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Thursday 31 October 2013

Frontier Bath House Building Guide

Turning a Hot Spring into a Bath House is no easy task... but lets be honest, nothing is on the homestead.

It'll be a fairly standard 4 step build with the usual mix of needs with requests, crafting and, of course, those Homestead drops we all love.

One thing to note is the Mineral Dripper in stages 2 and 4. It'll be worth your while keeping that open if you still have other build or mission needs as you'll then have some stocks for the fourth stage.

Stage One

15 Pine Bundles - Fully Grown Pine
4 Pointy Rocks - American Moss
12 Steamy Sights - Wall Post
10 Spa Reservations - Wall Post
8 Absorbent Towels - Direct Request
5 Clearing Picks - Crafted

Each Pick requires 2 Steel Heads (Steel Forges) and 4 Rusty Picks (Direct Request)

Stage Two

10 Skin Salve - Lilacs
12 Soft Lotions - Chamomile
10 Stress Relief - Wall Post
15 Skin Tests - Direct Request
8 Sifted Elements - Crafted
8 Mineral Drippers - Crafted

Each Element requires 4 Frothy Solutions (Algae Pools) and 4 Fine Sieves (Wall Post)

Each Dripper requires 4 Feed Bottles (Cows), 8 Bubbly Water (Direct Request) and 5 Drippin' Devices (Wall Post)

Stage Three

12 Silver Valves - Silver Forges
18 Steamin' Cloths - Granny's Oven
15 Spring Locations - Wall Post
16 Cold Buckets - Direct Request
10 Treated Piping - Crafted
10 Wooden Tubs - Crafted

Each Piping requires 5 Brass Piping (Brass Forges) and 7 Thermal Treatments (Wall Post)

Each Tub requires 4 Diverse Boards (Coastal Pines), 10 Written Instructions (Direct Request) and 4 Connector Qs (Wall Post)

Stage Four

5 Pool Clutters - Lifeguard Ducks, Water Patrol Ducks and Scurvy Ducks
16 Building Gears - Wall Post
18 Wet Towels - Wall Post
15 Mineral Pumps - Direct Request
10 Mineral Drippers - Crafted
12 Spring Bottles - Crafted

Each Dripper requires 4 Feed Bottles (Cows), 8 Bubbly Water (Direct Request) and 5 Drippin' Devices (Wall Post)

Each Bottle requires 9 Glass Sand (Recycle Bins), 9 Forge Wood (Wall Post) and 6 Geyser Water (Direct Request)

Friday 25 October 2013

Pilfered Payloads - How They Work and What You Get

Pilfered Payloads are, at their root, just another injured animal, but they work very differently to everything we've had before, so we thought it was worth a quick guide to explain just how they work and what you can expect to get from them.

While we always start with a Stage One Payload, it's then a dice rolling extravaganza of what it'll become after its 6 Harvest Retrieval Kits.

Each Kit requires 3 Produce Baskets (Collared Greens) and 3 Varmint Repellers (Wall Post)

Each Stage has a chance of becoming another higher stage, an item of debris or, in the case of stage 4, a Redeemed Imp. All drops come from set lists which are at the bottom of the post to save space.

Each tend for all stages can also drop Varmint Repeller, Produce Basket, Retrieval Kit, 500XP, 5 Gold Dust,

Stage One - Default
This stage is how every Payload starts.

Can become:

Stage Two - 25%
Stage Four - 25%
Grass - 25%

The final tend can drop...

Stolen Harvest Collectibles

One from...

Stage Two
Can come from: Stage One

Can become:

Thorns - 34%

The final tend can drop

Stolen Harvest Collectibles

One from...

Crop List

Stage Three
Can come from: Stage One or Two

Can become:

Stage Four - 50%
Cactus - 50%

The final tend can drop

Stolen Harvest Collectibles

One from...

Stage Four
Can come from: Stage One, Two or Three

Can become:

Redeemed Imp - 25%
Rocks - 75%

The final tend can drop

Stolen Harvest Collectibles

One from...

Drop Lists

Miscellaneous List

6 Course Feast, All You Can Eat, Maypole Donut, Cherry Creamcake, Big Drop Lollipop, Huckleberry Pie, Smoked Cheese, Crazier Cake, Ultimate Chilli, Adult Llama, Adult Horse, Grass, Rocks, Thorns, Wildflowers, Skull, Cactus, Fully Grown Oak, Fully Grown Pine, Fully Grown Birch,

Crop List

Agave Cactus, American Moss, Baby Carrots, Bamboo, Basil, Blackberry Bush, Bull Thistle, Catnip, Chamomile, Devil Claw, Fiddlehead Fern, Foxglove, Ginger, Honeydew, Horseradish, Huckleberry, Juniper Berry, Lemon Mint, Lettuce, Lilac, Marigold, Melon, Mini Pumpkin, Mountain Blueberries, Mulberry Bush, Pink Beets, Pink Lily, Poison Ivy, Radish, Harvest Gourds, Reeds, Rubberroot Dandelion, Rye, Goldenrod, Silk, Spider Flower, Spinach, Sunny Poppy, Wild Buttercup, Winterberry.

Boosts List

Fast Hands, Escargot, Sharp Axe, Granny Gut Punch, Wither Protect, Unwither Crops (full stead), Loyal Pioneer, Animal Edibles, Green Lightning, Quick Licorice, Lumber Tonic, Red Eye, Aged Salmon, Espresso, Crop Mumbler, Eco Jacking, Animal Magnetism, BBQ Bronto Rib, Smoked Buffalo Ribs, Peppermint Earthquake.

Thursday 24 October 2013

Harvest Festival Build Guide

The Harvest Festival storyline includes a four step "build", where each step is a chapter in the story.

As usual we won't see a difference in the build mechanic, each step will still be a six item collection of things gained from requesting, crafting and, of course, some drops from those Homestead Items.

So, it back, put on your Imp-bopping gloves and lets see what we need!

Stage One

12 Fruit Baskets - Plum Trees
12 Note Analysis - Direct Request
10 Fancy Tablecloths - Wall Post
10 Pumpkin Soup - Mini Pumpkins
9 Metal Eyes ID - Direct Request
10 Harvest Tables - Wall Post

Stage Two

4 Varmint Whips - Adult Angus Cows
15 Sharp Pitchforks - Wall Post
8 Rope Traps - Crafted
12 Nabbin Sacks - Ginger
10 Lit Torches - Direct Request
9 Thief Thumpers - Crafted

Each Rope Trap requires 4 Varmint Bait (Corn) and 8 Leafy Ropes (Wall Post)

Each Thumper requires 4 Heavy Metal (Recycle Bins) and 8 Solid Handles (Direct Request)

Stage Three

11 Flooring Wood - Willow Trees
16 Sealing Tar - Wall Post
10 Portal Doors - Crafted
15 Basket Materials - Bull Thistle
12 Basket Wrap - Direct Request
9 Door Sealers  - Crafted 
(couldn't have just said padlock?)

Each Portal Door requires 6 Thick Plywood (Almond Trees), 10 Doorknobs (Wall Post) and 4 Thick Crowbars (Direct Request)

Each Sealer requires 5 Tough Chains (Steel Forges) and 8 Unbreakable Locks (Direct Request)

Stage Four

15 Table Stands - Direct Request
16 Tablecloth Patches - Wall Post
10 Leftover Casseroles - Crafted
18 Extra Bowls - Harvest Gourds
18 Makeshift Chairs - Wall Post
12 Quick Fix Puddings - Crafted

Each Casserole requires 8 Smashed Potatoes (Potatoes, shocker), 8 Veggie Scraps (Wall Post) and 5 Bread Crusts (Direct Request)

Each Pudding requires 6 Quick Grown Berries (Blackberry Bushes), 9 Instant Rice (Direct Request) and 4 Scrounged Sweeteners (Wall Post)

Sunday 20 October 2013

Halloween Rewards

So, what do you get from "fishing" in the new Halloween Buildings? We give the full lists for each action...

Remember, using an EARLY WORM boost will DOUBLE the drops from the Wardrobe, Table and Hovel but not the Crate.

Dressing in the Witches Wardrobe - Requires Scary Style - Crafted with 3 Deadly Extract (Witch Hazel - Coin Crop) and 2 Ragged Clothing (Wall Post).

One each from Lists A, D and F

Setting the Tainted Table - Requires Rotten Taste - Crafted with 3 Deadly Extract (Witch Hazel - Coin Crop) and 3 Fermented Fruit (Wall Post)

One each from Lists B, D and F

Tidying the Haunted Hovel - Requires Ghastly Motives - Crafted with 4 Deadly Extract (Witch Hazel - Coin Crop) and 3 Sorted Disorder (Wall Post)

One each from Lists C, D and F

Also with the Ghostly Witches Missions came something new, a craftable crate.

The Witchy Crate, available after the wrapper is completed, is crafted with 3 Striped Stalkings (Dressing at the Wardrobe) and 2 Broom Straw (Tidying the Hovel).

One item from List A or B, one from list C or D and one from lists E and F

List A

Werewolf Potion
Vampire Potion
Hybrid Potion
Spooky Pumpkin
Cute Pumpkin Lantern
Pumpkin Topiary
Mooning Pumpkin
Open Lantern
Pumpkin Kitty
Pumpkin Mouse

List B

Halloween Mystery Animal Crate
Shocking Squash
Apple Bobbing Bucket
Black Bat
Black Wolf
Pet Bat
Pink Bat
White Bat
Stone Gargoyle
Giant Spider

List C

The Game (Poker Playing Skeletons)
Skeleton Coffin
Gothic Fence
Haunted Hayride
Mummy Chamber
Spooky Fence
Spooky Tree
Spooky Scarecrow
Ventriloquist Dummy
Gnarled Tree

List D

Spooky Crate
Bubbling Cauldron
Worm Nest
Spirit Flame
Candy Corn
Mini Pumpkin
Script Translator (used to heal Tomes)
Mystical Vow (Used to heal Shady Familiars)
Animated Chant (Used to heal Spirited Skeletons)
Scary Style (Used to Dress in the Wardrobe)
Rotten Taste (Used to Set the Terrible Table)
Ghastly Motive (Used for Tidying the Hovel)

List E

Witch Stew
Spooky Broom (Rideable)
Haunted Outhouse
Witch School
Crashed Witch
Spooky Belfry
Med Kit
Mummy Sheep
Mummy Pig
Ghostly Pioneer Boost (When Monday Wrapper is completed)

List F

Countdown to Halloween Collectibles