocks after completing Mission Two

Result: Fills your energy bar completely and speeds your avatar for 15 minutes.

Requires: 4 Golden Mugs (Ornament Crops/Golden Roses) and 3 Mocha Mix (Direct Request)

Chocolate Rush
Unlocked after completing Mission Three

Result: 15 Minutes of Bunyaning Trees - Chop them down completely in one click - and double drops.

Requires: 6 Maple Sugar Leaves (Rock Candy Sheep), 9 Brown Sugar Cubes (Wall Post) and 5 Dark Cocoa (Direct Request)

Peppermint Earthquake
Unlocked after completing Mission Four

Result: TRIPLE Drops on Fruit Trees for 15 Minutes.

Requires: 8 Maple Sugar Leaves (Rock Candy Sheep), 12 Brown Sugar Cubes (Wall Post) and 7 Peppermint Cream (Direct Request)

Candy Shop Building Guide

Melted chocolate, drizzling caramel, fancy spun sugar decorations... It's time to get a little sweet and build us a Candy Store!

The Store is a four step build with al the usual things we've come to know, requests, homestead drops and crafting. However, there are just two craftable items used across the build, one in stage 2, one in stage 3 then both repeated in stage 4. That does mean less requesting in total and we can keep going and getting stuff in advance while other things are waiting.

There's also repeats of drop items, so again we can stock up on more than we need.

So, what are we going to need? Sit back, strap in and scoff some sweeties...

[Please Note: Type of request is provisional and subject to change.]

Stage One

8 Wax Wrappers - Direct Request
7 Candy Trays - Wall Post
10 Sweet Juice - Sugar Beets - NEW CROP
6 Walnut Countertops - Direct Request
8 Gummy Moulds - Wall Post
10 Oak Posts - Oak Trees

Stage Two

12 Mortar and Pestle - Direct Request
16 Sugar Lumps - Wall Post
15 Sweet Juice - Sugar Beets - NEW CROP
6 Perfect Caramel - Crafted
14 Mint Leaves - Direct Request
20 Oak Posts - Oak Trees

Each Caramel requires 3 Churned Butter (Cows) and 4 Fine Sugar (Wall Post)

Stage Three

14 Display Trays - Direct Request
18 Chocolate Dippers - Wall Post
20 Cups of Honey - Red Clover/Blueberries
9 Saltwater Taffy - Crafted
16 Extract Bottles - Direct Request
40 Peppermint Vials - Peppermint Bushes

Each Taffy requires 6 Sweet Syrup (Corn), 9 Clean Saltwater (Direct Request) and 8 Vanilla Syrup (Wall Post)

Stage Four

15 Saltwater Taffy - Crafted
18 Colourful Confetti - Wall Post
25 Candy Hearts - Candy Flowers
8 Perfect Caramel - Crafted
20 B&B Gift Bags - Direct Request
25 Tasting Toothpick - Pine Trees

Each Taffy requires 6 Sweet Syrup (Corn), 9 Clean Saltwater (Direct Request) and 8 Vanilla Syrup (Wall Post)

Each Caramel requires 3 Churned Butter (Cows) and 4 Fine Sugar (Wall Post)

Tuesday 22 January 2013

Partnering Totals

A full guide of what needs what, how much it needs and where it comes from, thanks to Frontierville Express member Linda Jackson!

Getting the necessary weight

All items are time specific, the quicker you do it, the better it is. Because of that it's suggested to use the "sacrificial animal" method.

This is to place a "sacrificial" item of the type you want to make on your homestead. Use that item to request the Wall Post needed but DO NOT CRAFT.

Then, once you have enough, place a BRAND NEW item of the type you need to grow, craft all the amount you need and feed instantly, all 15/17/21/32/34 feeds as quickly as possible.

This usually results in a winning item.

Notes: Don't forget the Caretaker Boost will do THREE tends of any partner animal and, if you don't like the outcome, the Dream Boost will change it to one of the other variations for that style.

Runt's Rescuer Boost (only available as a reward for completion of the mission Rescue Runts) can be used to fully complete any one partner animal. Choose wisely as it is a ONE OFF reward.


Prize Pig:

3 Sugary Shortening (Wall Post) + 2 Ground Corndog = 1 Hog Chow (32 needed)

Ground Corndog - Corndog crop & Corn, Redeeming collections for crafted Hog Chow, using Pig Patches on Quilts.

Building: Pig Pavilion:

Burly Bull:

3 Beefcake(Wall Post)+ 2 Thistle Fiber = 1 Muscle Mix (32 needed)

Thistle Fiber - Bull Thistle, Soybeans, Feeding Burly Bulls

Building: Fitness Centre

Pure Bred Horse:

3 Horsey Punch(Wall Post)+ 2 Oat Flour = 1 Sweet Feed (34needed)

Oat Flour - Oats, Wheat, Tending Pure Bred Horses

Building: Training Centre

Fluffy Sheep:

3 Softness Soap(Wall Post)+ 2 Sweet Leaf = 1 Sheep Shampoo (32needed)

Sweet Leaf - Lemon Mint, White Roses, Feeding Fluffy Sheep

Sheep Shampoo - Shearing Collection and from using Sheep Patches on Quilts.

Building: Shearing Salon

Show Dog:

3 Beefy Bits(Wall Post)+ 2 Puppy Nutrients = 1 Champ's Chow (34needed)

Puppy Nutrients - Dog Violet, Blue Corn, Tend Show Dogs

Building: Show Course

Prize Turkey:

3 Gobbler Grow(Wall Post)+ 2 Hot Feed = 1 Fowl Fitness (34needed)

Hot Feed - Chick Peas & Sunflowers

Building: Turkey Track

Cuddly Kittens:

3 Fake Mice + 2 Catnip Oil (Wall Post) = 1 Squeekie (34 needed)

Fake Mice - Fancy Cattails, Corn & Cuddling completed Kittens.

Building: Cuddly Kitten Corral


2 Pristine Nettles and 3 Veggie Stalks (Wall Post) = 1 Green Goodie (34 needed)

Pristine Nettles -Wild Nettles and Cabbage. Green Goodies can come from breeding.

Building: Rabbit Ranch


2 Healthy Hay and 3 Burro Blessing = 1 Packmule Praise (34 Needed)

Healthy Hay comes from Wheat, Golden Pastures and the Donkey Ball Collection.

Building: Donkey Ball Court


2 Pond Pads and 3 Left-Over Bugs = 1 Pond Parcel (34 needed)

Pond Pads come from White Orchids, White Water Lillies and Blue, Green, Lilac and Marigold frogs.

Building: Frog Haven


2 Hearty Acorns (Valerian/Oaks/Possible Reward from judging Partner Runts) and 3 Warm Jammies (Wall Post) = Hibernation Kit (17 Needed)

Hibernation Kits - Building Bonus of Dormitorium. Dreams Collection.

Building - Dormitorium.


2 Mineral Mixture (Runt Plantain or Kale) and 3 Body by Runt (Wall Post) = Runt Fit Kit (34 Needed)

Runt Plantains and Runt Fit Kits - Possible Rewards from judged Runts.

Building - Rec Centre.

Superb Runts:

2 Powdered Electrolytes (WILD Oats) and 3 Power Water (Wall Post) = Runt-Aid (34 Needed)

Building - Rec Centre.

Endangered Animals:

2 Native Fruits (Wood Lilies and (rarely) Fig Trees) and 3 Welcome Pamphlets (Wall Post) = Orientation Basket (21 Needed)

Wood Lilies - Conservation Collection, Wood Lilies and Orientation Baskets - Rewards from Scoring Endangered Animals

Building - Wildlife Preserve.

Charmed Varmints

2 Scholarships (Angel's Trumpet) and 3 Varmint Grants (Wall Post) = Varmint Tuition (34 needed)

Building - Varmint Academy


Prize Pumpkin:

2 Clean Water(Wall Post)+ 3 Super Soil = 1 Pumpkin Plumper (15needed)

Super Soil - Mini Pumpkins & Cabbage

Building: Carving Station

Christmas Decorations(Tree/Gingerbread House/Reindeer):

2 Jolly Decor(Wall Post)+ 3 Holiday Treats = 1 Festive Fare (34needed)

Holiday Treats - Ornament Crops & Jumbo Canes

Building: Holiday Glade

Show Snowman:

3 Farrier Rasp(Wall Post)+ 2 Ice Block = 1 Sculpting Snow (34needed)

Ice Blocks - Freezing Pumps, Snowball Piles, Daily Bonus collection on Snow Slide

Building: Snow Slide

Ice Sculpture:

3 Frigid Water(Wall Post)+ 2 Snow Ice = 1 Slushy Mortar (34needed)

Snow Ice - Snow Peas, Snowball Piles, Daily Bonus Collection on Ice Hotel

Building: Ice Hotel

Carol Props:

2 Memorable Scents + 2 Fuzzy Feelings (Wall Post) = 1 Charitable Memory (34 needed)

Memorable Scents - Festive Cinnamon, Jumbo Canes

Building: Play House, Past or Future Scenes (note: these store in the Shed, not Farm Hall)


Carnival Games:

1 Carnival Stamp(Wall Post)+ 1 Paper Roll (Direct Request) = 1 Game Ticket (amountneededvaries)

Click HERE for a full list of prize totals and the rewards you get.

Redeem Carnival Collections for more tickets

Building: Ferris Wheel or a Game itself

Frontier Spirit Game (Log Sawing/Rock Chipping/Weed Pulling):

3 Durable Saw/Rock Hammer/Simple Pulley(Wall Post)+ 2 Frontier Spirit = 1 Frontier Saw/Rock Hammer/Pulley (18needed)

Frontier Spirit - Frontier Flowers, Wheat, Playing Frontier Games

Building: Frontier Torch

Apple Game(Apple Bobbing/Apple Shooting):

3 Unstamped Tickets(Wall Post)+ 2 Apple Stamps = 1 Apple Ticket (25/35needed)

Apple Stamps - Lemon Mint, Barley, Apple Festival Collection, Apple Festival Daily Bonus

Building: Apple Garden