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Thursday, 15 November 2012

Smoke Boosts Building Guide

The greatest thing about the new Smokeworks is it's collection of smoked boosts!

With a wide variety of boost rewards ranging from energy to ONE HOUR of double drops on everything you do they're worth a craft and we'll guide you through all of them!

They're crafted from a variety of items and unlock as we do missions.

[PLEASE NOTE: Any item found by Hunting is collected by using the Hunting Tower.]

Smoked Cheddar Boost
Unlocked by completing Mission One

Gives: 40XP and 10 Energy

Requires: 3 Gallons of Milk (Goats) and 8 Fine Cheese Cloths (Requested)

Spicy Deer Jerky Boost
Unlocked by completing Mission Two

Gives: 2'000XP and instantly grows an animal to full size.

Requires: 4 Deer Steak (Hunting) and 10 Spicy Rub (Requested)

Smoked Ham Boost
Unlocked by completing Mission Three

Gives: Triple XP, 2x move speed, and fast hands (5 actions per click) for an hour

Requires: 12 Ham Steaks (Hunting), 9 Curin' Salts and 7 Smoked Wood Chips (Both Requested)

Smoked Buffalo Ribs Boost
Unlocked by completing Mission Four

Gives: Double XP and Double Drops on EVERYTHING on the homestead for one hour.

Requires: 16 Buffalo Ribs (Hunting), 16 Rib Rub and 10 Cherry Wood Chips (Both Requested)