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Sunday 26 January 2014

Customising Your Homestead

As the seasons change, so can our homesteads. We now have a number of designs and effects that we can use on our homesteads, some can be purchased in the Market, others come from decorations that we've placed there.


Some grounds are available to us all, others are unlocked as mission rewards. They are all purchased in the Market (for a modest amount of coins) once unlocked. To change your homestead, find the ground you want and purchase it in the market. Use the names listed below to search for it.

Visit a neighbour and refresh the game to see your new ground in all its splendour.

Grassy Land

Grassy Land

The one we all start the game with.

Snowy Land

Snowy Land, basic style

Introduced to the market in the winter of 2011

Leaf-covered Ground

Grass ground with fallen autumn leaves
(unlocked on completion of the Monday wrapper)

Snowy Grass

Grass land with patches of snow

(unlocked on completion of the mission)

Cinder Grounds

Volcanic ground
(unlocked on completion of mission I)

Sandy Ground

(unlocked on completion of the mission)

Flowery Ground

(unlocked on completion of the Monday wrapper)


We can also customise our homesteads using decorations earned as mission rewards to produce different seasonal effects.

If you've finished the relevant missions and haven't yet used the decoration, check your inventory. If you used it and stored it, check your Expanded Shed.

Weather Vane

From Autumn to Summer trees using the Weather Vane

A decoration that allows us to change some of the homestead's lumber trees to match the seasons: red and golden leaves in autumn, snow-capped ones in winter, leafy green in summer.

It comes from the Harvest Festival missions and is the mission reward for completing the Monday wrapper. It's upgraded to include Winter Trees via the Holiday Giving Missions.

Scrooge's Shop

Scrooge's Shop in the snow

A decoration that allows us to toggle between falling snow and not.

Scrooge's Shop comes from the Christmas Carol missions and is the mission reward for completing the main mission thread.


Volcano spewing molten lava

A dramatic decoration that allows us to have volcanic ash falling down on our homesteads.

The volcano comes from the Volcano missions (no surprises there then!) and is the reward for completing the Monday wrapper.


We can now edit the sky too, see HERE for details.

Friday 24 January 2014

Geode Drops

The Geode healable is a new item during the Volcano thread and is almost unique in the way it works as when healed it drops a bundle of goodies full of crops, mission items and a boost...

It comes from the Gem Mine Daily Bonus, Forges, Lichen and Silverswords and takes 6 Silvery Picks to heal, a craftable from 2 Silver Blades (Silverswords) and 3 Hardy Handles (Wall Post).

So, what will you get for your healing? Well, that's split into three sections, and you get something from ALL these sections, not just one...

Two of...

Maypole Donut, Cherry Creamcake, Big Drop Lollipop, Huckleberry Pie, Smoked Cheddar, Molten Cake, Ultimate Chilli, Grass, Rocks, Thorns, Wildflowers, Skulls, Cactus, Fully Grown Oak, Fully Grown Pine.

Three of...

Lakeweed, American Moss, Baby Carrot, Bamboo, Basil, Blackberry Bush, Bull Thistle, Catnip, Chamomile, Devil's Claw, Coal Pile, Foxglove, Ginger, Honeydew Melon, Horseradish, Huckleberry, Juniper Berry, Lemon Mint, Lettuce, Lilac, Marigold, Melon, Mini Pumpkins, Mountain Blueberries, Mulberry Bushes, Pink Beets, Lavender Water Lilies, Poison Ivy, Radish, Harvest Gourds, Reeds, Rubberroot Dandelion, Lichen, Goldenrod, Silk, Spider Flower, spinach Sunny Poppy, Wild Buttercups, Winterberries, Donation Box, Valerian, Steel Forge, Gold Forge, Brass Forge, Recycle Bin, Sieve Station, Hide Prepping Station, Red Essence Lab, Purple Essence Lab.

One of...

Fast Hands, Escargot, Sharp Axe, Granny's Gut Punch, Wither Protection, Unwither Crop, Loyal Pioneer, Animal Edibles, Green Lightning, Quick Licorice, Lumber Tree Serum, Fertile Ash Boost, Aged Salmon, Debris and Me, Crop Mumbler, Eco-Jacking, Animal Magnetism, BBQ Bronto Ribs, Smoked Buffalo Ribs, Peppermint Earthquake.

So in all you get 6 items, 3 Crops, 2 Misc items and a Boost!

Plus, on final tend it has a chance to become either rock debris or a Cracked Geode decoration!

Thursday 23 January 2014

Volcano/Gem Mine Building Guide

With the ground shaking and some hot magma flowing we're in for a lot of work to try and fix the stead.

That means a 4-step build/story with the usual kind of stages.

It'll talk us through the building of the Gem Mine, our excavation of it and the volcanic eruption that leaves the ground a-shaking!

Of course, that means what we all expect, a mix of requests, crafting and those lovely Homestead Drops.

So, what are we going to need?

Stage One

12 Strength Like Ox - Oxen
9 Back Braces - Direct Request
10 Leverage - Wall Post
10 Cave Support - Bamboo
12 Balanced Pulleys - Direct Request
12 Rock Smashers - Wall Post

Stage Two

20 Bread Crumb Trails - Wheat
15 Gem Bags - Wall Post
9 Jeweller's Lens - Crafted
12 Gem Identification - Fool's Gold
12 Delicate Chisels - Direct Request
8 Brilliant Lanterns - Crafted

Each Lens requires 6 Perfect Lenses (Glass Forges) and 8 Telescoping Cases (Wall Post)

Each Lantern requires 6 Ever-Burning Candles (Bubbling Cauldrons) and 8 Lantern Cases (Direct Request)

Stage Three

15 Water Hoses - Snow Peas
16 Smoke Goggles - Wall Post
10 Respirators - Crafted
15 Lava Proof Buckets - Iron Vein
18 Trench Diggers - Direct Request
9 Lava Levees - Crafted

Each Respirator requires 6 Gas Bladders (Cows), 10 Breathing Tubes (Wall Posts) and 4 Face Masks (Direct Request)

Each Levee requires 6 Packed Dirt (Sieve Stations) and 8 Concrete Barriers (Direct Requests)

Stage Four

15 Rescue Ropes - Direct Request
16 Heat Proof Boots - Wall Post
10 Lava Gear - Crafted
18 Honeydew Helmets - Honeydew Melons
20 Rope Ladders - Wall Post
12 Stafford Extractors - Crafted

Each Lava Gear requires 8 Asbestos Powder (Tin Forges), 8 Reflective Materials (Wall Post) and 5 Smelting Gloves (Direct Request)

Each Extractor requires 6 Claw Parts (Popcorn Kettles), 9 Long Chains (Direct Request) and 5 Well Winches (Wall Post)

Friday 17 January 2014

Ridge Rail Station Building Guide

So, Eddy want's to build up a whole new Rail Station here on the homestead to link us up to the East... Seems we're gonna have to build ourselves a station and a big ol' bridge to go over the Canyon as well if we don't want it smack dab through our homes.

Course, that means the usual four step build/story with the now expected mix of requests, crafts and homestead drops!

Stage One

12 Station Shingles - Birch Trees
10 Morse Decoders - Direct Request
9 Communication Wires - Wall Post
10 Brass Doorknobs - Brass Forges
10 Revolving Doors - Direct Request
12 Code Knockers - Wall Post

Stage Two

12 Railroad Hammers - Sieve Station
10 Giant Nuts - Wall Post
9 Manual Drills - Crafted
15 9.5 inch Nails - Tin Forges
15 Humongous Bolts - Direct Request
8 Bridge Supports - Crafted

Each Drill requires 3 Rotary Levers (Oak Trees) and 8 Big Cork Screws (Wall Post)

Each Support requires 6 Structural Designs (Recycle Bins) and 8 Steel Supports (Direct Request)

Stage Three

14 Hydrofluoric Acid - Yellow Essence Labs
16 Tomfoolery Masks - Wall Post
10 Rigged Flamecutters - Crafted
16 Courage Water - Basic Stills
12 Friendly Alibis - Direct Request
9 Rail Bombs - Crafted

Each Flamecutter requires 6 Methane Gas (Cows), 10 Smell Proof Bags (Wall Post) and 4 Flame Sparkers (Direct Request)

Each Bomb requires 6 Fire Powders (Silver Veins) and 8 Ball Casings (Direct Request)

Stage Four

15 Foundry Manuals - Direct Request
16 Foundry Helmets - Wall Post
12 Forge Furnaces - Crafted
18 Metal Molds - Steel Forges
18 Heat Shields - Wall Post
12 De-Gassers - Crafted

Each Furnace requires 8 Used Furnaces (Granny's Ovens), 8 Furnace Filler (Direct Request) and 5 Steel Reinforcements (Wall Post)

Each Degasser requires 6 Fan Blades (Silver Forges), 9 Rotation Devices (Wall Post) and 4 Vent Covers (Direct Request)

Thursday 9 January 2014

Aquarium Building Guide

To rescue all the fish Jack's stranded under the ice we're going to need a well built Aquarium full of all the latest technology to help keep them fit and healthy.

You'll now be unsurprised to learn what that means, a four step build with Requesting, crafting and those wonderful Homestead drops!

So, let's start the water pumps flying and get this Aquarium built... but what are we going to need?

Stage One

8 Waterproof Hatches - Wall Post
12 Bath Plugs - Wall Post
10 Long Hoses - Direct Request
10 Huge Tanks - Direct Request
12 Tank Panelling - Glass Forges
10 River Silt - Reeds

Stage Two

9 Salt Water - Crafted
8 Portable Tanks - Crafted
12 Ice Block Tongs - Wall Post
15 Soft Nets - Direct Request
15 Fish Bedding - Rocks
12 Tank Decor - White Water Lilies

Each Water requires 5 Salt (Granny's Oven) and 8 Water (Wall Post)

Each Tank requires 6 Convenient Handles (Popcorn Kettles) and 8 Used Frog Terrariums (Direct Request)

Stage Three

9 Water Heater - Crafted
10 Tank Pumps - Crafted
16 Spigots - Wall Post
12 Pumping Pipe - Direct Request
15 Water Thermometers - Basic Stills
14 Tank Insulation - American Moss

Each Heater requires 6 Furnace Fuel (Coal Piles) and 8 Boiler Tanks (Direct Request)

Each Pump requires 4 Timeless Hamsters (Rosemary), 10 Hamster Housing (Wall Post) and 4 Turbulent Turbines (Direct Request)

Stage Four

12 Ticket Booths - Crafted
12 Magnetic Cleaners - Crafted
18 Informative Plaques - Wall Post
16 Diving Suits - Wall Post
15 Tank Polish - Direct Request
18 Silk Rope - Silk

Each Booth requires 6 Oak Desks (Oaks), 9 Booth Glass (Wall Post) and 5 Ticket Rolls (Direct Request)

Each Cleaner requires 6 Powerful Magnets (Red Essence Labs), 9 Chalkboard Erasers (Direct Request) and 4 Tank Soap (Wall Post)

Aquarium Fishing Rewards

As can be expected the Aquarium missions have some new fishing mechanics to be taken advantage of, so lets see what they can give us!

All items use the same item, Icy Lures, which are crafted from 2 Barbless Hooks (Recycle Bins) and 3 Frozen Bugs (Wall Post).

The Aquarium/Icy Pond Sideboard

Can drop:

Tropical Iced Fish
Vibrant Iced Fish
Deadly Iced Fish
10 Energy
Smoked Cheddar Boost
Escargot Boost
Fish Bait
Feather Lure
Icy Lure
BBQ Bronto Ribs
Quick Licorice
Animal Edibles
2 Horseshoes

The Huge Fishtank

Can Drop

10 Energy
Animal Edibles Boost
Bullwhip Boost
Unwither Crop Boost
Fish Bait
Feather Lure
Animal Magnetism Boost
Eco Jacking Boost
Crop Mumbler Boost
2 Horseshoes