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Thursday, 4 December 2014

Eddy's Farmhouse Building Guide

If Eddy is going to turn his life around he (and we) have work in front of us.

From a stumbling beginning trying to be a homesteader through to a final epiphany and life change we're going to be guiding Eddy through this story based build series.

It's still the fairly standard set of 4 stage with 6 items to a stage, requests, crafts and homestead drops!

Stage One

12 Dirty Dirt - Fountain Grass
10 Dandelion Seeds - Direct Request
9 Barnyard Dogs - Wall Post
10 Amy's Promises Fertilizer - Adult Standard Cows
10 Farming for Lawyers - Direct Request
12 Dirty Hoes - Wall Post

Stage Two

15 Sample Seeds - Wildflowers
10 Roid Rabbit - Wall Post
9 Shank Rake - Crafted
15 Pain Reliever - Giant Toadstool
15 Poppy Seeds - Direct Request
8 Unequal Yokes - Crafted

Each Rake requires - 5 Sharpened Sticks (Large/XL Oak chops) and 8 Hand Fashioned Shanks (Wall Post)

Each Yoke requires 6 Large Yokes (Wood Lathes) and 8 Tiny Yokes (Direct Request)

Stage Three

18 Gnarled Apples - Apple Trees
16 Doc's Questionable Blend - Wall Post
10 White Rickety Fences - Crafted
18 Pygmy Carrot - Baby Carrots
12 Neighbourly Advice - Direct Request
9 Sprinklin' Systems - Crafted

Each Fence requires 7 Lead Based Paint (Brass Forge) and 8 Sharp Fenceposts (Direct Request)

Each System requires 4 Copper Piping (Rocks), 10 Sprinkler Heads (Wall Post) and 4 Extra Sprinkler Heads (Direct Request)
Stage Four

15 Inconspicuous Hats - Direct Request
16 Homestead Directories - Wall Post
12 Private Eye Kits - Crafted
20 Amy's Trails - Compost Piles
18 Tinted Monocles - Wall Post
12 Observation Shacks - Crafted

Each Kit requires 4 Tin Tubes (Tin Forges), 10 Thick Glass (Wall Post) and 4 Disguise Mustaches (Direct Request)

Each Shack requires 9 Circle Cutting Saws (Steel Forge), 9 Rickety Outhouses (Direct Request) and 4 Periscopes (Wall Post)