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Monday, 8 October 2012

Fire Wagon Building Guide

You don't wan't shoddy equipment when fighting fires (Which does admittedly make you doubt the intelligence of using Hank and Ted...) so you need to put the work in to make the Fire Wagon.

We all know what to expect by now, it's a series of four builds, and each one is split into 6 sections.

It's a mix of requests, homestead items and craftables. Note some of the craftables are used AGAIN later and part of the next set of craftings, so ask for a little more than you need straight off.

Stage One
Required for Mission Two

3 Fire Picks - Crafted
3 Heat Shields - Crafted
8 Critter Gauze - Adult Standard Sheep
5 Fire Suspenders - Requested
4 Smotherin' Tarps - Requested
10 Squirrel Nuts - Non Sapling Oak Trees

Each Fire Pick requires 4 Pick Handles (Apple Trees) and 4 Pick Tips (Requested)

Each Heat Shield requires 4 Tough Skins (Standard Adult Cows) and 4 Thick Padding (Requested)

Stage Two
Required for Mission Three

5 Tank Panels - Crafted
2 Cannon Barrels - Crafted
3 Mesquite Charcoal - Extinguishing Flash Fires
15 Wagon Trim - Requested
8 Brass Bits - Requested
5 Fuzzy Fur Balls - Healing Burnt Bunnies

Each Panel requires 3 Tank Liners (Requested) and 6 Treated Wood (Non Sapling Pine Trees)

Each Cannon Barrel requires 5 Brass Tubing (Requested) and 3 Steel Straps (Steel Forges)

Stage Three
Required for Mission Four

8 Wagon Water Tanks - Crafted
6 Critter Splints - Crafted
15 Fire Fighting Foam - Lemon Trees
15 Ice Water Pitchers - Requested
10 Brass Trim - Requested
10 Bench Pads - Adult Standard Oxen

Each Tank requires 9 Tank Liners (Requested), 18 Treated Wood (Non Sapling Pine Trees) and 4 Forged Bolts (Requested)

Each Splint requires 6 Shoulder Straps (Requested) and 4 Splint Boards (Plum Trees)

Stage Four
Required for Mission Five

10 Water Cannons - Crafted
7 Critter Fur Restorers - Crafted
10 Red Balls of Yarn - Firehouse Kittens
20 Pressure Seals - Requested
15 Water Barrels - Requested
1 Fireman Calendar - Reward from Mission Four

Each Restorer requires 4 Fur Cream (Standard Adult Pigs) and 6 Tender Bandages (Requested)

Each Cannon requires 10 Brass Tubing (Requested), 6 Steel Straps (Steel Forges) and 10 Barrel Supports (Requested)