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Friday, 21 February 2014

Bo's Kitchen Building Guide

If we're going to help Bo win the Cookery Contest and fully redeem himself we're going to need to make sure the Gone Good Gratchett has himself a fully stocked cooking Fair Booth and associated supplies.

I doubt you'll be surprised at what that means, a four stage build with the usual combination of requests, crafting and, of course, those all important Homestead Drops.

So, what are we going to need to get Bo Gratchett up and running with his potentially prize winning culinary setup?

Well, read on and see!

Stage One

6 Large Eggs - Chickens
12 Long Handled Spats - Direct Request
12 Dishwashers - Wall Post
12 Food Colouring - Pink Beets
9 Industrial Skillets - Direct Request
10 Stained Oven Mitts - Wall Post

Stage Two

15 Fatty Butter - Cows
15 Kerosene Fuel - Wall Post
8 Fryin' Baskets - Crafted
12 Tasty Breading - Wild Oats
12 Smoke Hoods - Direct Request
9 Fryin' Vats - Crafted

Each Basket requires 5 Grocery Baskets (Asparagus) and 8 Broken Ladles (Wall Post)

Each Vat requires 5 Bunsen Burners (Blue Essence Labs) and 8 Kitchen Sinks (Direct Request)

Stage Three

16 Chopped Taters - Potatoes
16 Cod Fillets - Wall Post
9 Ma's Secret Seasoning - Crafting
15 Lemon Juice - Lemon Mint
12 Popsicle Sticks - Direct Request
10 Onion Rings - Crafted

Each Seasoning requires 6 Cinnamon Powder (Festive Cinnamon) and 8 Spice Packets (Direct Request)

Each Onion Rings requires 4 Onion Circles (Red Onions), 10 Spicy Batter (Wall Post) and 4 Tasty Dip (Direct Request)

Stage Four

15 Vat Lids - Direct Request
18 Exit Signs - Wall Post
12 Smoke Detectors - Crafted
18 Unroasted Marshmallows - Marshmallows
16 Smothering Blankets - Wall Post
12 Fire Extinguishers - Crafted

Each Detector requires 6 Tester Birds (Canaries), 9 Bird Feed (Wall Post) and 6 Hangin' Cages (Direct Request)

Each Extinguisher requires 8 Baking Soda (Lichen), 8 Vinegar (Direct Request) and 5 Airtight Canisters (Wall Post)