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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Volcano/Gem Mine Building Guide

With the ground shaking and some hot magma flowing we're in for a lot of work to try and fix the stead.

That means a 4-step build/story with the usual kind of stages.

It'll talk us through the building of the Gem Mine, our excavation of it and the volcanic eruption that leaves the ground a-shaking!

Of course, that means what we all expect, a mix of requests, crafting and those lovely Homestead Drops.

So, what are we going to need?

Stage One

12 Strength Like Ox - Oxen
9 Back Braces - Direct Request
10 Leverage - Wall Post
10 Cave Support - Bamboo
12 Balanced Pulleys - Direct Request
12 Rock Smashers - Wall Post

Stage Two

20 Bread Crumb Trails - Wheat
15 Gem Bags - Wall Post
9 Jeweller's Lens - Crafted
12 Gem Identification - Fool's Gold
12 Delicate Chisels - Direct Request
8 Brilliant Lanterns - Crafted

Each Lens requires 6 Perfect Lenses (Glass Forges) and 8 Telescoping Cases (Wall Post)

Each Lantern requires 6 Ever-Burning Candles (Bubbling Cauldrons) and 8 Lantern Cases (Direct Request)

Stage Three

15 Water Hoses - Snow Peas
16 Smoke Goggles - Wall Post
10 Respirators - Crafted
15 Lava Proof Buckets - Iron Vein
18 Trench Diggers - Direct Request
9 Lava Levees - Crafted

Each Respirator requires 6 Gas Bladders (Cows), 10 Breathing Tubes (Wall Posts) and 4 Face Masks (Direct Request)

Each Levee requires 6 Packed Dirt (Sieve Stations) and 8 Concrete Barriers (Direct Requests)

Stage Four

15 Rescue Ropes - Direct Request
16 Heat Proof Boots - Wall Post
10 Lava Gear - Crafted
18 Honeydew Helmets - Honeydew Melons
20 Rope Ladders - Wall Post
12 Stafford Extractors - Crafted

Each Lava Gear requires 8 Asbestos Powder (Tin Forges), 8 Reflective Materials (Wall Post) and 5 Smelting Gloves (Direct Request)

Each Extractor requires 6 Claw Parts (Popcorn Kettles), 9 Long Chains (Direct Request) and 5 Well Winches (Wall Post)