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Friday 28 February 2014

Runt Rewards...

Here's a full list of all the reward tiers for Runt's Runts and Superb Runts!

0 - 11 Points - 2 Runt Plantains, Frontier Fritter, Hearty Acorn.

12 - 22 Points - 2 Steel Forges, Big Drop Lollipop, 3 Hearty Acorns

23 - 33 Points - 2 Sieve Stations, Building Ready Boost, 3 Runt Fit Kit

34 - 44 Points - 5 Runt Plaintain, Animal Edibles, Lumber Tree Serum

45-55 Points - Tough Hand Tonic, Quick Licorice, 14 Runt Plantains

56 - 66 Points - 2 Animal Magnetism, Mini Horse Runt, 4 Runt Fit Kit

67 - 77 Points - 6 Recycle Bins, Fully Grown Grizzly Oak, 5 Runt Fit Kits

78 - 86 Points - Spicy Deer Jerky, Mini Horse Runt, Crop Mumbler

87 - 100 Points - Turtle Runt, Crazy Cake, 7 Runt Fit Kit

101 - 111 Points - Saving Grace, 10 Gold Dust, Frontier Fritter

112 - 122 Points - Minihorse Runt, Animal Edibles, Crazy Cake

123 - 150 Points - Fertile Ash, Crazier Cake, Minihorse Runt

Rec Centre Building Guide

If Runt's Runts are to grow up big and strong and dominate the County Fair he's going to need a kick-ass Rec Centre with all the best gear in it.

Of course, that will mean a four stage build with, you guessed it, a selection of Wall Posts, Requests, Crafting and those Homestead drops.

So, what are we going to need to get hold of to make Runt's Runts award winning animals in the County Fair? Read on and find out!

Stage One

15 Sterilizing Soap - Pigs
9 Turtle Gauze - Direct Request
10 Sanitation Basin - Wall Post
11 Horse Pills - Horse Tail
12 Fox Traction - Direct Request
12 Horse Slings - Wall Post

Stage Two

12 Resistance Bands - Rubberroot Dandelions
15 Alligator's Aid - Wall Post
8 Sand Boxes - Crafted
16 Bo's Supplements - Oxen
12 Safety Cones - Direct Request
9 Training Track - Crafted

Each Box requires 5 Sand (Rocks and Cacti) and 8 Corner Pieces (Wall Post)

Each Track requires 5 Training Chalk (Recycle Bins) and 8 Circle Drawing Manuals (Direct Request)

Stage Three

15 Neon Leg Warmers - Huckleberries
15 Spandex Workout Leotards - Wall Post
9 Kattle Bells - Crafted
25 Protein Bars - Soybeans
12 Flank Masters - Direct Request
10 Weighted Sleds - Crafted

Each Bell requires 6 Molten Lead (Steel Forges) and 8 Copper Cowbells (Direct Request)

Each Sled requires 4 Long Stiff Poles (Oak Trees), 10 Rough Toboggans (Wall Post) and 4 Iron Plates (Direct Request)

Stage Four

15 Massage Tables - Direct Request
18 Deer Antler Powder - Wall Post
12 Mini Horse Hurdles - Crafted
18 Show Halters - Brass Forges
16 Tortuga Wax - Wall Post
12 Treadwheels - Crafted

Each Hurdle requires 6 Hurdle Beams (Birch), 9 Wagon Spokes (Wall Post) and 6 Two Man Saws (Direct Request)

Each Treadwheel requires 8 Padded Lining (Golden Pastures), 8 Jack's Beer Barrels (Direct Request) and 5 Abandoned Water Wheels (Wall Post)

Friday 21 February 2014

Bo's Kitchen Building Guide

If we're going to help Bo win the Cookery Contest and fully redeem himself we're going to need to make sure the Gone Good Gratchett has himself a fully stocked cooking Fair Booth and associated supplies.

I doubt you'll be surprised at what that means, a four stage build with the usual combination of requests, crafting and, of course, those all important Homestead Drops.

So, what are we going to need to get Bo Gratchett up and running with his potentially prize winning culinary setup?

Well, read on and see!

Stage One

6 Large Eggs - Chickens
12 Long Handled Spats - Direct Request
12 Dishwashers - Wall Post
12 Food Colouring - Pink Beets
9 Industrial Skillets - Direct Request
10 Stained Oven Mitts - Wall Post

Stage Two

15 Fatty Butter - Cows
15 Kerosene Fuel - Wall Post
8 Fryin' Baskets - Crafted
12 Tasty Breading - Wild Oats
12 Smoke Hoods - Direct Request
9 Fryin' Vats - Crafted

Each Basket requires 5 Grocery Baskets (Asparagus) and 8 Broken Ladles (Wall Post)

Each Vat requires 5 Bunsen Burners (Blue Essence Labs) and 8 Kitchen Sinks (Direct Request)

Stage Three

16 Chopped Taters - Potatoes
16 Cod Fillets - Wall Post
9 Ma's Secret Seasoning - Crafting
15 Lemon Juice - Lemon Mint
12 Popsicle Sticks - Direct Request
10 Onion Rings - Crafted

Each Seasoning requires 6 Cinnamon Powder (Festive Cinnamon) and 8 Spice Packets (Direct Request)

Each Onion Rings requires 4 Onion Circles (Red Onions), 10 Spicy Batter (Wall Post) and 4 Tasty Dip (Direct Request)

Stage Four

15 Vat Lids - Direct Request
18 Exit Signs - Wall Post
12 Smoke Detectors - Crafted
18 Unroasted Marshmallows - Marshmallows
16 Smothering Blankets - Wall Post
12 Fire Extinguishers - Crafted

Each Detector requires 6 Tester Birds (Canaries), 9 Bird Feed (Wall Post) and 6 Hangin' Cages (Direct Request)

Each Extinguisher requires 8 Baking Soda (Lichen), 8 Vinegar (Direct Request) and 5 Airtight Canisters (Wall Post)

Friday 7 February 2014

Free Range Drops

As well as giving us FOUR times as many drops per tend as normal animals (x8 with a doubler) the Free Range Animals have another trick up their sleeves...

They also have a chance to drop a meal, crop, even a powerful boost each time we tend them.

So, what can we look forward to seeing drop? Any of the following...

Feed from this quest: Exported Greens or Grains, Imported Greens or Grains.

Any Free Gift Crop

Boosts: Fast Hands, Escargot, Sharp Axe, Gut Punch, Wither Protect, Unwither, Loyal Pioneer, Animal Edibles, Green Lightning, Quick Licorice, Fertile Ash, Aged Salmon, Debris and Me, Crop Mumbler, Eco-Jacking, Animal Magnetism.

Meals for Energy: Maypole Donut, Cherry Creamcake, Big Drop Lollipop, Huckleberry Pie, Smoked Cheddar, Molten Cake, Ultimate Chilli, Dinner, All You Can Eat Feast.

Debris: Rocks, Thorns, Wildflowers, Skulls, Cactus.

Lumber Trees: Fully Grown Oak, Pine or Birch.

Animals: Fully Grown Llama or Horse.

Pasture Building Guide

Free Range animals need somewhere to... well, BE Free Range which is sort of the point of them. So, that brings us to the Pasture!

This is a standard four step build with the usual mix of requests, crafting and homestead drops.

One thing to keep an extra eye on is the Seed Spreaders in builds 2 and 3. This is the SAME item in both build stages so it's best to leave that until last when doing build stage two so you can keep asking for items for as long as possible!

Stage One

9 Fence Posts - Wall Post
12 Marker Flags - Wall Post
10 Fence Beams - Direct Request
10 Post Hole Diggers - Direct Request
12 Fencing Wire - Chickens
10 Surveyors Transits - Brass Forges

Stage Two

9 Tillers - Crafted
8 Seed Spreaders - Crafted
10 Planting Help - Wall Post
15 Feed Bags - Direct Request
15 Pasture Seed - Fresh Grass
12 Herbicide - Deadly Nightshade

Each Tiller requires 3 Long Tines (Silversword) and 8 Old Wagon Axles (Wall Post)

Each Spreader requires 6 Light Explosives (Yellow Essence Labs) and 8 Seed Barrels (Direct Request)

Stage Three

10 Animal Feeders - Crafted
9 Seed Spreaders - Crafted
16 Hay Racks - Wall Post
12 Salty Snacks - Direct Request
18 Tracking Bells - Bluebells
16 Tasty Hay - Golden Pastures

Each Feeder requires 6 Stubby Legs (Orange Trees), 10 Used Camp Canoes (Wall Post) and 4 Section Dividers (Direct Request)

Each Spreader requires 6 Light Explosives (Yellow Essence Labs) and 8 Seed Barrels (Direct Request)

Stage Four

12 Paddocks - Crafted
12 Mud Wallows - Crafted
16 Wool Combs - Wall Post
18 Shade Trees - Wall Post
15 Cud Spitoons - Direct Request
18 Climbing Boulders - Lichen

Each Paddock requires 4 Leafy Foliage (Desert Joshua), 8 Weaving Skills (Wall Post) and 5 Support Posts (Direct Request)

Each Wallow requires 6 Perfect Silt (Lakeweed), 9 Measured Water (Direct Request) and 4 Shallow Holes (Wall Post)