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Friday, 28 November 2014

Christmas Workshop Building Guide

To really get those toys going we're going to need a really good workshop, so here's the way we're going to build it!

Stage One

10 Fresh Fabric - Chickens
16 Festive Sweater - Direct Request
8 Festive Decor - Crafted
12 Glue N Nails - Birds of Paradise
10 Carvin' Wood - Wall Post
15 Welcoming Wreaths - Wall Post

Each Decor requires 3 Coloured Lights (Cotton Candy) and 4 Glass Ornaments (Wall Post)

Stage Two

30 Sewing Supplies - Direct Request
20 Fine Brushes - Wall Post
9 Helper Workstations - Crafted
20 Colourful Paint - Beets
25 Tiny Mallets - Direct Request
18 Widdling Tools - Wall Post

Each Workstation requires 6 Adjustable Tabletops (Hibiscus), 12 Old Desks (Wall Post) and 9 Tool Organisers (Direct Request)

Stage Three

18 Stamps of Approval - Steel Forge
25 Bells N Whistles - Wall Post
12 Processing Lines - Crafted
25 Inspiring Carols - Saffron
18 Sugar Plum Juice - Direct Request
12 Finishing Touches - Crafted

Each Line requires 6 Steel Rollers (Pygmy Goat), 9 Flat Rubber Bands (Wall Post) and 8 Seatless Benches (Direct Request)

Each Touch requires 8 Jolly Leadership (Jasmine), 8 Skilled Crew (Direct Request) and 6 Positive Energy (Wall Post)