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Thursday 12 February 2015

Flea Market Building Guide

If we're going to help the Bargain Bros, Bert and Bart get rid of all those goods they've collected out west that means helping them build up a Flea Market to sell them through.

So, what does one of those take?

Well, to do that we're looking at a traditional four step build with the usual mix of requests, crafting and homestead drops!

Stage One

9 Rickety Toolboxes - Oak Tree
10 Filler Dirt - Direct Request
12 Sturdy Helmets - Wall Post
10 Steam Rollers - American Moss
10 Portable Toilet - Direct Request
12 Neon Vests - Wall Post

Stage Two

12 Perky Lightning - Basic Still
16 Decorative Cloth - Wall Post
8 Handcrafted Tables - Crafted
14 Market Directories - Silver Forge
16 Stall Separators - Direct Request
8 Glass Display Cases - Crafted

Each Table requires 5 Perfect Saws (Tin Forge) and 8 Handpicked Logs (Wall Post)

Each Case requires 6 Wooden Brackets (Fountain Grass) and 7 Polished Glass Panels (Direct Request)

Stage Three

21 Stall Numbers - Pine Tree
18 Spare Poles - Wall Post
9 Stall Tents - Crafted
16 Personal Touches - Brass Forge
15 Price Lists - Direct Request
10 Fancy Registers - Crafted

Each Tent requires 7 Makeshift Poles (Horseradish) and 8 Handsewn Fabrics (Direct Request)

Each Register requires 6 Wooden Cases (Hide Prepping Stations), 12 Functioning Abacuses (Wall Post) and 5 Wood Polish (Direct Request)

Stage Four

25 Himalayan Salt Lamps - Direct Request
20 Exotic Spices - Wall Post
12 Authentic Sarcophagi - Crafted
20 Treasure Boxes - Red Cabbage
18 Crystal Skulls - Wall Post
12 Antique Vases - Crafted

Each Sarcophagus requires 6 Ready Participants (Granny's Oven), 9 Plaster Wrap (Wall Post) and 6 Fresh Paint (Direct Request)

Each Vase requires 9 Skilled Craftsmanship (Iron Forge), 9 Pottery Wheels (Direct Request) and 5 Loving History (Wall Post)