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Thursday 31 July 2014

Dance Hall Building Guide

Fanny's getting her dancing shoes on and bringing the other Frontier ladies with her so you know what that means...

We have to build her a Dance Hall, because she demands the very best!

What it means for us is a standard four step building setup with the usual mix of requests, crafting and, of course a set of Homestead drops to get her Hall up and running.

Stage One

9 Oaken Bars - Oak Trees
10 Foundation Blocks - Direct Request
12 Hall Chandeliers - Wall Post
10 Metal Bar Stools - Compost Piles
10 Tinted Windows - Direct Request
12 Classy Artwork - Wall Post

Stage Two

12 Rouge - Red Clover
12 Petticoats - Wall Post
8 Dance Hall Stage - Crafted
14 False Fingernails - Marshmallow
16 Fancy Garters - Direct Request
8 Dance Hall Floors - Crafted

Each Stage requires 5 Pine Slabs (Pine Trees) and 8 Iron Supports (Wall Post)

Each Floor requires 6 Wood Wax (Worm Nest) and 7 Well Sanded Floors (Direct Request)

Stage Three

21 Red Lipstick - Radish
18 Feathered Fans - Wall Post
9 Feathered Hats - Crafted
16 High Heeled Boots - Hide Prepping Stations
15 Fishnet Stockings - Direct Request
10 Dancing Dresses - Crafted

Each Hat requires 7 Fluffy Feathers (Birds of Paradise) and 8 Felt Caps (Direct Request)

Each Dress requires 6 Metal Ribs (Tin Forge), 10 Shiny Silk (Wall Post) and 5 Dancing Corsets (Direct Request)

Stage Four

16 Travelling Bands - Direct Request
20 Pianola - Wall Post
12 Stage Light Displays - Crafted
18 Red Carpets - Red Pineapple
18 Backup Dancers - Wall Post
12 Orchestra Pits - Crafted

Each Display requires 6 Iron Piping (Silversword), 9 Precise Welding (Wall Post) and 5 Coloured Spotlights (Direct Request)

Each Pit requires 9 Brass Instruments (Brass Forge), 9 Folksy Musicians (Direct Request) and 5 Funky Bassists (Wall Post)

Thursday 10 July 2014

Clubhouse Building Guide

Well, if golf courses were easy to make, we'd all have one...

The Clubhouse and Golf Course are a traditional 4 step build, with the usual mix of requesting, crafting and, of course, homestead drops.

One thing to note is there is one craft used in both Stage 3, and Stage 4. So, if you have other stuff to do, don't craft all the carts and keep being able to request!

Stage One

12 Rough Seeds - Grass
10 Nettie's Signature - Direct Request
8 Loan Contracts - Wall Post
10 Bunker Sand - Sieve Stations
10 Amos' Signature - Direct Request
12 Landscapers - Wall Post

Stage Two

15 Coloured Golf Balls - Easter Eggplant
12 Medieval Towers - Wall Post
9 Petite Pyramids - Crafted
12 Green Grass - Turf
15 Divot Fixers - Direct Request
8 Wee Windmills - Crafted

Each Pyramid requires 5 Rough Limestone (Granny's Ovens) and 8 Ancient Mortar (Wall Post)

Each Windmill requires 6 Tall Barrels (Grog) and 8 Long Oars (Direct Request)

Stage Three

25 Contract Copies - Sheep
16 Microscopes - Wall Post
9 Water Hazards - Crafted
14 Golf Pins - Fiddlehead Ferns
12 Eddy's Advice - Direct Request
10 Golf Carts - Crafted

Each Water Hazard requires 6 Purdy Ponds (Algae Pool) and 8 Scaly Denizens (Direct Request)

Each Cart requires 4 Cart Parts (Ox), 10 Small Wheels (Wall Post) and 4 Powerful Ponies (Direct Request)

Stage Four

15 Contract Loopholes - Direct Request
18 Joseph's Passport - Wall Post
12 Golf Carts - Crafted
18 Immigration Laws - Runt Plantain
16 Golf Tees - Wall Post
12 Lawnmowers - Crafted

Each Cart requires 4 Cart Parts (Ox), 10 Small Wheels (Wall Post) and 4 Powerful Ponies (Direct Request)

Each Lawnmower requires 6 Hungry Goats (Matilija Poppies), 9 Goat Wagons (Direct Request) and 4 Overgrown Fairways (Wall Post)

Thursday 3 July 2014

Bess' Niece Building Guide

Oh Boy, this Sarah is trouble!

Seems we're really going to have our hands full with this one over a series of four builds that take us from just cleaning up around Granny's Place all the way to a life or death rescue from some venomous City Folk predators!

In essence it's what we're used to, requests, crafting and homestead drops.

The only difference this time is that there is the main build and the mini build for Sarah, so we've separated this week's guide into missions, so you can see what you need to do for your current mission progression.

Mission Two


10 Frontier Experience - Heather
8 Frontier Smarts - Direct Request

Etiquette Desk

9 Chopped Wood - Oak Tree
10 Knitted Blankets - Direct Request
12 Cleanin' Brooms - Wall Post
10 Filled Wash Buckets - Lavender
12 Knitters Needles - Direct Request
12 Brass Dustpans - Wall Post

Mission Three


1 Last Place Prize - Smack a Varmint Game
5 Dating Savvy - Crafted

Each Savvy requires 6 Frontier Experience (Heather) and 8 Frontier Know-How (Wall Post)

Etiquette Desk

18 Large Toothpicks - Pine Tree
10 Old Fashioned Dresses - Wall Post
9 Terrible Smelling Perfume - Crafted
12 Platform Shoes - Hide Prepping Stations
12 Blue Lipstick - Direct Request
8 Hair Raisers - Crafted

Each Perfume requires 5 Durian Juice (Mayfly Nests) and 8 Perfume Puffers (Wall Post)

Each Hair Raiser Requires 6 Static Electricity (Blue Essence Lab) and 6 Shag Carpets (Direct Request)

Mission Four


12 Steele's Warrants - Wall Post
8 Stranger Danger Alerts - Crafted
15 Amy Evidence - Debris

Each Alert requires 6 Frontier Experience (Heather), 9 Frontier Know-How (Wall Post) and 8 Frontier Smarts (Direct Request)

Etiquette Desk

18 Life Experience - Oxen
16 Relationship Advice - Wall Post
9 Outlaw Directories - Crafted
16 Wits - Spirit Flames
12 Horror Stories - Direct Request
10 Scared Straight Sessions - Crafted

Each Outlaw Directory requires 7 Book Binding (Recycle Bins) and 8 Stack of Wanted Signs (Direct Request)

Each Scared Straight Session requires 6 Bad Decisions (Basic Still), 10 Prison Experiences (Wall Post) and 4 Captive Audience (Direct Request)

Mission Five


20 Wits - Spirit Flames
10 Devenomisation Stations - Crafted

Each Station Requires 8 Frontier Experience (Heather), 8 Frontier Know-How (Wall Post) and 8 Frontier Smarts (Direct Request)

Etiquette Desk

15 Beware Signs - Direct Request
16 Deodorant Sprays - Wall Post
12 City Folk Armour - Crafted
18 Soft Skin Lotions - Ginger
18 Potpourri Masks - Wall Post
12 City Folk Safe Zone - Crafted

Each Armour requires 6 Plush Padding (Sheep) 9 Sturdy Stitching (Wall Post) and 5 Tin Plating (Direct Request)

Each Zone requires 3 Clearin' Hoes (Brass Forges), 9 Desolate Areas (Direct Request) and 5 Sanitizers (Wall Post)