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Thursday 30 October 2014

Searching for Samples Sellable Reward

Just like the Bugs and Fair Games, doing the fishing mechanics in  the Bigfoot Thread can drop special sellable items.

These (doubled with an Early Worm) will be found int he inventory and sold using the option inside.

PLEASE NOTE: The window that pops up when selling only shows Coins, despite that you WILL get the rewards listed below.

Searching in the Foothill Path

Hair Snag - Sold for 2'000 Coins

Big Toenail - Sold for 15'000 Coins

Snapped Branches - Sold for 1 HS

Searching in the Thick Forest

Tree Scratches - Sold for 3'000 Coins

Leafy Bed - Sold for 10 Gold Dust

Groaning Reply - Sold for 1 HS

Searching in the Rocky Knoll

Huge Footprint - Sold for 4'000 Coins

Peering Figure - Sold for 750 XP

Thrown Pinecones - Sold for 2 HS

Thursday 23 October 2014

Castle Building Guide

Castles. They're big things, definitely big.

That means that castles and all their associated items take work to put together, something we're about to discover as we put together the Frontier Castle base for the Renaissance Fair.

As is traditional we'll be looking at a four stage build with the usual mix of various items, each based around a section of the "storyline", from building the castle itself, through the knightly tournaments and finally on to knighting the Frontier heroes!

So, lets take a look at what we'll need.

Stage One

9 Aged Timber Beams - Oak Trees
10 Castle Guards - Direct Request
12 Castle Bricks - Wall Post
10 Dark Mortar - American Moss
10 Wrought Iron Bars - Direct Request
12 Thick Iron Chains - Wall Post

Stage Two

12 Armour Polish - Basic Still
16 Long Frilly Feathers - Wall Post
8 Dress Armour - Crafted
14 Knight's Spurs - Silver Forge
16 Latin Textbooks - Direct Request
8 Ceremonial Swords - Crafted

Each Armour requires 5 Metal Chestplates (Tin Forge) and 8 Chainmail Doublets (Wall Post)

Each Sword requires 6 Discarded Scythe Blades (Fountain Grass) and 7 Jewelled Hilts (Direct Request)

Stage Three

21 Extra Lances - Pine Tree
18 Spare Squires - Wall Post
9 Horse Armour - Crafted
16 Gorgets - Brass Forges
15 Competition Horseshoes - Direct Request
10 Jousting Shields - Crafted

Each Armour requires 7 Horse Helmets (Horseradish) and 8 Armoured Saddles (Direct Request)

Each Shield requires 6 Cured Leather Hides (Hide Prepping Stations), 12 Buckler Bases (Wall Post) and 5 Spray On Armour Coating (Direct Request)

Stage Four

25 Knighthood Oaths - Direct Request
20 Kneeling Pedestal - Wall Post
12 Coat o' Arms - Crafted
20 Long Red Rugs - Red Cabbage
18 Crested Rings - Wall Post
12 Stoned Swords - Crafted

Each Coat o' Arms requires 6 Granny's Favourite Sweater (Granny's Oven), 9 Hedge Shears (Wall Post) and 6 Spare Arms (Direct Request)

Each Sword requires 9 Oddly Shaped Boulders (Iron Forge), 9 Hollowing Chisel (Direct Request) and 5 Heavy Swords (Wall Post)

Thursday 9 October 2014

Day of the Dead Building Guide

If there's one thing you need for a true Day of the Dead celebration it's some really good floats for the parade!

So, with that in mind we're going to get all of our best building tools together, grab the kids to play at arts and crafts and build one for the homestead...

The Float is a three (yep, three) step build with that usual mix of items we request, ones we craft and those ever loved homestead drops.

So, let's get to work shall we?

Stage One

10 Spools of Chicken Wire - Chickens
16 Crepe Paper - Direct Request
8 Float Trailers - Crafted
10 Black and White Maracas - Black Eyed Peas
10 Chocolate Top Hats - Wall Post
15 Skeleton Marionettes - Wall Post

Each Trailer Requires 3 Worn Axles (Imported Silver Sheep) and 4 Trailer Tops (Wall Post)

Stage Two

20 Flame Retardant Floral Sheeting - Direct Request
20 Mausoleum Candles - Wall Post
9 Float Skulls - Crafted
25 Marigold Petals - Basic Stills
25 Pleasant Incense - Direct Request
20 Loved One's Pictures - Wall Post

Each Skull requires 6 Papier Mache Mix (Hibiscus), 12 Skull Frames (Wall Post) and 8 Giant Top Hats (Direct Request)

Stage Three

25 Tossin' Candy - Steel Forge
25 Candle String - Wall Post
12 Float Base - Crafted
25 Hand Woven Baskets - Saffron
18 Candy Tossers - Direct Request
12 Music Amplifiers - Crafted

Each Base requires 6 Tinsel String (Llamas), 9 Recycled Fabric (Wall Post), 7 Old Baseboards (Request)

Each Amplifier Requires 8 Wooden Cones (Jasmine), 8 Megaphone Expanders (Direct Request) and 6 Broken Phonographs (Wall Post)

Thursday 2 October 2014

Genie's Lamp Building Guide

If we're going to kit out a massive lamp for a genie, we're going to do it properly.

And there's entry number 42'812 into "things PT has made me write I never thought I would".

As you'd expect the Lamp is a traditional build setup with four stages of crafting, requests and homestead drops!

PLEASE NOTE: Keep an eye on stages 2 and 3 as they both contain the same craft, so keep asking for Archway items if you have other stuff to finish off, get a head start!

Stage One

10 Imported Leather - Hide Prepping Stations
10 Dark Curtains - Direct Request
12 Mirage Harnesser - Wall Post
8 Gold Tassels - Goose
12 Sitting Pillows - Direct Request
15 Offer Bowls - Wall Post

Stage Two

20 Carved Stools - Oak Trees
15 Incense Cones - Wall Post
8 Archways - Crafted
12 Golden Mirrors - Gold Forge
15 Gilded Vanity - Direct Request
10 Incense Burners - Crafted

Each Archway requires 6 Archway Supports (Basic Still) and 8 Arch Tops (Wall Post)

Each Burner requires 5 Bamboo Plates (Bamboo) and 6 Holy Cups (Direct Request)

Stage Three

15 Smellin' Candles - Lilac
15 Wall Drapes - Wall Post
10 Archways - Crafted
18 Tall Candles - Corn
18 Skeeter Nets - Direct Request
10 Hookah Tables - Crafted

Each Archway requires 6 Archway Supports (Basic Stills) and 8 Arch Tops (Wall Post)

Each Table requires 6 Empty Vases (Silver Vein), 10 Series of Tubes (Direct Request) and 3 Low Tables (Wall Post)

Stage Four

25 Fancy Columns - Direct Request
16 Fancy Footstools - Wall Post
12 Dim Chandeliers - Crafted
18 Hangin' Plants - Alalfa
18 Tea Settings - Wall Post
12 Lamp Lights - Crafted

Each Chandelier requires 8 Old Wheels (Recycle Bins), 8 Set Candles (Wall Post) and 6 Lamp Chains (Direct Request)

Each Lamp Light requires 6 Dusty Lanterns (Tin Forge), 8 Black Candles (Direct Request) and 5 Burnin' Matches (Wall Post)