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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Quilting Station Building Guide

[For our step by step guide to Quilting, click HERE. For our guide to patches including crafting and rewards, click HERE.]

The Quilting Workshop is a four step building with the usual variety of items needed to make it.

There's a couple homestead drops, requests and slowly increasing crafting items as we work through the stages ranging from the low to the high as we go.

NOTE: Many drop items are reused, so check ahead and don't worry about extras, they will carry ahead to the next time they're needed.

So, sit back under a nice big quilt and let us sew up the building needs.

Stage One

10 Cloth Batting - Adult Standard Sheep
10 Fabric Baskets - Bamboo
6 Sewing Pins - Requested
7 Cutting Guides - Requested
8 Simple Shears - Requested
9 Cutting Mats - Requested

Stage Two

15 Thread Spindles - Colorado Pinyon
12 Quilting Thread - Silk
15 Long Needles - Requested
10 Nimble Thread - Requested
8 Fabric Markers - Requested
7 Quilt Stands - Crafted

Each Quilt Stand requires 3 Small Wood Screws (Grass and Wildflowers) and 5 Quilt Stand Parts (Requested)

Stage Three

20 Cloth Batting - Adult Standard Sheep
15 Fabric Baskets - Bamboo
10 Rotary Cutters - Requested
15 Small Clamps - Requested
10 Quilt Backing - Requested
8 Quilt Frames - Crafted

Every Quilt Frame requires 4 Rigid Oak (Non Sapling Oak Trees), 6 Polished Brackets and 8 Fabric Clamps (Both Requested)

Stage Four

30 Thread Spindles - Colorado Pinyon
20 Quilting Thread - Silk
15 Fabric Scraps - Requested
20 Tapestry Needles - Requested
8 Red Pin Cushions - Crafted
10 Sewing Machines - Crafted

Each Red Pin Cushion requires 3 Cushy Stuffing (Adult Geese) and 2 Cushion Casings (Requested)

Each Sewing Machine requires 6 Spinning Wheels (Pecan Trees), 12 Machine Bodies and 8 Foot Pedals (Both Requested)