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Wednesday 4 February 2015

Wedding Ceremony Build Guide

If the two older statespeople of the Frontier are finally going to get themselves together I think it behoves us to make sure they do it properly, don't you?

With a little more panache than something borrowed and something blue, we're going to be tasked with building the wedding ceremony that will finally see Doc make an honest woman out of Granny and finally see a permanent smile be put on her face.

It is, as expected a four stage build with all the usual mixes of stuff, so get your planning boots on and join me a'building...

Stage One

10 Light Pink Petals - Lemon Trees
9 White Trellis - Direct Request
10 Fancy Guest Chairs - Wall Post
12 Wedding Harps - Lilac
12 Fancy Podiums - Direct Request
12 White Bows - Wall Post

Stage Two

18 Bridesmaid Bouquets - Vanilla Orchids 
16 Flower Wreaths - Wall Post
8 Brides Stations - Crafted
14 Granny's Makeup - Mountain Blueberries
12 Bridesmaid's Dresses - Direct Request
9 Wedding Hairstyles - Crafted

Each Station requires 4 Elegant Vanity (Gumdrops) and 8 Makeup Boxes (Wall Post)

Each Hairstyle requires 6 Big Curlers (Iron Forge) and 8 Flowery Veils (Direct Request)

Stage Three

16 Stud Colognes - Harvest Gourds
12 Black Top Hats - Wall Post
9 Granny's Rings - Crafted
20 Doc's Tuxedo - Sheep
18 Doc N Granny Paintings - Direct Request
10 Groom Stations - Crafted

Each Ring requires 9 Melted Gold (Gold Forge), 9 Ring Molds (Direct Request) and 4 Doc's Old Rocks (Wall Post)

Each Station requires 6 Clean Undies (Pine Trees), 8 Clean Suits (Wall Post) and 4 Changing Screens (Direct Request)

Stage Four

15 I Do's - Direct Request
16 Personal Vows - Wall Post
12 Wedding Altars - Crafted
18 Tossin' Rice -  Turf
20 Chorus Girls - Wall Post
12 Released Doves - Crafted

Each Altar requires 9 Lattice Hearts (Steel Forge), 9 Leftover Paint (Wall Post) and 6 Floral Ivy (Direct Request)

Each Dove requires 6 Used Milk Crates (Cows), 8 Release Doors (Direct Request) and 4 Cage Stands (Wall Post)