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Thursday, 6 November 2014

Guest House Building Guide

If Ted's father Red is going to hang around on the homestead he's going to need somewhere to lay his hat... I don't think Bess, or in fact Ted, will be too excited at the thought of him staying in the Cottage.

So, with that in mind, we're going to take an old train car and do our bit to make it the perfect Guest House for Red, or even someone else, to stay in.

That, of course, means a four step build with the usual mix of items...

Stage One

15 Iron Hacksaws - Granny's Ovens
10 Rubber Mallets - Direct Request
12 Flat Crowbars - Wall Post
10 Metal Glue - Recycle Bins
12 Traincar Walls - Direct Request
15 Paint Dissolvers - Wall Post

Stage Two

15 Cement Trowels - Rocks
15 Lime Mix - Wall Post
9 Arc Welders - Crafted
14 Brass Levels - Brass Forge
15 Bags of Gravel - Direct Request
9 Foundation Forms - Crafted

Each Welder requires 4 Welding Hoods (Basic Still) and 8 Electrodes (Wall Post)

Each Form requires 6 Particle Boards (Wood Lathe) and 7 Framing Nails (Direct Request)

Stage Three

25 Paint Rollers - Flax
18 Metal Sealant - Wall Post
9 Painters Suits - Crafted
16 Paint Pans - Indian Paintbrush
16 Acrylic Paint - Direct Request
10 Painting Scaffolding - Crafted

Each Suit requires 7 Rubber Gloves (Marshmallow) and 8 Canvas Hoods (Direct Request)

Each Scaffolding requires 4 Piles of Rods (Rubberroot Dandelions), 10 Walking Planks (Wall Post) and 4 Roller Poles (Direct Request)

Stage Four

25 Throw Blankets - Direct Request
16 Ted's Family Photos - Wall Post
12 Queen Sized Beds - Crafted
18 Stacks of Classics - Worm Nest
20 Annabell's Picture - Wall Post
12 Padded Gliders - Crafted

Each Bed requires 6 Fluffy Stuffing (White Roses), 9 Kingly Bags (Wall Post) and 5 Mattress Trimmers (Direct Request)

Each Glider requires 9 Super Duper Glue (American Moss), 9 Twigs n Sticks (Direct Request) and 6 Overstuffed Upholstery (Wall Post)