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Monday 29 October 2012

Fall Harvest Crafting and Building

As there's a few different buildings to be had in this set of missions we thought we'd do our guide slightly different today.

Below we'll split it up into what's needed for each mission, instead of each building stage.

The Combine Harvester is a traditional 4 step build with 6 items on each step, the Clearers are each made with the same initial base, then a second, debris specific, item alongside.

So sit back, strap in and get building...

Mission One - Hardly Working

You just need to place the Combine Harvester, yay!

Mission Two - Combination Cuisine

Grass Clearer (Stoner Goat)

4 Goat Harnesses - Standard Adult Goats
8 Clearing Rigs - Requested
6 Cutting Reels - Requested

Combine Harvester Stage One

5 Strong Axles - Requested
6 Cross Augers - Requested
10 Tough Ox Shoes - Skulls
8 Long Reins - Soybeans
3 Combine Wheels - Crafted
2 Oxen Yokes - Crafted

Each Wheel requires 4 Large Spokes (Cherry Trees) and 5 Wide Bands (Requested)

Each Oxen Yoke requires 3 Curved Beams (Oak Trees) and 5 Iron U-Bars (Requested)

Mission Three - Fine Farmers

Rock Clearer (Hardnut Goat)

4 Goat Harnesses - Standard Adult Goats
8 Clearing Rigs - Requested
7 Tough Trowels - Requested

Combine Harvester Stage Two

10 Heavy Bolts - Requested
12 Securing Rivets - Requested
15 Head Connectors - Non Sapling Pines
15 Safety Plates - Squash
6 Standard Heads - Crafted
8 Cutter Bars - Crafted

Each Standard Head requires 2 Angle Irons (Green Apple Trees) and 6 Flex Bars (Requested)

Each Cutter Bar requires 2 Metal Teeth (Thorns) and 6 Revolving Reels (Requested)

Mission Four - Moonlight Symphony

Wildflower Clearer (Hippie Goat)

4 Goat Harnesses - Standard Adult Goats
8 Clearing Rigs - Requested
8 Long Tined Rakes - Requested

Combine Harvester Stage Three

10 Helical Rotors - Requested
15 Rotary Screens - Requested
20 Bullwheels - Brass Forges
15 Wheel Belts - Corn
8 Bucket Seats - Crafted
8 Pick Up Heads - Crafted

Each Bucket Seat requires 4 Wide Buckets (Pigs), 6 Round Cushions and 8 Back Plates (Both Requested)

Each Pick Up Head requires 3 Mounting Belts (Cows) and 5 Forked Tines (Requested)

Combine Harvester Stage Four

15 Seat Platforms - Requested
10 Fuzzy Dice - Requested
20 Iron Boilers - Steel Forges
10 Control Levers - Rocks
8 Draper Heads - Crafted
10 Final Touches - Crafted

Each Draper Head requires 4 Woven Belts (Flax), 8 Metal Sprockets and 8 Wide Scoopers (Both Requested)

Each Final Touches requires 4 Finishing Paint (Cranberries), 8 Protective Casings and 7 Pine Air Fresheners (Both Requested)

Thursday 25 October 2012

Auctioning Jack's Junk Guide

So, we need to clear out Jack's Junk, but to do that we need to build our Auction Block and get each item ready to go.

That means a four step build, all in traditional fashion.

With a combination of requests, crafting and items dropping from actions on our homestead we all know the drill by now, so sit back, get a pen and paper if you're REALLY organised and let us guide you!

Stage One
For Sale: Zebra

3 Mane Conditioners - Requested
3 Zebra Brushes - Crafted
4 Hoof Oil - Olive Trees
8 Zebra Food - Apple Trees
12 Barnyard Blankets - Requested
5 Tail Ribbons - Requested

Each Brush requires 4 Hog Bristles (Adult Standard Pigs) and 3 Brush Bases (Requested)

Stage Two
For Sale: Gold Spittoon

15 Polishing Rags - Requested
15 Shell Polish - Pecan Trees
15 Gold Certificates - Requested
10 Deodoriser - Peppermint Bushes
6 Dent Removers - Crafted (please note, the Ask button in this image is incorrect)
7 Marble Bases - Crafted

Each Remover requires 3 Mallet Tips (Plum Trees) and 4 Brass Mallets (Requested)

Each Base requires 2 Stone Blocks (Rocks) and 4 Carving Tools (Requested)

Stage Three
For Sale Cement Pond

20 Canvas Umbrellas - Requested
15 Sunburn Lotions - Aloe Vera
15 Bathing Suits - Requested
15 Berry Lemonade - Lemon Trees
7 Pond Skimmers - Crafted
8 Kiddie Floats - Crafted

Each Pond Skimmer requires 6 Wire Rings (Steel Forges), 8 Cord Netting and 8 Long Poles (both Requested)

Each Float requires 3 Canvas Bags (Flax), 4 Waxed String and 6 Cork Chunks (both Requested)

Stage Four
For Sale: Hot Tub Stagecoch

15 Roll Up Curtains - Requested
15 Fur Robes - Black Bear Cubs
15 Sun Glasses - Requested
1 Coach Keys - Reward from Mission Four
8 Tub Warmers - Crafted
8 Fancy Snacks - Crafted

Each Tub Warmer requires 8 Fire Wood (Fully Grown Pines), 16 Fire Pits and 8 Burn Plates (Both Requested)

Each Snack requires 4 Blackberries (Blackberries), 8 Molasses Base and 8 Coloured Wrappers (Both Requested)

Tuesday 23 October 2012

How to Bookmark Frontierville Express

Recent changes by Facebook means you're not tending to see everything YOU want to see, more now what Facebook decides is important.

So, did you know it's possible to bookmark Frontierville Express in your Facebook Favourites AND get notifications when we post?

No? Well let us guide you! Follow this easy step by step guide to never miss an update again.

First up, Notifications!

To activate these handy little pings every time we post simply hover over the "Liked" button and tick "Get Notificaitons", you'll then get a little note each time we post :)

While you're there also make sure "Show In News Feed" is ticked, then click Settings and make sure it's set to all updates.

Next up, how to bookmark us!

1) On our page, click the cog under our header picture and select "Add To Interest Lists".

2) On the Next bit, Click "New List"

3) Click the Next button bottom corner. (Simple step this one).

4) Name the list "Frontierville Express" and select a privacy option. If you're just using this as a bookmark, select "Only Me".

5) Congratulations, you now have a list! Now to add it to Favourites.

6) At the bottom of the left hand sidebar will be the Interests section. Hover over and click the pencil icon next to Fronterville Express and select Add to Favourites.

7) Revel in your newly found, easy to click link to all our posts! (Please note, this is our page posts, you will still need to visit to see Member posts.)

Monday 22 October 2012

Mummy's Curse building steps...

For the Mummy's Curse missions we've got a four step, story based "build" to do surrounding the Curse and the Sarcophagus.

Each step, as is the norm now, is a mix of request items, craft items and things that will drop on our homestead as we're working away.

Nothing here is repeated and nothing is huge amounts (no sneaky 192 of the same item for example...) so sit back and let us play the Ikea guidebook to your flat pack Sarcophagus.

Stage One - Find the Cure

3 Essence Presses - Crafted
12 Egg Specimens - Adult Standard Chickens
2 Lab Tables - Crafted
2 Ground Core - Apple Trees
8 Slime Protections - Requested
10 Scary Beakers - Requested

Each Essence Press requires 3 Essence Jars - Requested) and 3 Tomato Presses (Tomato Crops)

Each Lab Table requires 2 Knotty Surfaces (Pine Trees) and 3 Limb Straps (Requested)

Stage Two - Protect Yourselves

6 Silver Handcuffs - Crafted
25 Horn Marrow - Adult Standard Goats
7 Neck Protectors - Crafted
15 Blunt Stakes - Mummy Trees
10 Disenchantments - Requested
12 Mob Torches - Requested

Each Handcuffs requires 4 Sterling Chains (Requested) and 4 Ox Nose Rings (Adult Standard Oxen)

Each Neck Protector requires 4 Garlic Amulets (Requested) and 2 Woven Leather (Adult Standard Cows)

Stage Three - Fix The Fancy Coffin

15 Colourful Gems - Requested
8 Sparkling Pigment - Crafted
8 Sarcophaglue - Crafted
20 Fuzzy Lining - Uncursed Mummy Sheep
20 Liquid Gold - Requested
25 Hinge Grease - Adult Standard Pigs

Each Sparkling Pigment requires 3 Crushed Cherries (Cherry Trees), 5 Lapis Lazuli (no, me neither...) and 8 Dead Sea Salt (Both Requested)

Each Sarcophaglue requires 4 Bonding Agents (Requested) and 4 Sticky Juice (Pink Roses)

Stage Four - Undead and Loving It

10 Luscious Lipstick - Beets (The coin version!)
15 Kohl Mascara - Requested
8 Mummy Accessories - Crafted
15 Backup Gauze - Uncursed Mummy Pigs
20 Moaning Boxes - Requested
8 Mummy Outfits - Crafted

Each Mummy Accessory requires 6 Pearfumes (Pear Trees), 10 Spray Bottles and 8 Royal Circlets (Both Requested)

Each Mummy Outfit requires 6 Gold Pins, 10 Linen Skirts (Both Requested) and 8 Wool Gauze (Adult Standard Sheep)