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Thursday 29 November 2012

Holiday Glade Building Guide

To get the decorations made up for your homestead you're going to need to build yourself a Holiday Glade!

This building is a workshop that will let you build your decorations and will work as the building to place and measure your decorations for their amount of Spirit and give you your rewards.

The Glade is a three step building process with the combination of requests, homestead drops and crafting!

Stage One

10 Soy Flour - Soybeans
15 Bakers Sugar - Sugar Cane
8 Royal Icing - Wall Requested
10 Cookie Cutter - Direct Requested
8 Merry Mitts - Direct Requested
5 Gingerbread Men - Crafted

Each Man needs 2 Fresh Ginger (Ginger) and 3 Gingerbread Mix (Direct Requested)

Stage Two

20 Pine Seeds - Non-Sapling Pines
8 Ornament Hooks - Wall Requested
12 Red Ornaments - Wall Requested
12 Blue Ornaments - Direct Requested
14 Silver Ornaments - Direct Requested
7 Holiday Lights - Crafted

Each Light requires 9 Fine Sand (Sieve Stations), 12 Light Casings (Direct Requested) and 7 Light Strings (Wall Requested)

Stage Three

25 Winter Oats - Oat Crops
15 Gold Buckles - Wall Requested
12 Silver Ornaments - Direct Requested
15 Holiday Blankets - Direct Requested
10 Jingle Reins - Crafted
9 Holiday Lights - Crafted

Each Jingle Rein requires 4 Thin Leather (Cows) and 3 Jingly Bells (Wall Request)

Each Light requires 9 Fine Sand (Sieve Stations), 12 Light Casings (Direct Requested) and 7 Light Strings (Wall Requested)

Wednesday 21 November 2012

Launch Pad Building Guide

Thankfully Health and Safety didn't exist in Frontier Times, otherwise this might be a 47 step build needing to request a few hundred extra licences and sign offs!

As it is it's a 25% REDUCTION on the usual builds, only being three stages this time.

We'll still be seeing the usual mix of request items, craft items and homestead drops though! So strap in as we float off into a world of build requirements...

Stage One

6 Safety Rails - Requested
15 Rodent Resolve - Carrots
4 Long Screws - Requested
8 Rock Bits - Rocks
3 Cement Mixers - Crafted
2 Cement Rakes - Crafted

Each Mixer requires 4 Hollow Gourds (Pumpkins) and 4 Frame Sections (Requests)

Each Rake requires 4 Rake Handles (Cherry Trees) and 4 Rake Heads (Requested)

Stage Two

15 Balloon Cleats - Requested
20 Pig Prodders - Beets
10 Catch Nets - Requested
15 Ramp Railings - Large Oak Trees (7 or 12 chops)
7 Spring Launches - Crafted
6 Flight Harnesses - Crafted

Each Launch requires 4 Catspaws (Steel Forges), 6 Old Deckchairs and 8 Spring Doohickeys (Both Requested)

Each Harness requires 6 Hide Strips (Adult Standard Cows), 8 Snap Buckles and 8 Crafting Thread (Both Requested)

Stage Three

20 Contraption Clamps - Requested
25 Flight Twine - Flax
15 Trigger Levers - Requested
15 Fluid Fortitude - Rye
10 Weathervanes - Crafted
8 Docking Winches - Crafted

Each Weathervane requires 6 Moose Ornaments (Moose), 6 Brass Arrows and 8 Wind Sprinters (Both Requested)

Each Winch requires 8 Field Rodents (Wheat), 6 Wheel Gadgets and 8 Winch Cables (Both Requested)

Monday 19 November 2012

Pigskin Park Building Guide

Ask any of the NFL cities, it's a hefty job building a Gridiron stadium, especially without access to JCBs... So let's take a look at everything we're going to need to not only get our Pigskin Park up and running but also win the Big Game!

It's all a standard four step build, four sets of six items with a mix of requests, craftables and items that will pop up when doing activities on our homestead.

So grab your flags, and lets do all four downs...

Stage One

3 Improved Fields - Crafted
10 Milky Paint - Adult Standard Goats
2 Practice Players - Crafted
2 Pad Feathers - Adult Chickens
8 Leather Helmets - Requested
10 Jersey Knit Kits - Requested

Each Field requires 3 100 Yard Hoses (Requested) and 3 Turf Fertiliser (Clover)

PLEASE NOTE: You will require Turf Fertiliser in the repeatable Scrimmage Mission. Therefore do not be afraid to plant more Clover than you need!

Each Player requires 2 Dummy Stands (Fully Grown Oak) and 3 Stuffed Dummies (Requested)

Stage Two

6 Foam Fingers - Crafted
25 Candied Pears - Pear Trees
7 Field Benches - Crafted
15 Citrus Drinks - Grapefruit Trees
10 Team Facepaint - Requested
12 Fan Banners - Requested

Each Finger requires 4 Big Hand Moulds (Requested) and 4 Pink Foam (Pink Roses)

Each Field Bench requires 4 Plank Supports (Requested) and 2 Figwood Planks (Fig Trees)

Stage Three

15 Pro Uniforms - Requested
8 Fierce Lipstick - Crafted
8 Team Mascots - Crafted
20 Crowd Cheer - Cheerleader Sheep
20 Training Gear - Requested
25 Logo Paint - Beets

Each Lipstick requires 8 Lasting Gloss (Requested) and 2 Deep Red Juice (Tomatoes)

Each Mascot requires 4 Puffy Gloves (Requested) and 4 Soft Fur (Oxen)

Stage Four

8 Lowland Mud - Adult Pigs
15 Climactic Kicks - Requested
8 Secret Playbooks - Crafted
15 Crowd Cheers - Cheerleader Sheep
20 Extra Fans - Requested
8 Underdog Tricks - Crafted

Each Playbook requires 6 Charging Speeds (Rideable Horses ANYWHERE), 10 Passing Practices and 8 Defensive Plays (both Requested)

Each Underdog Trick requires 6 Light Shoes, 10 Spiky Soles (Both Requested) and 8 Flowery Deodorant (Passion Flowers)

Thursday 15 November 2012

Smoke Boosts Building Guide

The greatest thing about the new Smokeworks is it's collection of smoked boosts!

With a wide variety of boost rewards ranging from energy to ONE HOUR of double drops on everything you do they're worth a craft and we'll guide you through all of them!

They're crafted from a variety of items and unlock as we do missions.

[PLEASE NOTE: Any item found by Hunting is collected by using the Hunting Tower.]

Smoked Cheddar Boost
Unlocked by completing Mission One

Gives: 40XP and 10 Energy

Requires: 3 Gallons of Milk (Goats) and 8 Fine Cheese Cloths (Requested)

Spicy Deer Jerky Boost
Unlocked by completing Mission Two

Gives: 2'000XP and instantly grows an animal to full size.

Requires: 4 Deer Steak (Hunting) and 10 Spicy Rub (Requested)

Smoked Ham Boost
Unlocked by completing Mission Three

Gives: Triple XP, 2x move speed, and fast hands (5 actions per click) for an hour

Requires: 12 Ham Steaks (Hunting), 9 Curin' Salts and 7 Smoked Wood Chips (Both Requested)

Smoked Buffalo Ribs Boost
Unlocked by completing Mission Four

Gives: Double XP and Double Drops on EVERYTHING on the homestead for one hour.

Requires: 16 Buffalo Ribs (Hunting), 16 Rib Rub and 10 Cherry Wood Chips (Both Requested)

Smokehouse Building Guide

Another building, another building guide!

The Smokeworks is a four step building with 6 items each step, the usual mix of request items, crafted items and things that drop down from doing those tasks on our homestead.

Unlike previous builds however, there are only two different crafted items this time around, meaning you can plan ahead and push for items as you go that will help you in later builds, so do't be afraid to ask for more than you need.

Stage One

10 Strong Boards - Non-Sapling Pine Trees
8 Slate Veneer - Rocks
6 Strap Hinges - Requested
7 Foundation Bricks - Requested
8 Wooden Shelves - Requested
9 Wood Saws - Requested

Stage Two

15 Apple Wood - Apple Trees and Green Apple Trees
12 Hickory Wood - Non-Sapling Hickory Trees
15 Slow Burn Wood - Requested
10 Meat Hangers - Requested
8 Mesquite Wood - Requested
8 Wood Stoves - Crafted

Stoves each require 4 Stove Bodies and 6 Stove Vents (Both Requested)

Stage Three

25 Paprika - Bell Peppers
30 Cayenne Peppers - Chili Peppers
10 Strap Hinges - Requested
15 BBQ Rubs - Requested
10 Thermoscopes - Requested
8 Smoking Toolkits - Crafted

Each Toolkit requires 18 BBQ Basters (Chickens), 12 Smokin' Tongs and 8 Smokin' Forks (Both Requested)

Stage Four

30 Sweet Sauce - Sugar Cane
30 Paprika - Bell Peppers
15 Meat Hangers - Requested
20 Burning Logs - Requested
12 Wood Stoves - Crafted
10 Smokin' Toolkits - Crafted

Stoves each require 4 Stove Bodies and 6 Stove Vents (Both Requested)

Each Toolkit requires 18 BBQ Basters (Chickens), 12 Smokin' Tongs and 8 Smokin' Forks (Both Requested)

Possible Envelope Fix

Folks, this is something that may or may not work, depending on your issue, but is worth checking to make sure.

A lot of things in the game, such as the Envelope, are powered by cookies. As we run the game on Facebook but the content (and cookies) come from Zynga this can lead to problems, for example an empty envelope, if you have your browser set to block third party cookies.

On many occasions the following fixes it, but, as we know the game likes to try us, it's not 100% certified to work.

To check in Chrome:

1) Open your menu in the top right and select Settings.

2) Select "Settings" on the left hand side, scroll down and click "Show Advanced Settings".

3) Under the Privacy option, click the "Content Settings" Button.

4) On the following screen, make sure "Block Third Party Cookies" is UNTICKED.

5) If it is ticked, untick it and reload Chrome.

To check in Firefox:

1) Select Tools and Options.

2) On the next screen clickt he "Privacy" tab and make sure "Accept Third Party Cookies" is TICKED.

In many cases, doing this will suddenly bring your envelope to life.