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Thursday, 8 November 2012

Turkey Track Building Guide

As any race organiser will tell you getting the track right is the most important part of the organising.

The Turkey Track is a four step build with the usual mix of items, some requests, some homestead items, some crafting and a couple things from mission rewards.

So, grab a cup of your favoured beverage, and let us talk you through each step of the build and what you'll need.

Stage One

4 Mega Grow - Request
Grass Trimmer - Crafted
Grass Fertiliser - Adult Standard Chickens
2 Aerators - Crafted
6 Lane Markers - Requested
10 Survey Stakes - Apple Trees

Each trimmer requires 2 Pine Handles (Pine Trees) and 4 Mower Bottoms (Requested)

Each Aerator requires 3 Lemon Rollers (Lemon Trees) and 4 Sharp Spikes (Requested)

Stage Two

8 Ice Baths - Requested
6 Training Sleds - Crafted
8 Jump Ropes - Flax
5 Turkey Hurdles - Crafted
12 Thumb Timers - Requested
10 Wing Weights - Rocks

Each sled requires 4 Sled Harnesses (Pigs) and 4 Skids (Requested)

Each Hurdle requires 4 Blue Stalks (Blue Corn) and 4 Hurdle Bases (Requested)

Stage Three

10 Number Bibs - Requested
6 Starting Gates - Crafted
20 Track Banners - Beets (The coin version)
5 Distance Wheels - Crafted
15 Green Flags - Requested
20 Wood Railings - Fig Trees

Each Gate requires 6 Leather Hinges (Hide Prepping Stations), 8 Old Wood Crates and 8 Gate Releases (Both Requested)

Each Wheel requires 8 Spoked Wheels (Oxen), 8 Click Counters and 8 Spoke Levers (Both Requested)

Stage Four

10 Race Clocks - Requested
8 Track Drags - Crafted
20 Festive Cowbells - Cows
10 Winner's Wreaths - Crafted
15 Checkered Flags - Requested
1 Start Gate Key - Reward from Mission Three.

Each Drag requires 4 Steel Boxes (Steel Forges), 8 Drag Pins and 8 Hitching Harnesses (Both Requested)

Each Wreath requires 6 Rose Flowers (Red Roses), 8 Golden Leaves and 8 Rainbow Ribbons (Both Requested)