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Thursday, 10 July 2014

Clubhouse Building Guide

Well, if golf courses were easy to make, we'd all have one...

The Clubhouse and Golf Course are a traditional 4 step build, with the usual mix of requesting, crafting and, of course, homestead drops.

One thing to note is there is one craft used in both Stage 3, and Stage 4. So, if you have other stuff to do, don't craft all the carts and keep being able to request!

Stage One

12 Rough Seeds - Grass
10 Nettie's Signature - Direct Request
8 Loan Contracts - Wall Post
10 Bunker Sand - Sieve Stations
10 Amos' Signature - Direct Request
12 Landscapers - Wall Post

Stage Two

15 Coloured Golf Balls - Easter Eggplant
12 Medieval Towers - Wall Post
9 Petite Pyramids - Crafted
12 Green Grass - Turf
15 Divot Fixers - Direct Request
8 Wee Windmills - Crafted

Each Pyramid requires 5 Rough Limestone (Granny's Ovens) and 8 Ancient Mortar (Wall Post)

Each Windmill requires 6 Tall Barrels (Grog) and 8 Long Oars (Direct Request)

Stage Three

25 Contract Copies - Sheep
16 Microscopes - Wall Post
9 Water Hazards - Crafted
14 Golf Pins - Fiddlehead Ferns
12 Eddy's Advice - Direct Request
10 Golf Carts - Crafted

Each Water Hazard requires 6 Purdy Ponds (Algae Pool) and 8 Scaly Denizens (Direct Request)

Each Cart requires 4 Cart Parts (Ox), 10 Small Wheels (Wall Post) and 4 Powerful Ponies (Direct Request)

Stage Four

15 Contract Loopholes - Direct Request
18 Joseph's Passport - Wall Post
12 Golf Carts - Crafted
18 Immigration Laws - Runt Plantain
16 Golf Tees - Wall Post
12 Lawnmowers - Crafted

Each Cart requires 4 Cart Parts (Ox), 10 Small Wheels (Wall Post) and 4 Powerful Ponies (Direct Request)

Each Lawnmower requires 6 Hungry Goats (Matilija Poppies), 9 Goat Wagons (Direct Request) and 4 Overgrown Fairways (Wall Post)