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Thursday 2 October 2014

Genie's Lamp Building Guide

If we're going to kit out a massive lamp for a genie, we're going to do it properly.

And there's entry number 42'812 into "things PT has made me write I never thought I would".

As you'd expect the Lamp is a traditional build setup with four stages of crafting, requests and homestead drops!

PLEASE NOTE: Keep an eye on stages 2 and 3 as they both contain the same craft, so keep asking for Archway items if you have other stuff to finish off, get a head start!

Stage One

10 Imported Leather - Hide Prepping Stations
10 Dark Curtains - Direct Request
12 Mirage Harnesser - Wall Post
8 Gold Tassels - Goose
12 Sitting Pillows - Direct Request
15 Offer Bowls - Wall Post

Stage Two

20 Carved Stools - Oak Trees
15 Incense Cones - Wall Post
8 Archways - Crafted
12 Golden Mirrors - Gold Forge
15 Gilded Vanity - Direct Request
10 Incense Burners - Crafted

Each Archway requires 6 Archway Supports (Basic Still) and 8 Arch Tops (Wall Post)

Each Burner requires 5 Bamboo Plates (Bamboo) and 6 Holy Cups (Direct Request)

Stage Three

15 Smellin' Candles - Lilac
15 Wall Drapes - Wall Post
10 Archways - Crafted
18 Tall Candles - Corn
18 Skeeter Nets - Direct Request
10 Hookah Tables - Crafted

Each Archway requires 6 Archway Supports (Basic Stills) and 8 Arch Tops (Wall Post)

Each Table requires 6 Empty Vases (Silver Vein), 10 Series of Tubes (Direct Request) and 3 Low Tables (Wall Post)

Stage Four

25 Fancy Columns - Direct Request
16 Fancy Footstools - Wall Post
12 Dim Chandeliers - Crafted
18 Hangin' Plants - Alalfa
18 Tea Settings - Wall Post
12 Lamp Lights - Crafted

Each Chandelier requires 8 Old Wheels (Recycle Bins), 8 Set Candles (Wall Post) and 6 Lamp Chains (Direct Request)

Each Lamp Light requires 6 Dusty Lanterns (Tin Forge), 8 Black Candles (Direct Request) and 5 Burnin' Matches (Wall Post)