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Monday, 19 November 2012

Pigskin Park Building Guide

Ask any of the NFL cities, it's a hefty job building a Gridiron stadium, especially without access to JCBs... So let's take a look at everything we're going to need to not only get our Pigskin Park up and running but also win the Big Game!

It's all a standard four step build, four sets of six items with a mix of requests, craftables and items that will pop up when doing activities on our homestead.

So grab your flags, and lets do all four downs...

Stage One

3 Improved Fields - Crafted
10 Milky Paint - Adult Standard Goats
2 Practice Players - Crafted
2 Pad Feathers - Adult Chickens
8 Leather Helmets - Requested
10 Jersey Knit Kits - Requested

Each Field requires 3 100 Yard Hoses (Requested) and 3 Turf Fertiliser (Clover)

PLEASE NOTE: You will require Turf Fertiliser in the repeatable Scrimmage Mission. Therefore do not be afraid to plant more Clover than you need!

Each Player requires 2 Dummy Stands (Fully Grown Oak) and 3 Stuffed Dummies (Requested)

Stage Two

6 Foam Fingers - Crafted
25 Candied Pears - Pear Trees
7 Field Benches - Crafted
15 Citrus Drinks - Grapefruit Trees
10 Team Facepaint - Requested
12 Fan Banners - Requested

Each Finger requires 4 Big Hand Moulds (Requested) and 4 Pink Foam (Pink Roses)

Each Field Bench requires 4 Plank Supports (Requested) and 2 Figwood Planks (Fig Trees)

Stage Three

15 Pro Uniforms - Requested
8 Fierce Lipstick - Crafted
8 Team Mascots - Crafted
20 Crowd Cheer - Cheerleader Sheep
20 Training Gear - Requested
25 Logo Paint - Beets

Each Lipstick requires 8 Lasting Gloss (Requested) and 2 Deep Red Juice (Tomatoes)

Each Mascot requires 4 Puffy Gloves (Requested) and 4 Soft Fur (Oxen)

Stage Four

8 Lowland Mud - Adult Pigs
15 Climactic Kicks - Requested
8 Secret Playbooks - Crafted
15 Crowd Cheers - Cheerleader Sheep
20 Extra Fans - Requested
8 Underdog Tricks - Crafted

Each Playbook requires 6 Charging Speeds (Rideable Horses ANYWHERE), 10 Passing Practices and 8 Defensive Plays (both Requested)

Each Underdog Trick requires 6 Light Shoes, 10 Spiky Soles (Both Requested) and 8 Flowery Deodorant (Passion Flowers)