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Thursday, 9 January 2014

Aquarium Building Guide

To rescue all the fish Jack's stranded under the ice we're going to need a well built Aquarium full of all the latest technology to help keep them fit and healthy.

You'll now be unsurprised to learn what that means, a four step build with Requesting, crafting and those wonderful Homestead drops!

So, let's start the water pumps flying and get this Aquarium built... but what are we going to need?

Stage One

8 Waterproof Hatches - Wall Post
12 Bath Plugs - Wall Post
10 Long Hoses - Direct Request
10 Huge Tanks - Direct Request
12 Tank Panelling - Glass Forges
10 River Silt - Reeds

Stage Two

9 Salt Water - Crafted
8 Portable Tanks - Crafted
12 Ice Block Tongs - Wall Post
15 Soft Nets - Direct Request
15 Fish Bedding - Rocks
12 Tank Decor - White Water Lilies

Each Water requires 5 Salt (Granny's Oven) and 8 Water (Wall Post)

Each Tank requires 6 Convenient Handles (Popcorn Kettles) and 8 Used Frog Terrariums (Direct Request)

Stage Three

9 Water Heater - Crafted
10 Tank Pumps - Crafted
16 Spigots - Wall Post
12 Pumping Pipe - Direct Request
15 Water Thermometers - Basic Stills
14 Tank Insulation - American Moss

Each Heater requires 6 Furnace Fuel (Coal Piles) and 8 Boiler Tanks (Direct Request)

Each Pump requires 4 Timeless Hamsters (Rosemary), 10 Hamster Housing (Wall Post) and 4 Turbulent Turbines (Direct Request)

Stage Four

12 Ticket Booths - Crafted
12 Magnetic Cleaners - Crafted
18 Informative Plaques - Wall Post
16 Diving Suits - Wall Post
15 Tank Polish - Direct Request
18 Silk Rope - Silk

Each Booth requires 6 Oak Desks (Oaks), 9 Booth Glass (Wall Post) and 5 Ticket Rolls (Direct Request)

Each Cleaner requires 6 Powerful Magnets (Red Essence Labs), 9 Chalkboard Erasers (Direct Request) and 4 Tank Soap (Wall Post)