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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Thanksgiving Craft Item Totals

It's always good to plan ahead so we thought we'd make a comprehensive list of how many of each item you'll need for the five Thanksgiving Missions so you can plan for the future when requesting...

Corn Chowder

Need: 3

Made with (in total) 12 Corn Kernels that are found by tending Corn, 6 Ceramic Bowls that are request items.

Cajun Peas

Need: 4

Made with (in total) 12 Peas that are found by tending peas, 6 Cajun Seasonings that are request items.

Gravy Boat

Need: 36

These are request items.

Dinner Plates

Need: 18

These are request items.

Napkin Holders

Need: 39

These are request items.

Bucket O Sugar

Need 28

These are request items.

Spiced Pumpkin Pie

Need: 6

Made with (in total) 36 Ripe Pumpkins which are found tending Pumpkins, 18 Nutmeg and 18 Pumpkin Pie Tins, both of which are request items.

Smooshed Potatoes

Need: 8

Made with (in total) 24 Large Potatoes which are found tending potatoes, 32 Potato Mashers which are request items.

Peppered Mashed Potatoes

Need: 7

Made with 1 Smooshed Potato (totalled above) and 28 Creamy Butter which are request items.


Need 12

Made with (in total) 60 Breadcrumbs which are found tending wheat, 60 Stuffin' Spices which are request items.

Stuffed Turkey

Need: 7

Made with 1 Stuffing (totalled above) and 35 Roast Turkey which are request items.

Place Mats

Need 15

These are request items.