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Sunday 13 November 2011

Scam or No Scam

Folks, we still get quite a few scams and potentially damaging links posted on the wall so I've devised this little checklist where you can get an almost completely foolproof guide to what is a scam or not.

It offers 465 Free Horseshoes - SCAM - 465 Shoes is the biggest bundle you can buy and the number seems to have been picked up by Scammers. See 465? Run.

It's not a known company - SCAM - Zynga will only do marketing with known companies, they gain nothing from titles such as "Zynga Giveaway" etc. If it's not an advert for a real company, run.

It has a Blogspot address - SCAM - Blogspot is a free service which is desirable for two reasons. Firstly it's replaceable at no cost, secondly it allows the running of malicious scripts to add things to your computer. If a company was legitimate enough to give Horseshoes (and there aren't really any) they'd afford a proper URL.

It uses a URL shortening service - SCAM - If the URL contains NSFW,, TinyURL etc, then you have to ask yourself just what they're hiding. Usually it's that they're nasty little scammers.

It uses a address - NOT SCAM (Usually) - is Zynga's own in house URL, these will usually be trustworthy. However, when surfing, ALWAYS hover over links you're not sure of and look in the status bar bottom left of your browser window and make sure that the link shown there is the same as the link on screen.

"Masking" links by giving a different text is a well known scam technique. Use the following links as a guide, both will look the same, but hover your mouse over them (don't click them, they won't take you anywhere!)

See the difference?

It wants you to post before you get anything - SCAM - These scammers want you to do their dirty work for them. They'll ask you to copy and paste a certain bit of text, usually involving giveaway phrases (See next point) into pages (often giving you links like our page) and/or friend's pages and spin you some ridiculous line about being able to track your account and see when you've done it, then they'll send the Horseshoes. It's all *words removed due to family nature of website* with bells on.

It says "Watch the beautiful video testimonials inside. It's a great website indeed!" - SCAM - This is one of the giveaway phrases they all use.

"I just found a legit website..." - SCAM - Another giveaway phrase they all use, at least this is nicely ironic. Using the phrase "This is not a scam!" is often another ironic giveaway.

It's a banner on the Frontierville app page (usually just below the game) - NOT A SCAM - Zynga team up with known companies to give out horseshoes as marketing, usually in return for us looking at a product or giving over our email address, the company pays Zynga for this as it's advertising. These are legit and usually only give away 3-10 Horseshoes max.

Wednesday 9 November 2011

Thanksgiving Craft Item Totals

It's always good to plan ahead so we thought we'd make a comprehensive list of how many of each item you'll need for the five Thanksgiving Missions so you can plan for the future when requesting...

Corn Chowder

Need: 3

Made with (in total) 12 Corn Kernels that are found by tending Corn, 6 Ceramic Bowls that are request items.

Cajun Peas

Need: 4

Made with (in total) 12 Peas that are found by tending peas, 6 Cajun Seasonings that are request items.

Gravy Boat

Need: 36

These are request items.

Dinner Plates

Need: 18

These are request items.

Napkin Holders

Need: 39

These are request items.

Bucket O Sugar

Need 28

These are request items.

Spiced Pumpkin Pie

Need: 6

Made with (in total) 36 Ripe Pumpkins which are found tending Pumpkins, 18 Nutmeg and 18 Pumpkin Pie Tins, both of which are request items.

Smooshed Potatoes

Need: 8

Made with (in total) 24 Large Potatoes which are found tending potatoes, 32 Potato Mashers which are request items.

Peppered Mashed Potatoes

Need: 7

Made with 1 Smooshed Potato (totalled above) and 28 Creamy Butter which are request items.


Need 12

Made with (in total) 60 Breadcrumbs which are found tending wheat, 60 Stuffin' Spices which are request items.

Stuffed Turkey

Need: 7

Made with 1 Stuffing (totalled above) and 35 Roast Turkey which are request items.

Place Mats

Need 15

These are request items.

Friday 4 November 2011

How to get your Mustang...

Confused on how to get the horse to ride for the "Ride Your Mustang" mission? Let us take you through it all...

1) Complete the mission Little Crow Needs Help.

2) Finish Building the Hideout.

3) Complete mission "Get Some Horsepower"

4) Complete Mission "Track Down Those Stallions"

5) Complete Mission "Lasso Them Doggies"

6) Click the Hideout and select Trust Meter.

7) Click "Start Missions"

8) Repeat steps 3-7.

9) Repeats Steps 3-5.

10) Get your horse.

11) Complete Mission "Ride Your Mustang".

For more help on the missions visit our Facebook Page.