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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Auctioning Jack's Junk Guide

So, we need to clear out Jack's Junk, but to do that we need to build our Auction Block and get each item ready to go.

That means a four step build, all in traditional fashion.

With a combination of requests, crafting and items dropping from actions on our homestead we all know the drill by now, so sit back, get a pen and paper if you're REALLY organised and let us guide you!

Stage One
For Sale: Zebra

3 Mane Conditioners - Requested
3 Zebra Brushes - Crafted
4 Hoof Oil - Olive Trees
8 Zebra Food - Apple Trees
12 Barnyard Blankets - Requested
5 Tail Ribbons - Requested

Each Brush requires 4 Hog Bristles (Adult Standard Pigs) and 3 Brush Bases (Requested)

Stage Two
For Sale: Gold Spittoon

15 Polishing Rags - Requested
15 Shell Polish - Pecan Trees
15 Gold Certificates - Requested
10 Deodoriser - Peppermint Bushes
6 Dent Removers - Crafted (please note, the Ask button in this image is incorrect)
7 Marble Bases - Crafted

Each Remover requires 3 Mallet Tips (Plum Trees) and 4 Brass Mallets (Requested)

Each Base requires 2 Stone Blocks (Rocks) and 4 Carving Tools (Requested)

Stage Three
For Sale Cement Pond

20 Canvas Umbrellas - Requested
15 Sunburn Lotions - Aloe Vera
15 Bathing Suits - Requested
15 Berry Lemonade - Lemon Trees
7 Pond Skimmers - Crafted
8 Kiddie Floats - Crafted

Each Pond Skimmer requires 6 Wire Rings (Steel Forges), 8 Cord Netting and 8 Long Poles (both Requested)

Each Float requires 3 Canvas Bags (Flax), 4 Waxed String and 6 Cork Chunks (both Requested)

Stage Four
For Sale: Hot Tub Stagecoch

15 Roll Up Curtains - Requested
15 Fur Robes - Black Bear Cubs
15 Sun Glasses - Requested
1 Coach Keys - Reward from Mission Four
8 Tub Warmers - Crafted
8 Fancy Snacks - Crafted

Each Tub Warmer requires 8 Fire Wood (Fully Grown Pines), 16 Fire Pits and 8 Burn Plates (Both Requested)

Each Snack requires 4 Blackberries (Blackberries), 8 Molasses Base and 8 Coloured Wrappers (Both Requested)