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Friday, 3 January 2014

New Year Celebration Building Guide

The New Year Celebration is a four step story build that will take us through the plotline of the Evil Resolutions story!

It will come down to the usual sort of build however, a four step bit of work with the usual 6 items per build, a mix of requests, crafting and homestead drops!

Stage One

10 Patched Sacks - Sieve Stations
8 Lush Fur - Foxes
12 Emptied Wagons - Wall Post
14 Weighted Bags - Wall Post
14 Apology Letters - Direct Request
16 Bent Coat Hangers - Direct Request

Stage Two

15 Tainted Milk - Cows
12 Untouched Hay - Golden Pastures
17 Food Samples - Wall Post
19 Gaining Supplements - Direct Request
20 Weight Measurements - Direct Request
10 Cattle Movers - Crafted

Each Mover requires 4 Board 'n' Pivots (Pine Trees) and 8 Jumbo Weights (Wall Post)

Stage Three

15 Ripped Cloth - Brambleberry
16 Gold Earrings - Golden Rose
16 Donation Clues - Wall Post
15 Letters to Jack - Direct Request
8 Heavy Bases - Crafted
10 Unbreachable Locks - Crafted

Each Base requires 6 Chiselled Rock (Rocks) and 8 Circular Molds (Direct Request)

Each Lock requires 6 Formed Steel (Steel Forges), 10 Lock Mechanisms (Wall Post) and 5 Intricate Keys (Direct Request)

Stage Four

18 Noise Blowers - Recycle Bins
16 Countdown Clocks - Wall Post
18 Lit Lanterns - Wall Post
15 Chaperone Statuses - Direct Request
10 Annual Tents - Crafted
12 New Year Tables - Crafted

Each Tent requires 9 Shimmering Cloth (Silk), 9 Wood Frameworks (Wall Post) and 7 Party Decor (Direct Request)

Each Table requires 4 Boundless Board (Coastal Pine), 8 Barrel Legs (Direct Request) and 5 Celebratory Sets (Wall Post).