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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Searching for Samples Sellable Reward

Just like the Bugs and Fair Games, doing the fishing mechanics in  the Bigfoot Thread can drop special sellable items.

These (doubled with an Early Worm) will be found int he inventory and sold using the option inside.

PLEASE NOTE: The window that pops up when selling only shows Coins, despite that you WILL get the rewards listed below.

Searching in the Foothill Path

Hair Snag - Sold for 2'000 Coins

Big Toenail - Sold for 15'000 Coins

Snapped Branches - Sold for 1 HS

Searching in the Thick Forest

Tree Scratches - Sold for 3'000 Coins

Leafy Bed - Sold for 10 Gold Dust

Groaning Reply - Sold for 1 HS

Searching in the Rocky Knoll

Huge Footprint - Sold for 4'000 Coins

Peering Figure - Sold for 750 XP

Thrown Pinecones - Sold for 2 HS