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Thursday, 10 January 2013

Ice Pond Guide

Hobbies always take a lot of equipment, and hobbies on dangerous ice take more!

Even preparing Doc for ice fishing is going to take some work, but getting the stead ready for ice hockey, a sport which is basically  Mixed Martial Arts with sticks, foot mounted razor blades, a rubber projectile and ice? Now THAT is going to take work...

The Ice Pond missions have a four step storyline build as we prepare everyone for Winter Sports... it's the usual collection of requests, crafts and drops so red up on what we need and prepare in advance!

Stage One

8 Ice Picks - Direct Request
7 Red Bobbers - Wall Post
10 Hot Tea - Frozen Roses
6 Fishing Poles - Direct Request
8 Wooly Worms - Wall Post
10 Toasty Earmuffs - Snowball Piles

Stage Two

8 Skating Lessons - Direct Request
15 Ice Patch Kits - Wall Post
15 Hot Tea - Frozen Roses
7 Ice Skates - Crafted
15 Stocking Caps - Wall Post
20 Toasty Earmuffs - Snow Piles

Each Skates needs 3 Laced Boots (Goats - and THREE? I daren't ask) and 4 Skate Blades (Direct Request)

Stage Three

12 Eagle Team Scarves - Direct Request
15 Suspenders - Wall Post
20 Earmuff Hats - Thorns (ouch, a hat that'll pierce your ears at the same time)
9 Padded Pants - Crafted
15 Bear Team Scarves - Direct Request
25 Protective Gloves - Gardener Sheep (again with the odd number, is it the guy with the extra foot?)

Each Pants requires 4 Down Stuffing (Geese), 8 Old Pillow Cases (Wall Post) and 8 Large Pants (Direct Request)

Stage Four

14 Hockey Goals - Crafted
16 Hockey Pucks - Wall Post
25 Coffee Canteens - Fig and Coffee Trees
10 Penalty Benches - Crafted
20 Ref Whistles - Direct Request
30 Hockey Sticks - Non Sapling Oak

Each Goal requires 4 Heavy Cord (Sparkler Crops), 6 Wax Tins (Direct Request) and 10 Goal Frames (Wall Post)

Each Penalty Bench requires 2 Cuckoo Timers (Canaries) and 4 Timeout Chairs (Direct Request)