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Friday, 13 December 2013

Christmas Carol Building Guide

Putting on a play may be an arduous task but it's simpler than building something...

So, the requirements for the Christmas Carol are a mere three build stages, one for each of the "times", Past, Present and Future.

Of course, what it really means is we'll see three stages with the usual mix of requesting, crafting and homestead drops!

Stage One

9 Jack's Chains - Silver Forges
9 Gold Stashes - Wall Post
12 Jack Knockers - Direct Request
10 Memory Tonic - Gumdrops
10 Misplaced Messages - Direct Request
8 Scroogin' Seats - Crafted

Each Seat requires 3 Posh Padding (Oxen) and 3 Granny Chairs (Wall Post)

Stage Two 

20 Green Garlands - Pine Trees
18 Giddy Gossip - Wall Post
10 Head Wreaths - Crafted
12 Golden Trinkets - Fool's Gold
24 Silver Candelabras - Direct Request
9 Bright Torches - Crafted

Each Wreath requires 4 Festive Foliage (Winterberries) and 8 Wreath Frames (Direct Request)

Each Torch requires 4 Hollow Torches (Birch Trees) and 8 Friendly Fireflies (Wall Post)

Stage Three

15 Brass Machinery - Brass Forges
18 Pointing Gloves - Direct Request
10 Dusty Headstones - Crafted
20 Musical Devices - Wall Post
12 Scrooge's Wealth - Direct Request
12 Automated Lights - Crafted

Each Headstone requires 6 Fake Headstones (Recycle Bins) and 4 Etched Details (Direct Request)

Each Automated Light requires 6 Crystallised Glass (Glass Forges), 6 Pounded Bowls (Direct Request) and 8 Waxy Candles (Wall Post)