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Friday, 17 January 2014

Ridge Rail Station Building Guide

So, Eddy want's to build up a whole new Rail Station here on the homestead to link us up to the East... Seems we're gonna have to build ourselves a station and a big ol' bridge to go over the Canyon as well if we don't want it smack dab through our homes.

Course, that means the usual four step build/story with the now expected mix of requests, crafts and homestead drops!

Stage One

12 Station Shingles - Birch Trees
10 Morse Decoders - Direct Request
9 Communication Wires - Wall Post
10 Brass Doorknobs - Brass Forges
10 Revolving Doors - Direct Request
12 Code Knockers - Wall Post

Stage Two

12 Railroad Hammers - Sieve Station
10 Giant Nuts - Wall Post
9 Manual Drills - Crafted
15 9.5 inch Nails - Tin Forges
15 Humongous Bolts - Direct Request
8 Bridge Supports - Crafted

Each Drill requires 3 Rotary Levers (Oak Trees) and 8 Big Cork Screws (Wall Post)

Each Support requires 6 Structural Designs (Recycle Bins) and 8 Steel Supports (Direct Request)

Stage Three

14 Hydrofluoric Acid - Yellow Essence Labs
16 Tomfoolery Masks - Wall Post
10 Rigged Flamecutters - Crafted
16 Courage Water - Basic Stills
12 Friendly Alibis - Direct Request
9 Rail Bombs - Crafted

Each Flamecutter requires 6 Methane Gas (Cows), 10 Smell Proof Bags (Wall Post) and 4 Flame Sparkers (Direct Request)

Each Bomb requires 6 Fire Powders (Silver Veins) and 8 Ball Casings (Direct Request)

Stage Four

15 Foundry Manuals - Direct Request
16 Foundry Helmets - Wall Post
12 Forge Furnaces - Crafted
18 Metal Molds - Steel Forges
18 Heat Shields - Wall Post
12 De-Gassers - Crafted

Each Furnace requires 8 Used Furnaces (Granny's Ovens), 8 Furnace Filler (Direct Request) and 5 Steel Reinforcements (Wall Post)

Each Degasser requires 6 Fan Blades (Silver Forges), 9 Rotation Devices (Wall Post) and 4 Vent Covers (Direct Request)