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Monday, 22 October 2012

Mummy's Curse building steps...

For the Mummy's Curse missions we've got a four step, story based "build" to do surrounding the Curse and the Sarcophagus.

Each step, as is the norm now, is a mix of request items, craft items and things that will drop on our homestead as we're working away.

Nothing here is repeated and nothing is huge amounts (no sneaky 192 of the same item for example...) so sit back and let us play the Ikea guidebook to your flat pack Sarcophagus.

Stage One - Find the Cure

3 Essence Presses - Crafted
12 Egg Specimens - Adult Standard Chickens
2 Lab Tables - Crafted
2 Ground Core - Apple Trees
8 Slime Protections - Requested
10 Scary Beakers - Requested

Each Essence Press requires 3 Essence Jars - Requested) and 3 Tomato Presses (Tomato Crops)

Each Lab Table requires 2 Knotty Surfaces (Pine Trees) and 3 Limb Straps (Requested)

Stage Two - Protect Yourselves

6 Silver Handcuffs - Crafted
25 Horn Marrow - Adult Standard Goats
7 Neck Protectors - Crafted
15 Blunt Stakes - Mummy Trees
10 Disenchantments - Requested
12 Mob Torches - Requested

Each Handcuffs requires 4 Sterling Chains (Requested) and 4 Ox Nose Rings (Adult Standard Oxen)

Each Neck Protector requires 4 Garlic Amulets (Requested) and 2 Woven Leather (Adult Standard Cows)

Stage Three - Fix The Fancy Coffin

15 Colourful Gems - Requested
8 Sparkling Pigment - Crafted
8 Sarcophaglue - Crafted
20 Fuzzy Lining - Uncursed Mummy Sheep
20 Liquid Gold - Requested
25 Hinge Grease - Adult Standard Pigs

Each Sparkling Pigment requires 3 Crushed Cherries (Cherry Trees), 5 Lapis Lazuli (no, me neither...) and 8 Dead Sea Salt (Both Requested)

Each Sarcophaglue requires 4 Bonding Agents (Requested) and 4 Sticky Juice (Pink Roses)

Stage Four - Undead and Loving It

10 Luscious Lipstick - Beets (The coin version!)
15 Kohl Mascara - Requested
8 Mummy Accessories - Crafted
15 Backup Gauze - Uncursed Mummy Pigs
20 Moaning Boxes - Requested
8 Mummy Outfits - Crafted

Each Mummy Accessory requires 6 Pearfumes (Pear Trees), 10 Spray Bottles and 8 Royal Circlets (Both Requested)

Each Mummy Outfit requires 6 Gold Pins, 10 Linen Skirts (Both Requested) and 8 Wool Gauze (Adult Standard Sheep)