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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Climber Rescue Guide

To get the mountain climbers safely down and out of the Avalanche we're going to need to put some work in.

We're going to need to train up our F.A.R.M. team and get them all the equipment they need for each rescue.

That will all come down to a four step story-driven build with the usual mix of items.

Stage One

8 Dry Clothes - Direct Request
12 Avalanche Probes - Sugar Cane
8 Tracking Guides - Wall Post
10 Pig Provisions - Eggplant Crops
4 Small Fires - Crafted
4 Rescue Packs - Crafted

Each fire requires 4 Pine Tinders (Fully Grown Pine) and 5 Dry Matches (Direct Request)

Each Rescue Pack requires 5 Potato Sacks (Potatoes) and 6 Thick Thread (Wall Post)

Stage Two

8 Marker Balloons - Direct Request
20 Marking Paint - Beets
10 Hawk Food - Wall Post
12 Citrus Firewood - Lemon Trees
6 Pocket Telescopes - Crafted
6 Hawk Gauntlets - Crafted

Each Telescope requires 4 Rolled Brass (Brass Forges) and 6 Curved Lenses (Direct Request)

Each Gauntlet requires 4 Thick Leather (Cows) and 8 Heavy Needles (Wall Post)

Stage Three

10 Warm Blankets - Direct Request
20 Goat Ropes - Flax
12 Mountain Goat Manuals - Wall Post
12 Goat Grub - White Roses
5 Warm Tea - Crafted
5 Climbing Harnesses - Crafted

Each Tea requires 6 Tea Leaves (Tea Crop), 10 Drying Pans (Direct Request) and 8 Filter Cloths (Wall)

Each Harness requires 6 Harness Straps (Oxen), 10 Strap Rings (Wall Post) and 8 Secure Clasps (Direct Request)

Stage Four

12 Uplifting Notes - Direct Request
15 Winter Cream - Golden Sheep (unlocked at Sheep Mastery Level 2)
10 Hot Soup - Wall Post
20 Fire Logs - Fully Grown Oaks
8 Jump Signs - Crafted
6 Rescue Nets - Crafted

Each Sign requires 4 Sign Handles (Apricot Trees), 10 Sign Faces (Direct Request) and 7 Letter Stencils (Wall Post)

Each Net requires 4 Rescue Frames (Steel Forges), 10 Mini Springs (Wall Post) and 7 Canvas Mats (Direct Request)