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Thursday 26 February 2015

Jack's Wagon Building Guide

If Jack wants himself a fancy wagon for some reason it's the least we can do to help him!

It seems he has plans for something big and fancy, so it'll need us to get it all together for him because he's... well, not that organised.

As usual that will mean a four stage building with the usual mix of requests, crafting and homestead drops... so what will we need?

Stage One

12 Fat Bottom Seats - Plum Tree
12 Reinforced Axles - Direct Request
10 Old Nellys - Wall Post
10 Cup Holders - Mini Pumpkins
9 Long Haul Reins - Direct Request
10 Unused Carts - Wall Post

Stage Two

4 Mysterious Belongings - Angus Cows
15 Super Thick Rope - Wall Post
8 Wagon Extensions - Crafted
12 Canvas Tarps - Ginger
10 Cart Lanterns - Direct Request
9 Mule Teases - Crafted

Each Wagon Extension requires 4 Unused Bookshelves (Corn) and 8 Minor Adjustments (Wall Post)

Each Tease requires 4 Broken Branches (Recycle Bins) and 8 Tasty Bait (Direct Request)

Stage Three

11 Plank Floors - Willow Tree
16 Trailer Extensions - Wall Post
10 Packs of Snacks - Crafted
15 Extra Storage - Bull Thistle
12 Support Chains - Direct Request
9 Crude Maps - Crafted

Each Pack requires 6 Cloth Scraps (Almond Tree), 10 Floss (Wall Post) and 4 Homemade Lunches (Direct Request)

Each Map requires 5 Scrap Paper (Steel Forge) and 8 Broken Crayons (Direct Request)

Stage Four

25 Christmas Lights - Direct Request
16 Rusty Nails - Wall Post
12 Half-a-Houses - Crafted
18 Home Sweet Home - Hide Prepping Stations
18 Foundation Beams - Wall Post
12 Security Systems - Crafted

Each Half-a-House requires 8 House Deeds (Potatoes), 8 Real Estate Agents (Wall Post) and 5 Industrial Chainsaws (Direct Request)

Each System requires 6 Buff Hamsters (Blackberry Bushes), 9 Flexible Belts (Direct Request) and 5 Chain Link Fences (Wall Post)