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Thursday 26 February 2015

Jack's Wagon Building Guide

If Jack wants himself a fancy wagon for some reason it's the least we can do to help him!

It seems he has plans for something big and fancy, so it'll need us to get it all together for him because he's... well, not that organised.

As usual that will mean a four stage building with the usual mix of requests, crafting and homestead drops... so what will we need?

Stage One

12 Fat Bottom Seats - Plum Tree
12 Reinforced Axles - Direct Request
10 Old Nellys - Wall Post
10 Cup Holders - Mini Pumpkins
9 Long Haul Reins - Direct Request
10 Unused Carts - Wall Post

Stage Two

4 Mysterious Belongings - Angus Cows
15 Super Thick Rope - Wall Post
8 Wagon Extensions - Crafted
12 Canvas Tarps - Ginger
10 Cart Lanterns - Direct Request
9 Mule Teases - Crafted

Each Wagon Extension requires 4 Unused Bookshelves (Corn) and 8 Minor Adjustments (Wall Post)

Each Tease requires 4 Broken Branches (Recycle Bins) and 8 Tasty Bait (Direct Request)

Stage Three

11 Plank Floors - Willow Tree
16 Trailer Extensions - Wall Post
10 Packs of Snacks - Crafted
15 Extra Storage - Bull Thistle
12 Support Chains - Direct Request
9 Crude Maps - Crafted

Each Pack requires 6 Cloth Scraps (Almond Tree), 10 Floss (Wall Post) and 4 Homemade Lunches (Direct Request)

Each Map requires 5 Scrap Paper (Steel Forge) and 8 Broken Crayons (Direct Request)

Stage Four

25 Christmas Lights - Direct Request
16 Rusty Nails - Wall Post
12 Half-a-Houses - Crafted
18 Home Sweet Home - Hide Prepping Stations
18 Foundation Beams - Wall Post
12 Security Systems - Crafted

Each Half-a-House requires 8 House Deeds (Potatoes), 8 Real Estate Agents (Wall Post) and 5 Industrial Chainsaws (Direct Request)

Each System requires 6 Buff Hamsters (Blackberry Bushes), 9 Flexible Belts (Direct Request) and 5 Chain Link Fences (Wall Post)

Thursday 12 February 2015

Flea Market Building Guide

If we're going to help the Bargain Bros, Bert and Bart get rid of all those goods they've collected out west that means helping them build up a Flea Market to sell them through.

So, what does one of those take?

Well, to do that we're looking at a traditional four step build with the usual mix of requests, crafting and homestead drops!

Stage One

9 Rickety Toolboxes - Oak Tree
10 Filler Dirt - Direct Request
12 Sturdy Helmets - Wall Post
10 Steam Rollers - American Moss
10 Portable Toilet - Direct Request
12 Neon Vests - Wall Post

Stage Two

12 Perky Lightning - Basic Still
16 Decorative Cloth - Wall Post
8 Handcrafted Tables - Crafted
14 Market Directories - Silver Forge
16 Stall Separators - Direct Request
8 Glass Display Cases - Crafted

Each Table requires 5 Perfect Saws (Tin Forge) and 8 Handpicked Logs (Wall Post)

Each Case requires 6 Wooden Brackets (Fountain Grass) and 7 Polished Glass Panels (Direct Request)

Stage Three

21 Stall Numbers - Pine Tree
18 Spare Poles - Wall Post
9 Stall Tents - Crafted
16 Personal Touches - Brass Forge
15 Price Lists - Direct Request
10 Fancy Registers - Crafted

Each Tent requires 7 Makeshift Poles (Horseradish) and 8 Handsewn Fabrics (Direct Request)

Each Register requires 6 Wooden Cases (Hide Prepping Stations), 12 Functioning Abacuses (Wall Post) and 5 Wood Polish (Direct Request)

Stage Four

25 Himalayan Salt Lamps - Direct Request
20 Exotic Spices - Wall Post
12 Authentic Sarcophagi - Crafted
20 Treasure Boxes - Red Cabbage
18 Crystal Skulls - Wall Post
12 Antique Vases - Crafted

Each Sarcophagus requires 6 Ready Participants (Granny's Oven), 9 Plaster Wrap (Wall Post) and 6 Fresh Paint (Direct Request)

Each Vase requires 9 Skilled Craftsmanship (Iron Forge), 9 Pottery Wheels (Direct Request) and 5 Loving History (Wall Post)

Wednesday 4 February 2015

Wedding Ceremony Build Guide

If the two older statespeople of the Frontier are finally going to get themselves together I think it behoves us to make sure they do it properly, don't you?

With a little more panache than something borrowed and something blue, we're going to be tasked with building the wedding ceremony that will finally see Doc make an honest woman out of Granny and finally see a permanent smile be put on her face.

It is, as expected a four stage build with all the usual mixes of stuff, so get your planning boots on and join me a'building...

Stage One

10 Light Pink Petals - Lemon Trees
9 White Trellis - Direct Request
10 Fancy Guest Chairs - Wall Post
12 Wedding Harps - Lilac
12 Fancy Podiums - Direct Request
12 White Bows - Wall Post

Stage Two

18 Bridesmaid Bouquets - Vanilla Orchids 
16 Flower Wreaths - Wall Post
8 Brides Stations - Crafted
14 Granny's Makeup - Mountain Blueberries
12 Bridesmaid's Dresses - Direct Request
9 Wedding Hairstyles - Crafted

Each Station requires 4 Elegant Vanity (Gumdrops) and 8 Makeup Boxes (Wall Post)

Each Hairstyle requires 6 Big Curlers (Iron Forge) and 8 Flowery Veils (Direct Request)

Stage Three

16 Stud Colognes - Harvest Gourds
12 Black Top Hats - Wall Post
9 Granny's Rings - Crafted
20 Doc's Tuxedo - Sheep
18 Doc N Granny Paintings - Direct Request
10 Groom Stations - Crafted

Each Ring requires 9 Melted Gold (Gold Forge), 9 Ring Molds (Direct Request) and 4 Doc's Old Rocks (Wall Post)

Each Station requires 6 Clean Undies (Pine Trees), 8 Clean Suits (Wall Post) and 4 Changing Screens (Direct Request)

Stage Four

15 I Do's - Direct Request
16 Personal Vows - Wall Post
12 Wedding Altars - Crafted
18 Tossin' Rice -  Turf
20 Chorus Girls - Wall Post
12 Released Doves - Crafted

Each Altar requires 9 Lattice Hearts (Steel Forge), 9 Leftover Paint (Wall Post) and 6 Floral Ivy (Direct Request)

Each Dove requires 6 Used Milk Crates (Cows), 8 Release Doors (Direct Request) and 4 Cage Stands (Wall Post)

Thursday 22 January 2015

Midwinter Sellables

As we've come to expect from fishing locations the Midwinter decorations have some great drop items that can be sold off for Coins, XP, Gold Dust and Horseshoes, so here's the full list...

The Longhouse

Ancient Story - 2'000 coins

Wise Men - 15'000 coins 
Native Feast - 1 Horseshoe 

Stirring the Ashes

Hot Log - 3'000 coins

Fiery Coals - 10 Gold Dust 
Floating Embers - 1 Horseshoe 

Medicine Men
 Health Potion - 4'000 coins
Anti-Aging Serum -  750XP

Vision Juice - 2 Horseshoes

Thursday 15 January 2015

Music Festival Building Guide

So, what does it take to host a music festival? Well, a wagon, some hippies and, of course, a four stage build...

This time around you wont see any changes to the item placed on the homestead until the missions are done and Dino Storage is active, however we will be building the Music Festival Sideboard as the mission goes along.

It's still a standard build though, with the usual mix of items.

Stage One

12 Solar Showers - Golden Pasture
10 Fairy Lights - Direct Request
12 Tapestry Tents - Wall Post
10 Camp Signs - Iron Forge
12 Cozy Campfires - Direct Request
15 Sit-Upons - Wall Post

Stage Two

15 Metallic Confetti - Large or XL Oak Tree
15 Wooden Stages - Wall Post
9 Frontier Amplifiers - Crafted
12 Trippy Backdrops - Marshmallow Crop
15 Colourful Awnings - Direct Request
9 Strip Lights - Crafted

Each Amplifier requires 4 Super Cones (Granny's Ovens) and 8 Empty Wooden Boxes (Wall Post)

Each Light requires 6 Polished Mirrors (Steel Forge) and 6 Multicoloured Flames (Direct Request)

Stage Three

25 Soft Spotlights - Large or XL Pine Tree
18 Roadies - Wall Post
9 Guitar Tuners - Crafted
16 Security Shirts - Fountain Grass
16 Mic Stands - Direct Request
10 Background Dancers - Crafted

Each Tuner requires 7 Good Ears (Wood Lathe) and 8 Adjustable Meters (Direct Request)

Each Dancer requires 4 Expert Skills (Spirit Cactus), 10 Charisma (Wall Post) and 4 Perfect Outfits (Direct Request

Stage Four

25 Refreshing Water - Direct Request
16 Festival Fashion - Wall Post
12 Glow Sticks - Crafted
20 Backstage Passes - Candy Corn
20 Fast Movers - Wall Post
12 Fire Poi - Crafted

Each Glow Stick requires 6 Clean Test Tubes (Basic Still), 9 Used Corks (Wall Post) and 5 Ferocious Fireflies (Direct Request)

Each Fire Poi requires 9 Rope Balls (Recycle Bins), 9 Long Cords (Direct Request) and 5 Lit Matches - Wall Post

Thursday 8 January 2015

Crime School Building Guide

As ever in the battle of Good vs Evil, nothing is ever easy... and as the homestead is short of evil minions or those heroic bods that fix up heroic buildings off screen it's going to be up to us... (well, and Bigfoot...)

The Crime School and it's connected story based sections all add up to the usual 4 stage build with a mix of requests, crafting and homestead drops.

So, what are we and the nefarious Red Steele combination going to need? Let's take a look...

Stage One

10 Lock Pickers - Goose
9 Desk Drawings - Direct Request
10 Cheat Sheets - Wall Post
12 Nail Files - Ginger
12 Cheap Tattoos - Direct Request
12 Spit Wads - Wall Post

Stage Two

18 Deputy Chaps - Vanilla Orchid
16 Temporary Badges - Wall Post
8 Lockin' Cuffs - Crafted
14 Facial Hairs - Lilac
12 Official Transportations - Direct Request
9 Deputy Coats - Crafted

Each Cuffs requires 4 Small Chains (Potatoes) and 8 Big Padlocks (Wall Post)

Each Coat requires 6 Coat Extensions (Iron Forge) and 8 Leather Coats (Direct Request)

Stage Three

16 Dirt Clods - Festive Cinnamon
12 Blackjacks - Wall Post
9 Tar Trenches - Crafted
20 Surrender Flags - Sheep
18 Boom Sticks - Direct Request
10 Booby Traps - Crafted

Each Trench requires 9 School Land (Lakeweed), 9 Dug Holes (Direct Request) and 4 Barrels o' Tar (Wall Post)

Each Trap Requires 6 Leafy Nets (Pine Trees), 8 Trippin' Lines (Wall Post) and 4 Unsuspecting Marshals (Direct Request)

Stage Four

15 Megaphones - Direct Request
16 Balls and Chains - Wall Post
12 Horse Sirens - Crafted
18 Extra Locks - Turf
20 Plans of Attack - Wall Post
12 Mobile Jails - Crafted

Each Siren requires 9 Leg Mounts (Steel Forge), 9 Wide Clothespins (Wall Post) and 6 Clueless Birds (Direct Request)

Each Jail requires 6 Circus Cages (Adult Standard Goats), 8 Fixed Lids (Direct Request) and 4 Flat Wagons (Wall Post)

Thursday 18 December 2014

Pickled Christmas Tree Build Guide

The perfect Christmas Tree is big, well decorated and pleasing to the eye... with pickles obviously...

Yes, the Pickled Christmas tree is a four step build with all those usual things you can expect as regards requesting, crafting and homestead drops.

Personally I'm more of a tinsel and baubles man myself, but if they want a Christmas Tree resplendent
 in preserved cucumbers, who are we to argue, right?

Stage One

12 Design Smarts - Tin Forge
10 Trimming Guides - Direct Request
12 Wobble Saws - Wall Post
10 Snow Blowers - Iron Forge
12 Christmas Tree Images - Direct Request
15 Guide Ropes - Wall Post

Stage Two

15 Twinkle Tinsel - Oak Trees
15 Wooly Blankets - Wall Post
9 Safety Candles - Crafted
12 Sparkle Moss - Marshmallow Crops
15 Velvet Barriers - Direct Request
9 Braided Ropes - Crafted

Each Candle requires 4 Glass Lids (Granny's Ovens) and 8 Scented Wax Candles (Wall Post)

Each Rope requires 6 Braiding Knowledge (Steel Forge) and 6 Delicate Twine (Direct Request)

Stage Three

25 Trinket Toys - Pine Trees
18 Candy Sticks - Wall Post
9 Stocking Prizes - Crafted
16 Homemade Cards - Fountain Grass
16 Fizzy Wizzers - Direct Request
10 Best Gift Evers - Crafted

Each Prize requires 7 Tiny Gifts (Wood Lathe) and 8 Micro Bows (Direct Request)

Each Gift requires 4 Thoughtful Presents (Spirit Cactus), 10 Empty Boxes (Wall Post) and 4 Extravagant Wrapping (Direct Request)

Stage Four

25 Christmas Togetherness - Direct Request
16 Pickled Toppers - Wall Post
12 Fresh Pressed Pickles - Crafted
20 Town Photos - Candy Corn
20 Christmas Awe - Wall Post
12 Pickled Ornaments - Crafted

Each Pickle requires 6 Bruised Pickles (Poison Ivy), 9 Shred-O-Matics (Wall Post) and 5 Pickle Shaped Press (Direct Request)

Each Ornament requires 9 Shredded Paper (Recycle Bin), 9 Super Sticky Stuff (Direct Request) and 5 Spare Pickles (Wall Post)