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Thursday 8 January 2015

Crime School Building Guide

As ever in the battle of Good vs Evil, nothing is ever easy... and as the homestead is short of evil minions or those heroic bods that fix up heroic buildings off screen it's going to be up to us... (well, and Bigfoot...)

The Crime School and it's connected story based sections all add up to the usual 4 stage build with a mix of requests, crafting and homestead drops.

So, what are we and the nefarious Red Steele combination going to need? Let's take a look...

Stage One

10 Lock Pickers - Goose
9 Desk Drawings - Direct Request
10 Cheat Sheets - Wall Post
12 Nail Files - Ginger
12 Cheap Tattoos - Direct Request
12 Spit Wads - Wall Post

Stage Two

18 Deputy Chaps - Vanilla Orchid
16 Temporary Badges - Wall Post
8 Lockin' Cuffs - Crafted
14 Facial Hairs - Lilac
12 Official Transportations - Direct Request
9 Deputy Coats - Crafted

Each Cuffs requires 4 Small Chains (Potatoes) and 8 Big Padlocks (Wall Post)

Each Coat requires 6 Coat Extensions (Iron Forge) and 8 Leather Coats (Direct Request)

Stage Three

16 Dirt Clods - Festive Cinnamon
12 Blackjacks - Wall Post
9 Tar Trenches - Crafted
20 Surrender Flags - Sheep
18 Boom Sticks - Direct Request
10 Booby Traps - Crafted

Each Trench requires 9 School Land (Lakeweed), 9 Dug Holes (Direct Request) and 4 Barrels o' Tar (Wall Post)

Each Trap Requires 6 Leafy Nets (Pine Trees), 8 Trippin' Lines (Wall Post) and 4 Unsuspecting Marshals (Direct Request)

Stage Four

15 Megaphones - Direct Request
16 Balls and Chains - Wall Post
12 Horse Sirens - Crafted
18 Extra Locks - Turf
20 Plans of Attack - Wall Post
12 Mobile Jails - Crafted

Each Siren requires 9 Leg Mounts (Steel Forge), 9 Wide Clothespins (Wall Post) and 6 Clueless Birds (Direct Request)

Each Jail requires 6 Circus Cages (Adult Standard Goats), 8 Fixed Lids (Direct Request) and 4 Flat Wagons (Wall Post)