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Monday, 1 October 2012

Memory Cabinet Guide

If you're going to get your spouse's memory back you're going to need a good amount of mementos, and somewhere to put them for them to see.

So, join us as we talk you through crafting the glass fronted Memory Cabinet that'll hold your memories and get your spouse's back...

It's a four stage build, the usual mix of homestead drops, craftables, and requests. Little heavy on the crafting, especially at the end but hey, it's our beloved spouse we're talking about!

Stage One

10 Sturdy Legs - Oak Trees
15 Diary Pages - Adult Cows
6 Scrap Books - Requested
3 Curio Drawers - Crafted
5 Cabinet Doors - Crafted
1 New Memory Diary - Reward from Mission One

Each Drawer requires 4 Brass Handles (Requested) and 4 Pine Drawers (Fully Grown Pine Trees)

Each Door requires 3 Glass Panels (Adult Ducks) and 4 Wood Frames (Requested)

Stage Two

8 Old Love Letters - Grass
10 Spouse Stories - Requested
15 Old Invitations - Requested
8 Old Clothes - Requested
8 Wedding Memories - Crafted (Eight? Polygamy?)
1 Breakfast Cookbook  - Reward from Mission Two

Each Memory requires 3 Wedding Invitations (Neighbour Grass and Rocks) and 6 Slices of Wedding Cake (Requested)

Stage Three

15 Broken In Boots - Potatoes
20 Chore Lists - Requested
8 Animal Feed Bags - Requested
8 Butter Churns - Crafted
Crisp Linen Sheets - Crafted
1 Wedding Photo - Reward from mission Three

Each Churn needs 8 Solid Wooden Planks (Fully Grown Willows), 8 Iron Banding (Requested) and 8 Churn Handles (Requested)

Each Linen requires 4 Linen Bolts (Flax) and 5 Handy Stitching (Requested)

Stage Four

20 Fancy Pages - White Roses
12 Friend Portraits - Requested
20 Pressed Flowers - Requested
10 Memory Serum - Crafted
12 Cameras - Crafted
1 Weathered Wedding Ring - Reward for Mission Four

Each Camera requires 8 Hinge Frames (Requested), 4 Collapsible Bodies (Oxen) and 5 Precise Lenses (Requested)

Each Serum requires 3 Hyssop Extract (Water Hyssop) and 5 Sugar Water (Requested)