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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Heroes Building Guide

If we're going to set up the family in a nice home it's going to take some building stages... four to be precise.

As we all expect now we'll see four stages with 6 items apiece, each a mix of one crafting item, requests and homestead goodies.

Lots of items are used twice (the crafting items for stages one and three are used again in stages two and four respectively) so don't be afraid to ask for more than you need...

Stage One - Required for Mission Two

15 Diggin Spades - Clearing Debris
15 Clay Bricks - Adult Standard Pigs
15 Tater Salad - Potatoes
15 Wood Mallets - Requested
9 House Plans - Requested
6 Ladders - Crafted

Each Ladder requires 4 Warped Wood (Cherry Trees) and 6 Round Rungs (Requested)

Stage Two - Required for Mission Three

19 Wooden Dowels - Requested
22 Tater Salad - Potatoes
25 Leather Lashing - Hide Prepping Stations
15 House Plans - Requested
15 Get Well Cards - Requested
2 Access Ramps - Crafted

Each Ramp requires 8 Warped Wood (Cherry Trees), 12 Round Rungs and 8 Smooth Decking (Requested)

Stage Three - Required for Mission Four

16 Beef Stew - Requested
4 Slobbery Kisses - Stubby Pups, Fisher Pups or Fisher Kittens
16 Tableware - Requested
19 Get Well Cards - Requested
15 Party Glasses - Requested
5 Pillow Cushions - Crafted

Each Cushion requires 8 Printed Fabric and 9 Fluffy Fluff  (Requested)

Stage Four - Required for Mission Four

9 Slobbery Kisses - Stubby Pups, Fisher Pups, Fisher Kittens
19 Lemon Pies - Requested
16 Granny's Cobbler - White Peach Trees
29 Party Glasses - Requested
25 Well Wishes - Requested
3 Wheelchairs - Crafted

Each Chair requires 16 Printed Fabric, 18 Fluffy Fluff  (Both Requested) and 8 Cashew Bearing Oil (Cashew Trees)