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Thursday 18 December 2014

Pickled Christmas Tree Build Guide

The perfect Christmas Tree is big, well decorated and pleasing to the eye... with pickles obviously...

Yes, the Pickled Christmas tree is a four step build with all those usual things you can expect as regards requesting, crafting and homestead drops.

Personally I'm more of a tinsel and baubles man myself, but if they want a Christmas Tree resplendent
 in preserved cucumbers, who are we to argue, right?

Stage One

12 Design Smarts - Tin Forge
10 Trimming Guides - Direct Request
12 Wobble Saws - Wall Post
10 Snow Blowers - Iron Forge
12 Christmas Tree Images - Direct Request
15 Guide Ropes - Wall Post

Stage Two

15 Twinkle Tinsel - Oak Trees
15 Wooly Blankets - Wall Post
9 Safety Candles - Crafted
12 Sparkle Moss - Marshmallow Crops
15 Velvet Barriers - Direct Request
9 Braided Ropes - Crafted

Each Candle requires 4 Glass Lids (Granny's Ovens) and 8 Scented Wax Candles (Wall Post)

Each Rope requires 6 Braiding Knowledge (Steel Forge) and 6 Delicate Twine (Direct Request)

Stage Three

25 Trinket Toys - Pine Trees
18 Candy Sticks - Wall Post
9 Stocking Prizes - Crafted
16 Homemade Cards - Fountain Grass
16 Fizzy Wizzers - Direct Request
10 Best Gift Evers - Crafted

Each Prize requires 7 Tiny Gifts (Wood Lathe) and 8 Micro Bows (Direct Request)

Each Gift requires 4 Thoughtful Presents (Spirit Cactus), 10 Empty Boxes (Wall Post) and 4 Extravagant Wrapping (Direct Request)

Stage Four

25 Christmas Togetherness - Direct Request
16 Pickled Toppers - Wall Post
12 Fresh Pressed Pickles - Crafted
20 Town Photos - Candy Corn
20 Christmas Awe - Wall Post
12 Pickled Ornaments - Crafted

Each Pickle requires 6 Bruised Pickles (Poison Ivy), 9 Shred-O-Matics (Wall Post) and 5 Pickle Shaped Press (Direct Request)

Each Ornament requires 9 Shredded Paper (Recycle Bin), 9 Super Sticky Stuff (Direct Request) and 5 Spare Pickles (Wall Post)