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Thursday, 9 January 2014

Aquarium Fishing Rewards

As can be expected the Aquarium missions have some new fishing mechanics to be taken advantage of, so lets see what they can give us!

All items use the same item, Icy Lures, which are crafted from 2 Barbless Hooks (Recycle Bins) and 3 Frozen Bugs (Wall Post).

The Aquarium/Icy Pond Sideboard

Can drop:

Tropical Iced Fish
Vibrant Iced Fish
Deadly Iced Fish
10 Energy
Smoked Cheddar Boost
Escargot Boost
Fish Bait
Feather Lure
Icy Lure
BBQ Bronto Ribs
Quick Licorice
Animal Edibles
2 Horseshoes

The Huge Fishtank

Can Drop

10 Energy
Animal Edibles Boost
Bullwhip Boost
Unwither Crop Boost
Fish Bait
Feather Lure
Animal Magnetism Boost
Eco Jacking Boost
Crop Mumbler Boost
2 Horseshoes