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Thursday, 31 July 2014

Dance Hall Building Guide

Fanny's getting her dancing shoes on and bringing the other Frontier ladies with her so you know what that means...

We have to build her a Dance Hall, because she demands the very best!

What it means for us is a standard four step building setup with the usual mix of requests, crafting and, of course a set of Homestead drops to get her Hall up and running.

Stage One

9 Oaken Bars - Oak Trees
10 Foundation Blocks - Direct Request
12 Hall Chandeliers - Wall Post
10 Metal Bar Stools - Compost Piles
10 Tinted Windows - Direct Request
12 Classy Artwork - Wall Post

Stage Two

12 Rouge - Red Clover
12 Petticoats - Wall Post
8 Dance Hall Stage - Crafted
14 False Fingernails - Marshmallow
16 Fancy Garters - Direct Request
8 Dance Hall Floors - Crafted

Each Stage requires 5 Pine Slabs (Pine Trees) and 8 Iron Supports (Wall Post)

Each Floor requires 6 Wood Wax (Worm Nest) and 7 Well Sanded Floors (Direct Request)

Stage Three

21 Red Lipstick - Radish
18 Feathered Fans - Wall Post
9 Feathered Hats - Crafted
16 High Heeled Boots - Hide Prepping Stations
15 Fishnet Stockings - Direct Request
10 Dancing Dresses - Crafted

Each Hat requires 7 Fluffy Feathers (Birds of Paradise) and 8 Felt Caps (Direct Request)

Each Dress requires 6 Metal Ribs (Tin Forge), 10 Shiny Silk (Wall Post) and 5 Dancing Corsets (Direct Request)

Stage Four

16 Travelling Bands - Direct Request
20 Pianola - Wall Post
12 Stage Light Displays - Crafted
18 Red Carpets - Red Pineapple
18 Backup Dancers - Wall Post
12 Orchestra Pits - Crafted

Each Display requires 6 Iron Piping (Silversword), 9 Precise Welding (Wall Post) and 5 Coloured Spotlights (Direct Request)

Each Pit requires 9 Brass Instruments (Brass Forge), 9 Folksy Musicians (Direct Request) and 5 Funky Bassists (Wall Post)